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Discussion in 'Melee' started by Brogett, Mar 14, 2015.

  1. Brogett Augur

    Does anyone have a good feeling for the amount of AC to give the guild hall test dummies so that they mitigate similar to the TDS raid bosses?

    I did some very *rough* tests simply by looking on my raid parses. It's a bit variable due to ADPS in group and my discs, but you can get a ballpark estimate of the minimum hit spike vs the maximum hit spike on your hit frequency distribution graph (in, e.g., gamparse). It looks like on Captain Tita I was getting around 4:1 ratio of min:max hits, although that particular raid I'd died earlier to some uncontrolled adds so I may have missed an attack buff.

    Buffing up a guild hall dummy to level 110 gives then 432 AC. Pathetic, and my quick parses showed roughly the opposite ratio of 1:4 for min:max hit distributions. The same distribution appeared at 1k. By 3k AC it was more 1:2 (so still more max than min). 4k it was looking like 2:1 and 5K was 3:1 (with full long duration raid buffs on).

    So for now I stuck my parse dummy at 5033 AC, but it'd be nice to know what others are doing for parsing and *pretty please from devs* whether this is a realistic figure to be using when simulating raid bosses.

    While we're at it, how about for raid trash? Group nameds? Group trash? Easiest route is still to look at hit distributions.
  2. Ravengloome Augur

    Well as an aside, IIRC Dzarn said trash in PoWar group zone had 9k or 10k AC. (He said "They have about the same AC as PC's unbuffed < so 9/10k is a guess on my part)

    Trash in COTF had something like 600 (yes Six Hundred) < This might be gratuitously misremembering what was in that thread, it was the same thread he revealed the AC equation IIRC.

    I am guessing they are boosting mob AC to passively nerf melee.

    Just eyeballing the numbers of AC your talking about on the dummy vs the resulting min/max hits, Id Say 8kish AC on Tita. Thats a guessimate.

    I doubt they are going to give you hard numbers, Because doing so would reveal that the passive nerf is intentional.
  3. Fenudir Augur

    Keep in mind that there is a substantial difference between player displayed AC and actual AC. I suspect that the dummies are reporting what we would consider to be actual AC.

    When Dzarn said 9-10k AC, he probably meant displayed and not actual.
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  4. Brogett Augur

    Agree with what Fenudir said. My guess is tita is somewhere around 4k actual. It's still a HUGE jump from trash and why melee suffer so much on her and many other bosses.

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