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    A friend and I have played on and off over the years, and we recently returned over the holidays and raced new heroic characters to 110 - an sk, shaman, and a boxed bard. We use a cleric (which allows the shaman to dps more) and two dps mercs, and also rotate all of our offensive AAs/abilities: Fierce Eye, Quick Time, bellow/shout, roar, etc. The point is we're actively using our abilities and not even the bard is just auto attacking. We're also fully equipped with t1/t2 EoK gear.

    We've previously taken crews like this to max level - when the cap was 105 - and been able to happily grind out AAs in places like TBM. But we're having issues now. We went from doing Gribbles in 3-4 pulls to barely staying afloat with 3 mobs in t2 EoK - with rather slow kill times. Everyone obviously needs more AAs - especially the tank - but the problem is finding a spot to grind. There are no survivability issues in t1 EoK (like Lcea), but the AA gain there at 110 is hardly even worth considering.

    We might have shot ourselves in the foot, but is there a place that yields acceptable AA experience at 110? a place where mobs don't destroy a tank with only autogrant AA?
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    Why not continue doing CotF HAs? They should scale to your level, but be significantly easier than EoK content. Not necessarily Gribbles. In my experience, Neriak HAs typically gave 2-3x xp of Gribbles. Bixie HAs except Kraklest also pretty good. Just set xp to 100% AA. Also do EoK progression. Those quests award pretty good AA rewards first time. Missions too if you can do them. Chardok Vault first time was like 50AA. And when I got my Hero of EoK it was like 100AA
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    Can run thru Lab and chardok HA’s they scale and still yeild god exp. also at 110 the tnm/eok/ros collections give 12aa each. Do a set of 4 for the zone that is 60 free aa’s just to pick up crap/buy it/loot it.

    Running all 3 gribbles on a lesson still yeilds me 60 ish aa’s for 45 mins or less of work.

    Other than that, I still get decent aa exp in t2 eok zones. Its all about effective kills tho. If you kill golems fast they give better exp than light blue beetles in the lab... but if you can kill 10 bettles faster than one golem then that might yeild better exp.
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    Thanks for the suggestions!