Your Celestial Healer Loadouts ?

Discussion in 'Powers, Weapons, and Movement' started by Miss Martian, Aug 14, 2013.

  1. Miss Martian Active Member

    Just looking to see if anyone has found a loadout thus far they really like and how you use it like

    situational heals, etc
  2. Black Jaq Well-Known Member

    The healing was really tricky for me doing a duo. I was using Admonish, Consume Soul, Divine Light, Benediction and Blessing. Not sure which SC will be best but may go with Life Drain. I had a hard time using Death Mark and Curse for heals. Need to see about Retribution as I missed it first time around and didn't try Malediction.
  3. CypherXone Active Member

    Since the power chained I would have in my load out:

    Smite, Admonish, Retribution, Wraith of Presence, Guardian's Light, and Consercrated Ground


    Curse, Death Mark, Malediction, Plague, Dark Pact, Cursed Idol.

    I Like both loadouts from what I saw and with some of the powers having to have powers from the other tree as well, all of my 15 points would be easily spent. Too bad I would be able to get too many Iconics!
  4. blklightning Well-Known Member

    Use Cleansed Curse on targets that are about to die, so that you and 1 other person will get a HoT from it. Try to use Cleansed Curse on as many adds as possible, actually... within reason. :p

    I use:
    Renew, Admonish, Wrath of Presence, Consume Souls, Guardian's Light, Consecrated Ground.

    The HoTs from Consume Soul and Cleansed Consume Soul are now stackable.
  5. Black Jaq Well-Known Member

    Hey friend. I specced out of Curse last night to try some other stuff. Not sure if I'll actually go Celestial for real. I tried a raid loadout for Raven boss last night and didn't feel I would need to take WotP. I like have more options for raids as opposed to alerts. Want to try Wither->Retribution to see how that would work for boss fights. Any feedback on Divine Light? I was using that for the boss fight.
  6. blklightning Well-Known Member

    I like the idea of Curse, but see your point. WoP->Cleansed CS is great, cuz it gives a 4man HoT that stacks w/ the HoT from CS.

    I still haven't had the chance to really do 8man content. The Test Server is dead and that annoys the heck out of me. Everyone gets the power, goes to the dummies, QQ's, and runs Nexus. I want to run t5 Ops and t4 raids to get a feel for things in action. For me, I think Divine Light is only useful in larger runs. In 4man and under, it's remarkably underwhelming to me. Granted, I haven't had the opportunity to do more than 1 alert and 1 raid so far.

    I haven't given Wither/Retribution any thought, but you make a good point. With the damage dealt in Nexus, it could be worth while.

    Legendaries!!! Get your rears on the test server and start PLAYING!.
  7. blklightning Well-Known Member

    Looking at the tool tips for Retribution and Wither, we'd have to combo to Wither to get anything good out of it. The purify from Retribution only heals the caster. The purify from Cleansed Wither will heal a "small amount". Does that mean allies or caster? Will have to try it with a buddy.

    EDIT - I just tried Cleansed Wither in a mob. I need more people with me. For the two of us, there was just too much of those effing counter mechanics happening at once. I didn't see that cleansed wither did anything of much use. It's very melee to apply the purify and the heals really are small. Hrmmm...
  8. Black Jaq Well-Known Member

    I want to see in an actual raid but I get the sense that Purified works like Bad Karma where weapon attacks heal. Thinking it could add up if casted when Tank has aggro on a mob or in the first Nexus room.
  9. Ismooo New Member

    Celestial got more updates :

    Sons of Trigon

    Celestial Powers
    · PCTEST Only: Admonish/Corrupted Admonish: The knockdown distance has been reduced and the distance for healing has been greatly increased.
    · PCTEST Only: Blight/Cleansed Blight: This now deals the proper damage to objects and characters.
    · PCTEST Only: Consume Soul: The first damage tick has been increased.
    · PCTEST Only: Deathmark/Cleansed Deathmark: The first damage tick has been increased.
    · PCTEST Only: Haunt/Cleansed Haunt: The first damage tick has been increased.
    · PCTEST Only: Wither/Cleansed Wither: The first damage tick has been increased.
    · PCTEST Only: Sacrifice: The heal over time amount and power over time per tick has been increased and is now usable while controlled.
    · PCTEST Only: Life Drain: The heal over time amount per tick has been increased.
    · PCTEST Only: Blessing: The shields will now go to the 3 most injured group members and yourself.
    · PCTEST Only: Guardian's Light: The tooltip now properly states healing goes to group members.

    Blessing hits 3 people now :D
  10. RageOfHeaven1990 Well-Known Member

    Do you know if the might ticks and precision ticks are supposed to override each other? I was wanting to use plague combo beginning with plague and then on another slot in the loadout putting the counterpart first.

    Not meaning to hijack the thread for dps purposes I'm just curious if anyone knows.
  11. fairyoftime Member

    Oh yeahhh.
  12. Black Jaq Well-Known Member

    Does this mean all four Blessing shields combo now?
  13. Toxiic Well-Known Member

    We need a ps3 test. I feel left out.
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  14. BRITTENY Well-Known Member

    Admonish, Renew, Wrath of Presence, Consume Souls, Guardian of Light, the last power is tricky. I'm not sure if I'm going to use a super or Blessing or stick Divine Light in.

    I guess it depends on the situation and what happens on the live server :)

    The first 5 are going to be my staples though.
  15. blklightning Well-Known Member


    Combo? Blessing gives 4 shields, but Corrupted Blessing only gives 2.
  16. Elusian Well-Known Member

    Currently running

    Blessing | Renew | Admonish | Consume Soul | Divine Light | Life Drain

    ImO: I do not choose Wrath of Presence since the combo is kinda long to be set up, not saying its viable but I wanted a loadout that allows me to solo heal T5 raids without relying too often on the combo mechanics since WoP does not have any heal effect on the initial power use and I havent seen a point to have a 3rd HoT (using Divine Light as burst not as HoT heal, before someone comes and tells me it is a HoT too XD). I do have specc'ed into WoP for alerts or what not (replacing DL since Admonish is your main burst heal for this kind of content) so I can combo from CS to it for add. damage if it allows me to do so in raids.
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  17. Etox New Member

    Has anyone figured out a decent healer loadout with some dps spells in it to run lower tier solos/duos/alerts with a brand new char?
  18. blklightning Well-Known Member

    This is the lovely side of things. Our heals, when comboed, do lovely damage. I was running a solo w/ Renew, Admonish, Wrath, Consume, Blessing, and SC. I was at the final little boss and a demon spawned near me. At first, I was like "crap!". I just kept locked on the boss and let my AoE's from comboing Admonish/blight, Wrath/comsume, and consume/wrath. The demon was dead in 3 uses.
  19. Black Jaq Well-Known Member

    I agree with this loadout. I have Guardian's Light specced too but haven't done any raids to see if it is worth having. Maybe if there is a 2nd Celestial healer to avoid overwrites.
  20. blklightning Well-Known Member

    GL is fantastic. It's Ionic Drain, but with a shorter cast time. I think it's one of those powers that you'd swap out for different reasons. Divine Light may do better with more adds. The glyphs act as supply drops, so if people don't move into them, then they don't get the heal. Purified adds offer additional healing, too. Maybe a Naughty Lex could use some purification?

    With there were more people on test server. It's so hard to get a group together for even a non-SonsOfTrigon alert. :|

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