Who went from Gadgets to Quantum?

Discussion in 'Powers, Weapons, and Movement' started by Faust74, May 9, 2013.

  1. Faust74 Well-Known Member

    So who made the switch and how is it? Debating whether to switch my Main Character from gadgets to quantum or just start anew.
  2. El Presidente Active Member

    I'm having the same dilemma.
  3. recespieces31 Well-Known Member

    I switched from Light to Quantum (I know you didn't ask that) and I am having a blast with Quantum...it truly is a visually beautiful looking powerset that provides a refreshing take on crowd control and Controlling in general

    IMHO, if you have the funds, or LP, to spare, then at least switch to Quantum to try it out
  4. AIpha Well-Known Member

    Does gadgets have a good ranged loadout that does as much damage as its melee options? I switched to Quantum and I'm doing ranged for the new t5 stuff so in the ranged aspec I think Quantum has gadgets beat, but if we are talking meleeing t4 content then gadgets still has the edge with its melee burst skills.
  5. Dammacx Member

    I was gonna switch my Gadgets but decided to roll a new toon. Im only at lvl 11 so far but really liking it. The Teleport is fun, I could really see that being turned into a Movement mode with some modifications. On a side note I decided to roll a toon with dual pistols and super speed which I had tried before but never really stuck with. This time with the new power it seems more fun and am really enjoying it.
  6. CouRAGE Active Member

    I switched, and boy do I miss the damage. Just not enough to go back. The CC from quantum is AWESOME and I love PVPing with it. Your damage WILL go down, but you'll be a better troll for the group.
  7. Black Jaq Well-Known Member

    Controller. I did.
  8. Cryotkj Active Member

    I've been burning really well from range w my ss gadgets. Guass-cryo foam-jump fear gas-jump- flurry combo/clip stasis field. If I have the power I throw a guass on the way down from the jump. Idk how good quantum is from range but this burns pretty quickly.
  9. Faust74 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the replies, though it made me more undecided lol.
  10. Doctor Erevos Well-Known Member

    I didn't. I love my gadgets toon lol. If I were you I would just make a new toon. I find it weird having a tech, acrobats toon and then switching to quantum. My toon wouldn't make sense but hey, that's just me. I like putting thought into each toon I make. :)
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  11. Dark Warrior Member

    I did and I'm loving the Quantum powers.
  12. Whizzkid Well-Known Member

    I would never do that to Whizz :eek:. I had a 4th toon ready specifically for Quantum and I am loving the Quantum DPS. I ran a T5 Op with a loadout I threw together and it was lacking in damage. I went to the lab, found some good stuff, then tested and tweaked it in gates. It's actually a really good powerset. It's damage capabilities reminds me of Electricity.
  13. Maxx_Watt Well-Known Member

    Since i have a ton of LP & havnt played mt gadgets in a very long time im thinking of it, main reason i havnt done so yet is because my cr is 48 and i really dont feel like gearing him up.
  14. H2 Pwn Well-Known Member

    Im having the same problem faust. I've been gadgets for two and a half years. I vowed i would never change powers. But the animations for quantum look insane and ridiculous.
  15. Faust74 Well-Known Member

    I faced a brawling Quantum Controller 5v5 Arena last night and I wasn't too impressed. I don't know how well geared he was compared to my Gadget Controller. I am only still in the first set of PvP gear and I out damaged and out powered him. I don't believe our healer went down once, while theirs went down a few times and they had two healers.

    I want to say he had better gear because I wasn't doing much damage to him, my debuffs wouldn't stick to him and I'm sure that was because they had two a tanks. But, it is a new power and he may still be feeling his way through.
  16. Jeff Bond Well-Known Member

    I went Gadgets to Quantum. It's been an interesting adjustment.
    I like the Blink ability over Distract in PVE (Ever since they changed Hide I've felt like someone ran over my dog). PVP you tend to lose control of nodes. The rest of the power set I'm still tweaking.
    I've settled on a few powers but trying to find that damage output that came with gadgets controlling. Some of the CC effects are awesome... when they work... I'm testing Einstein's Ray right now. CC Pull with optional uppercut knockback that pushes enemies waaaay back. Seems like an effective CC to pull aggro away from someone and have the option to juggle or blink past them.
  17. 13igtyme Well-Known Member

    I'm really, really thinking about switching my mental dps, just to test it and have fun. But I think I'm going to wait until most people switch off it. My whole thing is I love mental dps, and I love electricity's polarized load out. And I a feeling with the right load out I could get the best of both worlds.
  18. Faust74 Well-Known Member

    Got my mind made up, I'm staying Gadgets on my Main. I haven't been impressed fighting against Quantum Controllers. I was paired with a Tank in the Batcave and Vs two Quantum Controllers in a League. I out damaged them and out Powered them as well.

    They both ganged up on me since they couldn't take out the Tank and they did kill me 6 times, but it took them a while to do it and I got my 8 kills off of them. We end up winning and again I am just wearing Avatar Bombardier gear. I assume that since they are in a league, they have to be wearing better gear than me. Since I'm just a mudder PUGer.
  19. Zpirit Well-Known Member

    My controller went from Mental to Light, to Gadgets, to Mental to Quantum. So far quantum is the most fun IMO.
  20. Nite83 New Member

    I originally played Gadgets huge IronMan fan but I'm also a huge Captain Atom fan once I saw the quantum powers I knew I would switch and start fresh!

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