2-3 Boxing Druid + ?

Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by Drvol, Jan 4, 2018.

  1. Drvol New Member

    Oldtimer from 1999 coming back. I have a 75 legacy Druid on my main account. I think I may be able to get a Pally on a second account that my son once played.

    1) Is two boxing with mercs enough to handle most reasonable zones or do I need 3 boxes with mercs for a full 6 toon group?
    2) Is the pally a good tank option?
    3) Should a chanter be in the mix for crowd control and debuffs?
    4) What dps is easier to box melee or nukes?
    5) I am on Tunare. Should I stay there or move to another server?

    Thanks guys
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  2. Tucoh Augur

    1. 2 boxing with a druid/tank should be enough. The good thing about 3 boxing is you can usually add pure DPS. In your case adding a wizard and playing him well could double your DPS. Overall I'd recommend trying dru/war/wiz or dru/war/enc.
    2. Pally is a suitable option, but war/sk are better. Wars are easier to box, but SKs are generally better group tanks + have more utility.
    3. Chanters are pretty good right now, but more for their own dmg + ADPS than CC/debuffs. A dru/tank team will be able to pull and tank down groups of mobs faster than CCing + killing.
    4. Nuking classes are by far easier to box.
    5. No opinion. Xegony and Bristlebane are the highest population servers I believe.
  3. Ofearl Augur

    I beat EoK group stuff easily with Pally, Druid, Shaman, 3 mercs.

    No raid gear at the time, all group stuff. Its hard to say what I would change of the 3 if I could. Cc’ing is nice and with gear/aa’s and some know how you can pull/tank a few at a time. Druid heals/dots/dd’s utility is huge, so I would want to keep. Shaman same way, then add in slow super helpful! Take one of them away and replace with a chanter, its a tough call. As buffs and utility from shaman are great! Track, evac, ports, utility from druid are also as great. But two slowers is pretty redundant...
  4. CatsPaws Agitator

    Most any group make up is good. What really counts is getting the J5 merc. Need a paid account, level 85 and 10 minute quest in Feerrot. I got my J5 healer merc at 85 but held off on the J5 tank merc till 90-95. The tank merc did struggle at lower levels before he was J5 but he does well at 104 now. So you have a few more levels to play with before you decide if you want to pay again and get the J5 merc.

    Tunare is good and the chat is helpful if you can take sarcasm and really bad jokes. A couple folks go off their meds now and then and really cuss up at storm but usually at certain other players they are jealous of it seems.
  5. Drvol New Member

    Forgive my ignorance:
    ADPS? have not worked that one out yet
  6. Ofearl Augur

    Added or additional dps

    Basically a shaman with aa’s and epic 2.0 with give melee adps from those. Certain classes mesh better with others.

    Druids mesh better with casters
    Enchanters with casters
    Shaman with melee

    Keep this is mind with mercs also, a played wizard with wiz mercs is huge! Well end ish game not lvl 80 game.
  7. Tatanka Augur

    Yeah, there's a few chars I've put on /ignore on Tunare, they chat way too much about nothing game related all the dang time, and it's just too distracting. But in general (pun fully intended), it's a helpful bunch.

    To OP, I'm also on Tunare. I'll keep an eye open for you, and see if I can be of some help getting you going. Welcome back :)

  8. Scorrpio Augur

    ADPS is something that amplifies dps. For example, chanter's visions of grandeur, chromatic haze, third spire, dicho etc do not produce damage but they can greatly amplify damage done by other nukes/dots. Druid seasons, black wolf, first spire, vortex also amplify other spells. Like chanter amplifies caster dps, shaman can amplify melee dps. I personally run chanter/druid/mage with tank/healer/wiz mercs. Plenty of power. On tougher fights, I switch wiz merc to extra healer. Gotta say though that if mage (EM 18) turns pet taunt on, I can keep wiz merc. If tank merc and pet are fighting for mob aggro, mob damage is split and not as much healing needed.
  9. IblisTheMage Augur

    WB. A third dps toon would be a help. Wiz is really good, a mage is decent dps, but will give you Call of The Heroes, a group version of CotH, which is very practical for moving around. Mercs cost xp, and dps stagnate, so at a point in time you will likely outgrow them.
  10. Fadyena New Member

    I have mage chanter druid, great combo =D
  11. jhaimes Lorekeeper

    would it make much of a difference if you changed the chanter with a bard? Also, would adding a 4th box, a zerker, help or not make much of a difference for the content old and new...
  12. IblisTheMage Augur

    For me, the bard didn’t cut it for CC in EoK, so i leveled up an enchanter also. Suffice to say, mana is very good.

    Bard is pure melody, with maxed out AA at 105, and I use him as a doorstopper in front of the casters when I camp in aggro range of a named. With runes the bard can give enough time taking some punches to handle the situation if named pops and aggroes while I am dealing with other stuff. I am also going to use bard synergies on burns soon, see how it works out.

    Leveling 2 wizies, so group will be mag brd enc wiz wiz merc. I would think wiz is easier than zerker wrt boxing, but I also think it is about whether you take a melee approach or a caster approach, wrt to synergies between classes. The melee approach is probably stronger, have a higher dps, and is more robust. The caster approach just fit my mentality better.
  13. jhaimes Lorekeeper

    is there a noticeable difference in a war tank and a mage pet tanking when boxing?
  14. Scorrpio Augur

    Real warrior with all requisite AA, appropriate gear and actively played is definitely far superior. But you need to put a lot of effort into warrior. And if boxing you might have problems keeping proper focus. In general the more you box, the more time you have various toons standing doing nothing or melees out of range/facing wrong way. A merc or a pet is far better than a boxed character standing there dount nothing.
  15. Drvol New Member

    I have two old accounts with Veteran rewards/AA. Thinking Druid/Mage two box. Is it worth the cash to buy heroics and get all the expansions? Have 21/24 atm. How many AAs come with Heroic upgrade?
  16. IblisTheMage Augur

    Count comes up to 10k+ maybe more
  17. Tatanka Augur

    Yep, should be around 10.5 - 11 K AAs which can be auto-granted now, for Druid. Mage may have more, due to all of the pet AAs.

    However, AAs have nothing to do with Heroic upgrade, they are only associated with level. All level 85s get the same AAs granted.

    Heroics will max all your skills for level 85, get you some nice gear, make you eligible for quests in HoT which can reward some nice augs, and give you some special AAs from certain expansions where the AAs granted progression-related stats/abilities. This includes the MPG trials and DoN quest/raid grants. Not sure if there are any other than those.

    For expacs, 21/24 gives you through TDS. That means you can level up to 105. Once you're 105, then you would want to consider getting the latest expac.
  18. Drvol New Member

    Any recs on guides for Mage and Druids starting new at 85 out there that you guys recommend? Tried Zam for spells but details minimal. Thinking there is a lot of catchup that I need.
  19. IblisTheMage Augur

    Fanra’s has a lot of info. Make sure to check out pets and pet focus :). You want a good focus.

    Wrt mage guide, I haven’t seen one recently, but magetower has a returning player guide.

    I stumbled upon this gem wrt spell blocking, which is key to mages: https://pakcafaneq.wordpress.com/blocking-spells-helps-your-cleric-heal/ , you have to translate it to level appropropiate spells.

    A big deal of levelling is finding current optima, and find out what is currently goos/no good. Most mages are Evo spec, which I would also advice. Conj spec was in the old days, and we have a lot of legacy related to that in our spell lineup. It is my understanding that mages nuke fire 99% of the time, it is better dps, at a cost of lower mana efficiency than conj.

    You will be using air until you get earth for a given 5 lvl range, assuming that you are pet tanking.

    Autogrant is your friend. Set all xp to levelling, and get to max level asap. When you get there, AA will be much faster than at lower levels.

    When you get to max level, get all pet defensive and offensive first. Your pet needs to be alive and generating aggro.

    Keep sleves updated.

    Get a mount.

    Get best healer merc. Get 2 if needed.

    Make multibind or macro keys for:
    Target (fire short term AAs, including pet defensive/offensive)
    Initiate attack (pet attack, swarm attack, more AA)
    Dps (R-Servant —> big nuke —> big nuke —> big nuke ). Maybe R-servant is too expensive in the beginning to spam, especially if you don’t have pet swarm aa yet.
    AA nukes
    Oh- (pet runes)
    Burn (activated nuke AAs)

    I put 0.1 sec pause on spell multibinds, none on AA multibinds, be careful with mixing the two, it can botch up. A multibind key is a key you spam with finger (or autofire mouse if you are older :)), it casts the top thing on your list that is up, so it is a prioritization queue. There are good tutorials on this.

    If you have old friends, let them invite you in in XP grind groups. I added 2 hero wizzies to my box 2-3 weeks ago, they are lvl 101 already, and climbing, already starting to pay off dps wise.

    Use Gamparse, look at dps and spell use over a session, single fights have too much variation.

    Consider Gina.

    If you box, consider IS Boxer, it is a mouthful, but it improves the experience.

    Eqresources for progression, expansion overview
    Raidloot for AA and spell study
    Zam for spell lists overview (but the site is rotting)
    Fanra for info/articles
    Kizant for spell line-up (when your level matches available spells)
    Mage tower

    And of course the newbie forum.

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