What major changes have other MMORPGs done that DCUO could learn from?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Dragon Power, Jun 9, 2018.

  1. Revoemag Committed Player

    I've wanted to post this for a while but felt it would fall on deaf ears, but perhaps a dev may see this thread..

    Apb reloaded style open world PvP..

    Quick run down of how it would work in dcuo..

    Hero ques up for mission, gets a simple mission rescue 3 civilians from different locations.

    Whatever villain is qued up at the same time will receive a counter mission to stop the hero from saving those 3 civilians.

    If hero succeeds, go to next stage of mission.
    If villain stops hero, mission ends, villain wins.

    Next stage, if hero wins, could be either capture an item, defend an area etc..

    This would last for a max of 5 stages.

    Each stage forces a PvP encounter til one side is successful.

    Calling back up..
    If there is an uneven amount of players on one side, the other side can call for backup receiving whoever is presently queued up.

    Only those in mission can PvP, everyone else is in a passive mode.

    PvP world, everyone has the same stats

    The open world would hold 100 players, 50 hero's, and 50 villains.
  2. Zlohsac Committed Player

    I was really hoping that when Jackster came in, he'd start making subtle changes that gave DCUO a more CoH feel and give me a reason to play.

    To me, CoH is probably the best superhero mmo that'll ever exist and it almost makes me wish I hadn't played because now I know what better looks like.
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  3. hackaholic5069 New Player

    heres one, i was never able to edit my character face or at least choose between a few. if call of duty supports that now, but a mmorpg doesnt even allow you to edit skin color. hex values can be downloaded in less than a tenth of a second, so its not like it'll overload the server
  4. Roocck Committed Player

    LMAO, mount for superman? What I really wanted to point out and show is how members are being rewarded for their monthly subscription. You are absolutely right subs do work for the types of games you play.. Imagine DCUO rewarding free daily replays, TC's (Time Capsules), DC's (Daybreak Cash) etc... something valuable worth the $15 monthly sub. Example: TC's having fair percentage of a Power Respec Tokens, Movement Respec Token, Character Name Change Device, Body Type Respec Token, Raid Reset Tokens etc..
  5. lordexecution365 Dedicated Player

    That is what the whole complaining is all about Huh, TC's.

    DC is basically offering the samething the game your trying to highlight but for some reason you are actually choosing to negate the fact that.

    For a long time DC had a lockbox that members could open all day long.

    I am assuming now, just like in the movie Office Space, they just fixed that with TC's.

    Now you can basically get a key roughly a day by using LP's and running the event.

    Again they fixed the problem of missing out on the subs purchasing keys.

    The rest is really the same as what you get on DC.

  6. calvin_0 Dedicated Player

    tell that to Digital Extreme... it's their business model and they been around since 2013... according to you, they should have close down long time ago since they have no income and yet, here they are just release a new story DLC for Warframe.. and Warframe currently have more players than DCUO... meanwhile DCUO is sinking everyday..

    if they can do it, no reason why DCUO or any other business cant..
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  7. Imaginos Well-Known Player

    Man, I Miss CoH so much.
  8. Skandov Well-Known Player

    Have you ever heard about company differences? Like budget, IP rights, man power and engine limitations? If these things didn't exist, then every new game released, would be a masterpiece. All game dev companies have their own struggles and have to work within those, in order to be successful.
  9. Swamarian Committed Player

    Having a separate crafting inventory's really nice for other games that I've played. That way you can have a lot of different crafting items, and still not have to worry about it affecting your regular inventory.

    Something nice that Neverwinter does is give a bonus for running content with someone who's never run it before. (It tells you when you enter the instance, and will tell you that you lost the bonus if they leave early.)
  10. calvin_0 Dedicated Player

    budget and IP are meaningless if the company dont respect their playerbase... just ask Destiny and Star Wars... and DCUO is heading the same direction as those game.. if you arent worry about the game's direction.. maybe you arent as big of a fan as you think you are..

    i dont want DCUO to dies, so i just suggest that they look at what other successful company is doing.. and right now, there isnt a more successful company than DE, they goes from nobody to somebody with one not only a life service game, but a truly free game.

    there is a reason why everyone point at warframe and say, "that is how you do life service game", "that is how you do free to play", "that is how you implement lootboxes" and "that is how you handle microtransaction"... DE basically take concept that everyone hates no thanks to company like EA and Activision and make it work for them..

    sure every company need to make money, but not at the cost of their customer... DE in fact had a very successful monetization option in warframe which they removed because people are spending too much money on them.. "what have we done? we accidentally made a slot machine".. that is a direct quote of DE's monetization manager..
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  11. Skandov Well-Known Player

    I love this game. But this is not Warframe, it's an mmorpg built on a bad foundation and it can't and won't be fixed, until DCUO 2 is made, which is very unlikely. The game is what it is, the features, the content structure and what have you.
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  12. calvin_0 Dedicated Player

    Warframe was a terrible game when it's release.. FF14 was a terrible back when it's release, Destiny 2 is a terrible game when it's being release...

    Warframe has been fix, FF14 has been fix and Destiny 2 is currently being fix... no reason DCUO cant be fix.. MMO have to evolve over time, WoW was a differ game if you compare the original release with today's WoW.. if WoW didnt evolve with time, it wont be the most played MMO of all time..

    and when come to bad foundation, no game has it worse than Star Wars Battlefront 2.. and that game has been fixs as well..
  13. Rockhound665 Devoted Player

    How about this:

    Age of Conan lowered their subscription prices. A yearly subscription is now equal to $8 a month. Monthly is now $13. When they did that, along with the limited time server, their population boomed.
  14. LucidityKJ Dedicated Player

    The single biggest thing that I find lacking in this MMO versus other ones is the queue vs walk-in system.

    Just about every other MMO I have ever played has a level (or CR in this case) cap for dungeons. If you're too high of a level, you can't join the queue. Why? Because it effectively ruins the fun for those who may be trying to experience it for the first time. The challenge is gone when you're doing a T1 Alert with a 200+ CR in the group. They either can't join or they're forced to "mentor down" and become the relevant level (CR) for that dungeon.

    But the feats! The styles! The catalysts!

    Yes, I totally get that, but that's why other games have walk-ins for these things. Or, like I said, mentoring. You can't possibly tell me that as a 200+CR you need an 8-man group to run, say, Khandaq (to pick a super easy one off the top of my head). No, you can solo that. So jump into the walk-in and solo it. Or, conversely, mentor down to T1 and run it with a group of appropriately powerful players.

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