68 Warrior Weapon Augs

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  1. Dane12 New Member

    I just recently started playing again and have a ton of questions around augs.

    What is the best Aggro aug I can acquire on a 68 warrior?
    How do I acquire them?

    Addiontal info:
    I play on FV and I never solo. The only time I’m xp’ing is when I’m grouping.
  2. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    The best aggro Augs you can get are probably DoN Enraging Blow proc Augs, one is called Deep Crust Fire Geode.

    They cost 285 Radiant/Ebon Crystals and require Indifferent faction to purchase them.

    On FV you may be able to buy them outright. If not you can buy the 285 Radiant or Ebon Crystals. There are two DoN camps, one good factioned and one evil factioned. Shroud to a 70 Goblin Rogue, run over to lavastorm and sneak behind the vendors to get indifferent faction, and buy the associated Augs.

    They are lore so you can get 1 of these Enraging Blow Augs from Radiant Crystals and then another clone aug with Ebon Crystals from the other camp. Each camp basically sells a clone of each item the other camp offers, so with sneak you can easily get two of each thing.

    If you're using your 1.5/2.0 and you have 3 available weapon aug slots, you can get another 285 Crystals for a Chaotic Strike IV Augment from the same vendors.

    Alternatively you can look for an Anger III aug from LDoN merchants in your FV Bazaar. Marble Sphere of Ire is one of them, it costs 1150 Adventures points from Everfrost and is Type 4 slot only. Radiant Marble Sphere of Ire is the other one and it costs 1150 Adventure Points from Guk, it is Type 8 aug slot only.
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  3. Dane12 New Member

    I’m currently using a weapon that procs Anger (Brutish Blade of Balance) in primary. Would it still be beneficial to add an Anger III aug for better Aggro? Also how do I acquire Adventure points and radiant/Ebon Crystals to purchase these augs?
  4. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    Yes. Additional Augs will increase your aggro. I forget if you can proc both an innate weapon proc and an aug proc simultaneously but they definitely both fire at different times and will generate aggro for you.

    Adventure points are earned doing LDoN adventures. Radiant Crystals are earned doing group tasks for the Norrath Keepers (Good Factioned Camp) in DoN, and Ebon Crystals are earned doing group tasks for the Ebon (Evil Factioned Camp) in DoN.

    The two types of Crystals are also tradeable.
  5. CatsPaws Augur

    Adventure points are earned by doing LDON's. These are dungeon crawls needing a min of 3 people including mercs Alla has a good write up on how to start and do it all. Then you can buy the augs at the camps. The points you earn are not transferable. Most of the buyable augs are not transferable either.

    Radiant/Ebon crystals are earned by doing DON's and you can use those to buy augs at those camps. Those radiant/ebon crystals are tradeable.
    Although not so much for sale any longer in baz since they are older expansion items. However many people have old accounts they have resurrected and might have a stash of the crystals under alt currency they may be willing to give you or trade.

    *****Another option is to buy them from the loyalty merchant. 7 loyalty points for a bag of em. ****
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  6. Dane12 New Member

    Thank you for the advice
  7. Beeferx Journeyman

    Warriors biggest weakness is aggro on adds. Stick in a direct heal (Dioptase Gem 25 vendor,) life tap (DoN 100's Ldon 75's) or a rune proc (DoN has 200's Ldon has 150's) aug so that your chanters/bards don't get eaten then mez breaks. Single target aggro for war is cake, its the etw aggro that's an issue in groups.

    One is never better than another, as you level it cycles as to what is the "hottest thing" just use what is available and keep an eye out for the others. Personally I use 4 rune = 2 life tap = 1 heal for ae aggro. 2 rune = 1 life tap = 1 heal for single target aggro.

    Rune also stops you from taking some damage, decreasing needs for heals but does no damage and when you twin proc only the strongest one buffs you but all add the aggro now (they fixed it.)

    Life tap does about half as much ae aggro but full single target aggro and damage and healing.

    Heal does healing, nothing if you are full health but you still get aggro.

    It is all personal preference as nothing is as trivial as a proc or 2 cannot be counted on or parsed.
  8. Bigstomp Augur

    If I recall correctly there are 2 augs with the same name but they are not the same aug so you can have one bought with ebon and one bought with radiant.
    (It's been quite a few years so I may be mistaken)
  9. Dane12 New Member

    I don’t see any LDON augs that have Rune? What is the name of the aug LDONor DON aug with rune?
  10. Darchon_Xegony Augur

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