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Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Flux99, Oct 23, 2013.

  1. Flux99 New Player

    Hi, I am new to the game. While i was playing the starting tutorial, the message, "world shutting down in.." was displayed. Is the game doing maintenance or something? I dont see any announcements in the forums. I cant connect. thanks.
  2. StopPerving Dedicated Player

    It is a normal daily occurence. Seems to be taking a little longer than usual, but it isn't announced as this is a regular event.
  3. LowFlyingMoon Dedicated Player

    Servers shut down every day at the same time, for maintenance. It usually takes 15-20min, although it can be longer sometimes.
  4. Flux99 New Player

    oh, alrighty then. thanks for the info. :)
  5. Buckley Loyal Player

    depending on where you live, for me its 5 am every morning
  6. Amanda Bailey Devoted Player

    Noobies are so cute :) if you ever have any questions concerning the game, start a conversation with me. I'll be more than glad to help you out :)
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  7. Buckley Loyal Player

    Thumbs up to you Amanda, if more players where like you half the problems would be solved in this game.
  8. Amanda Bailey Devoted Player

    Thanks :) Players are like me, I just think they're too lazy to help someone out at some point lol. I'm just being the person I wished for when I had questions when I first started out. I'm glad he found the forums, the forums will help him out a lot.
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  9. Buckley Loyal Player

    non the less thank you and to Flux99 welcome, have fun. Also, Flux99, you will find that the ppl that are helpful on the forums are just as helpful in game.
    Im on EUPC Hero side
  10. dudemister New Player

    i only play this on wows down time and got to say its purtty good but forever and always for the HORDE
  11. Omar hesham New Player

    how much does it take?
  12. RSL New Player

    the game is over. sorry. ;) too late to play now. :D
  13. Superduperhero New Player

    Is it up again yet??? It's been over 2 hours and my game still says world down!!!!!!!!!!! :( I wanna play it's not fair stoopid GAME

    Why do they have to do this everyday??? Jeeez
  14. Falco Committed Player

    So just to be straight, you had a problem with the world shutting down back on October 23 2013? Cause that's when this thread was started.
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  15. Superduperhero New Player

    nope i mean today
  16. Superduperhero New Player

  17. Furious Wind Well-Known Player


    Stop to revive dead thread
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