Agnarr to Mangler Transfers

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Deekex, Jan 8, 2020.

  1. Deekex New Member

    I'm posting this as both something of a question and a suggestion. I played on Agnarr for a long time but, like many players on the server, stopped playing not too long after PoP released. I understand why Agnarr transfers onto Coirnav weren't permitted given the differing XP rates but I'm hoping transfers onto Mangler (which will be the first TLP with an identical ruleset* to surpass Agnarr in progression) will be permitted when LDoN/LoY or GoD are released. I'd really love to start playing my Agnarr characters again on a non-stagnant server (I'd happily pay several server transfer fees!), I'm certain Mangler could use the infusion of new players, and I know a lot of the people I played with on Agnarr would be interested in coming back to the game and playing some of the post-PoP content if they didn't have to start over.

    If the Daybreak team has thought about this and come to any kind of decision I'd be interested to hear what it might be or, if not, I'm hoping this post might spark some discussion (or add some player input to any discussions that may already be taking place) about the possibility of opening up Agnarr-Mangler transfers.

    Hoping others who have thoughts on the subject might add them here!

    *The only difference being Agnarr is time-locked to PoP
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  2. Dythan Augur

    No parole for prison server.
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  3. Toksik New Member

    I think it's a good idea, but would have to take place once Mangler at GoD. I'd love to bring back my old characters - had a lot of time and memories with them
  4. Teivel New Member

    If this happens I would likely return to the game. As is, I am not interested in leveling 1-60 for a 20th time. Please do this.
  5. Toridan New Member

    I would really love to see this happen. I was kind of stunned they never opened up Selo to transfer to.
  6. Graethos Journeyman

    Yes please
  7. FubarEQ Journeyman

    Transfer your Agnarr character to live or reroll on Mangler. Sell your plat and droppables to bring Krono with you to make life easier getting started. It really isn't that hard to level a new toon up.
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  8. globeadue Journeyman

    It's not about the levels or in game dropped gear, yes all that is easily remade fresh rolling a new char. I want my collectors edition purchases, my store purchases, my account unlocks and pet name changes, my store bags etc. The stuff I paid for and can't reclaim on the TLP I play on now. Some things like collectors edition claims, can't even be bought anymore. My journey will only be on TLPs, I will never play on live again unless by some miracle my TLP makes it to live before being shut down.
    It feels like they are fleecing players, here buy stuff, oh wait here is a new tlp, you can't bring your stuff with you buy it again.
  9. Dythan Augur

    Ya, it's totally a scam they didn't announce that Agnarr was a PoP locked server, and that no transfers would be allowed when the launched it.

    O wait....
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