A few questions from a returning player.

Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by Rene Whitley, Jan 8, 2017.

  1. Rene Whitley New Member

    So its been around six years since I played and I couldn't get into my old account so I started over. I now have a level 14 almost 15 wizard but the weapon and armor sucks. First question would be if anyone has any suggestions on where to get a better weapon at least? I'm slowly working on saving funds, i'm in cresent reach usually and what drops sells for barely anything, I have a little over 100 platinum right now though.

    Second thing, I rarely see anyone that are around my lvl to group with and when I do they have a mercenary so they go solo most of the time, does anyone really group anymore? Or is everything more solo now?
  2. Tereil Elder

    Defiant gear is better than anything you may have found back then. Drops randomly off of mobs. There are various tiers for levels up to the 70s (80s? Can't remember, been a while since I've used it). In PoK, you can also do quests to get defiant armor, starting in the 20s, you can do Frankin Teek daily kill quests (PoK, near the guild lobby) for shoulder/belt/back piece, of same tiers.

    That being said, it's a very top-heavy, top-oriented game now. I'd imagine most of who you see are higher players leveling their toons to get them higher. That tank merc is a BEAST at those levels, and it goes by very quickly.
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  3. IblisTheMage Augur

  4. Rene Whitley New Member

    Thanks guys, yeah on my old account my wizzard was lvl 81 and I was lvling up my 41 necro so having to start all over kind of sucks. And one more thing, my husband wants to make his own character but he isn't sure what would be best since I have a wizard and we want to group up eventually. Would it be better to create a warrior, paladin, or shadow knight?
  5. Tereil Elder

    All three tanks are viable. But for the group game, SK offers tons of utility (Snare, pulls, tanking, FD, etc), and can tank just about everything in the group game when geared/played properly. I personally love my SK.
  6. Enigma Maitreya Augur

    Beastlord, Ranger, Necromancer and Mage would be a few other character options.

    Beastlord and Ranger are quite fun to play now vs oh say 2010/2011.

    IF he is hardcore melee something then forget the Necro or Mage otherwise in my opinion, Necro+Wiz would probably be a good combo for you in terms of Kiting / Fear Kiting .

    As has been suggested, learn the Mercs and what they can do for you, they do make quite a difference in terms of playing EQ now.

    Often times I will do my Wizard with a DPS Caster (aka Wizard) merc and just DPS the crap out of the mobs. You can, as suggested use the Tank OR DPS Melee as well. DPS Melee is a Rogue and Backstabs and Poisons.
  7. Roxxanna Augur

    I'd suggest a warrior to go along with your Wizzy, you would have little trouble finding group later. And I'd also suggest getting into a guild for advice and guild chat, makes the grind less awful when you have people to talk to. Perhaps if you let us know what server you're on we could direct you to an appropriate guild.
  8. Rene Whitley New Member

    Antonius Bayle (kane bayle) - European is the server I'm on and if I could find a guild to get into that'd be great. And thanks for the replies guys. I'll definitely start getting into using mercs more too.
  9. Arliss New Member

    Did you do the tutorial, if not, you might want to start over and do all the quests there. You get almost a full set of gear that is the same as crude defiant except it does not have the focus effects. If you do not want to start over, try and follow the hero's journey quest line into blightfire moor and stone hive. The hero's journey quest line gives very good gear that is almost the same as defiant and the higher the lines the better the gear.
  10. CatsPaws Augur

    Save your plat for spells. I seldom buy anything as far as weapons or armor. So much is just dropped or can be quested. There are tons of quests in Cresent Reach for items your level. And soon (around level 20) you can do the orc haulers haversack http://everquest.allakhazam.com/db/item.html?item=53422. Nice bag to start off with. I would google cresent reach then select the allakhazam, then click on quests and look through them to see which ones you want to do for the rewards. Then move onto the moors where there are more goodies. At 25 start doing the dailys from Teek in POK where you get a nice piece of armor that you can use or sell, plat and exp.
  11. Rene Whitley New Member

    Yeah, I'm bout go look around cresent reach for some quests today so hopefully I'll get some good armor from there. And I am definitely saving plat for spells because I noticed when I bought level 19 spells it took more plat for the three spells than other times.

    And I did the tutorial up to level 10 but I didn't do a lot of quests there. I'll probably have my husband do the quests when he makes his paladin though since he hasn't played before.
  12. moogs Augur

    Spells cost more each level. To answer a question in your original post: the speed of leveling is so much faster than it used to be, so it's not necessary to group at low levels. You can just pick up a merc and go, so that's what most people do without even thinking. It's much more fun to group up, so if you guys come across someone at around your same level, consider tossing an invite.
  13. Leigo Augur

    A free way to get some stats would be to get a mage to summon you a set of pet non vis. Like Aenda's trinkets
  14. karmalious Lorekeeper

    This ^^

    Unfortunately, with the release of Seeds of Destruction expansion years ago. ALL of the Everquest loot was completely ruined. Currently, DEFIANT gear is the best in the game until level??? 90+ ??? Not even the yearly fabled monsters drop anything nearly as good as defiant. I used to cherish the days of hunting down fabled mobs.

    For those that don't know... Everquests Anniversary usually means that fabled special rare mobs spawn all over only once per year. The mobs were sought out for their specially designed loot drops. Sadly, as I said a moment ago. They are not even worth the time to go get nowadays.

    Dear Developers,
    I know it won't happen. But a re-balancing of fabled gear would great.

    Best way to farm Defiant gear is by the route of gold. By selling trash until you make enough platinum pieces (pp) to afford a set. OR by going into any appropriate leveled zone and killing a "named" mob.
  15. Rene Whitley New Member

    Thanks guys for the replies! I did make a necro in the recommended server since there was barely anyone in the other server where my wizard and hubby's paladin are. Does anyone know any guilds I could possibly get into once I get a bit higher on levels? My necro is lvl 8 right now since I made him last night. And yeah, one of my friends who stopped playing a couple months ago (got super busy at work) said defiant gear was the best so I'll definitely have to find some.
  16. Enigma Maitreya Augur

    Not quite sure were you are playing to level, but .... My path tends to be

    Lake Ratheter Aviaks (1 to 15..17) PoK (Next to Froglok's ctrl+f look for froglok) Portal to Arena to LR using Warrior + pet + dots set Warrior to Main Tank. When I level up,I tend to zone back into the Arena then back into LR to get the Merc Level Updated.

    Echo Caverns Low (15 to 25..27) PoK to Bazaar, take first left, then left again, ctrl+f for echo caverns-1. Warrior+Pet+Dots set Warrior to Main tank. Save Legs and Wings (Stack 2p each)

    Echo Caverns High (25 to 35) same as above except use Echo Caverns-2. Multiple items are good vendor trash.

    PoK Portal to Halas/Everfrost (35 to 45..47) 3 Frost Giants on a 6 minute spawn timer. Giants from 1p to 70p average ~27p. Warrior initially, then pet (L43 Pet?)+ DPS, then Pet+DPS Caster ... just so you get a feel for how the character+Pet+Merc all work out. It will take longer but you can also do Pet+Healer to get a feel how that works out.

    Now then I tend to just jump in at 47 to Black Feather Roost and progress there to around 67 .. 70 lots of good vendor trash in that zone.
  17. Tucoh Augur

    If your husband plans on only playing one character (at a time), shadowknight.
    If he plans on multi-boxing, warrior.

    SKs are better for group content, but require more attention than warriors.
  18. Storm New Member

  19. Storm New Member

    Another returning player here. When I left the holy trinity was a healer, tank, and caster. Has that changed much? I am going to date myself here, but my cleric was maxxed out at level 60. . so that gives you a yardstick as to how long ago it was.

    From the sounds of things healers may not be as necessary as they once were? Any thoughts?
  20. Tereil Elder

    Real healers are always welcome in my group. They're usually smarter than the mercs, and make more judicious calls about healing. I don't think you'd have much trouble grouping as a cleric, especially if you ask to replace a healer merc.
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