A Kunark Guide: Cleric Epic

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    Hey friends!

    I felt this might be the forum that really has that priestly itch. Hope you approve!

    I'm a returning player excited for the new Mischief TLP. I create EverQuest themed videos to teach myself video editing, and I wanted to share my latest masterpiece. I LOVE epic quests, and wanted quick video guides so I made my own! It can sometimes be terrifying turning in quest parts with that nagging suspicion you might be doing it wrong. These short vids should help. Share with your friends. What would you like to see next? I made a Mischief fan-trailer. Coming Soon!

    My videos are made using an server as I need GM abilities to get the content I want. I was conscious to make this video accurate and true to Live servers. Enjoy!

    A Kunark Guide: Cleric Epic

    A Kunark Guide Playlist
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