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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Tarmor of Surefall, Dec 17, 2015.

  1. Tarmor of Surefall Journeyman

    Okay here's the deal on things like Anklesmasher (a pitiful 10/20 ratio with a non-damage proc). This thing is only 85% the damage of the Wurmslayer given the current mainhand bonus tables. Similarly that Sarnak Lightning Caller, 11% lower than Wurmslayer.

    As for VP --- and let me make this clear, I ran the numbers on every single warrior/ranger usable drop from VP --- They are ALL less damage than wurmslayer given the current mainhand bonus tables.

    When I said that the first upgrade was NToV and Sleepers, I was not joking. This is the entire reason why I posted -- One weapon, improperly itemized against the change made to a core game mechanic has invalided the rewards for all content up to the end of the Velious expansion. This is why I'm trying to bring this to your attention.

    Please run the numbers yourself. It's not a joke. The developers clearly didn't realize what their change was doing.

    Dr. Tarmor of Surefall
    Ranger and Physicist
  2. Thash Augur

    It's ok, everything's going to be fine. I tried to tell a warrior who was asking for advice to use a wurmy over a lammy, he would not listen. Those who understand and have the cash will have a very small advantage for exactly one expansion.

    It's honestly not even much better than the sebilite croaking dirk. 12%.
  3. Tenaka Lorekeeper

    Quit beating around the bush and just say it.....you want that Wurmslayer nerfed to the ground!
  4. FurySoul Augur

    I am sure that youre correct on the dmg outputs.

    I commented that I personally felt as though the lightning caller and the anklesmasher were my choice of weapons back 4 years ago on Fippy as a warrior. Now, I understand that it's not currently the best group level dps combo, but I was talking about tanking weapons at the group level and to me aggro is important.

    If a warrior at the group level can sufficiently hold aggro with a wurmslayer and something else, then great. If not then maybe they need the swing aggro from faster weapons or the proc aggro from other weapons.
  5. Tarmor of Surefall Journeyman

    I want the main hand damage tables fixed so that they aren't flat with delay.

    There are to many "wurmslayer" like weapons out there. Nerfing one won't do anything for all the others. Remember the LSoEE? Remember the problems with that back in '02?
  6. Ambee Elder

    Aggro proc > 10% damage for a warrior
  7. Blart Lorekeeper

    Sorry to bump an old thread, but has this changed since 2015? If not I'm going to get a wurmslayer on my warrior!
  8. WaitingforMoreEQ Waitingforvanillawow

    The DPS part yes, the agro part no. Actually it's even better as a DPS weapon now cause it's got +5 bane against dragons.
  9. tzeriel Journeyman

    Curious what the math says about monks. Conventional wisdom has been Wu’s Fist on MotM mobs is top DPS for a looooong time. I constantly see monks insisting that 2hb or SoS or even bare is the best since the changes. I’d run parses but I’m not able to commit to any that would be consistent enough to have value.

    My personal observation seems to be Wu’s Fist > Staff of Pain > SoS for MotM mobs. On non-MotM, double bare with epic or Trorsmang 2hb if you have access.
  10. Baldur Augur

    The whole point of the damage bonus change was so that ratio is king, always, in either hand. You don't need fancy math now, just divide damage into delay, highest number wins. It can get a little tricky with monk h2h and motm though, so not 100% sure on that.

    Wurmslayer has the best ratio for war/rng in Kunark so it's dps king.

    And while I agree Wurmslayer is "easy" to get, it can be super time consuming getting those drakes to spawn.
  11. Sazzabi New Member

    The ((2* dmg) + damage bonus) formula used to be correct, but no longer is, at least at 60 on my SK. It's more like (2.47 * damage) + damage bonus, to find your magic number (The number where your hits spike at in parses)
  12. Boze Augur

    Yeah there's a reason other than the dps that it sells for so much. "Easy" in that just about any toon can do it, but Azdalin is a huge time-sink to find. Even once you find the PH you can go through a dozen Gullerbacks before getting the wurm. I spent easily 30 hours on this camp on Aradune and the only times I even found the cycle are when I happen to zone in or pick over and someone has left Gullerback up.
  13. Bewts Augur

    On Lockjaw I ran WAR BRD CLR RNG x3.

    FWIW: Until I got my warrior epic, he ran SLC.

    My Rangers all ran Wurmy/Epic OH well into Luclin and maybe even pre-elemental POP.

    TBH I recall my rangers running Wurmy/Epic OH farming AA in Griegs on crawls where autofollow wasn’t conducive to EQ/AM3 with VT bows. I didn’t spend much time in Velious so they all didn’t have primal+ Tier weapons.

    Their melee DPS with a bard was really impressive for a much maligned “DPS” hybrid class; especially for passive auto attack damage x3 that cycled their 30s nukes. Not saying they were the best but in context of an anecdotal Wurmy discussion they have some good mileage given how early ya access them.

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