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  1. Vaako_SK Lorekeeper

    Chars kicked to server select - which once again shows the server as down...
    Does not bode well for raids tonight
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  2. Siny Augur

    BUMP ...the obvious just happened again !
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  3. Irrarr New Member

    It's a shame. After playing since august 2000 without any breaks I canceled my 3 accounts.
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  4. tanith Elder

    That's really horrible that folk feel they have to do this :(
    We luvs you Irrarr and hope someone will take notice so we can have you back xx
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  5. Beloak New Member

    Yes, you won DayBreak.
    I am not paying to get frustrated by the server performance and stability.
    This has been during for more than 6 months now. And nothing seems to change.
    I have also canceled my subscription on my active accounts.
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  6. Spellfire Augur

    It is disheartening to see posts like this.

    I don't blame you. I would cancel as well if my server was performing like AB.
  7. Feznik Elder

    See you in a few months on either your original toons or some new toons you'll have made:D
  8. Irrarr New Member

    I played my main since december 2000. And I still love EQ. But atm you can't play EQ on AB server. And I dont pay 3 accounts for nothing. If there was a progress I would still pay. But I can't see that.
  9. Brogett Augur

    At this point I'd just like to give some praise to DBG. They don't get much, so I'll redress the balance a bit I hope.

    I refused to play EQ for several years while my friends raved about it (back in original and then kunark era) because I knew I had an addictive personality. Once I started, I'd be well and truely hooked! In the end, due to a free magazine CD trial, I tried it sometime late Velious. Yes, I was correct. UTTER addict and was playing long after my friends had moved on. I made new ones of course in game, but it's not the same as the ones you meet IRL regularly.

    That situation lasted a decade or so, until DBG took over. They broke my addiction by carefully weening me off it. Initially just a few hours here and there, but gradually over time the game on AB become less and less playable and finally lead me to an ultimatum where I focused all my will power into a single act - cancel the recurring subscription and a vow to not renew if the performance didn't improve before it expired. It was one month away, so it didn't seem so horrible - a little dalliance with danger maybe to make things exciting, but surely it wouldn't last long. DBG weren't quitters though! They hung on and kept up the rubbish performance for the entire month, so I *FINALLY* broke the habbit.

    I've been clean now for nearly 2 years. A huge thank you to DBG.

    I see it's come around to that time again though and they've embarked on a new addict cleansing program. Respect.
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