What if all the powers could play all the roles effectively?

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  1. Galil ACE Well-Known Player

    This is a what-if thread, but lets assume it already happened, and in this happy world, every class and role are balanced.

    Which power combination that doesn't already exist in-game would you try first?

    I'll bite first.
    Light Tank.
    Ice Troll.
    Rage Healing.

    I would love to try munitions healing and tanking.
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  2. Jacob Dragonhunter Steadfast Player

    Easily the moblie Powersets, Sorry :rolleyes: I just hate the fact that with some other powersets I can't move while using their powers. I could use a jump trick to make up for that but even then that feels very cheesy to do. Good topic+1
  3. MEBegnalsFan Devoted Player

    I could see Nature tanking...

    It would have some increase in defense and self healing..

    It already has a pull move, VL, a move to knock enemies down (make it a center pull move like Without Mercy) Savage Growth, already has a shield move (Swarm Shield)....see Nature tanking...
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  4. Deity Supremacy Well-Known Player

    Mental tank for sure. Or electric tank!!!! Light tank!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Ghaladh Dedicated Player

    Munitions healing, because I want to see how you can heal someone with bullets. :D
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  6. Hemmy Committed Player

    I feel like Quantum would be awesome. I mean I know I'd like some mobility in quantum's moves but still would be fun. I mean when you think about it, how can someone who has the power to manipulate all of time and space at will, be in any way be on even terms with a character with a lot of guns or someone who has a utility belt full of batman-ish gadgets... There shouldn't be any competition. When you think about it in those terms quantum should easily be the strongest power by a huge margin.
  7. Galil ACE Well-Known Player

    The speed force becomes basically that and much more. Don't get cocky.
  8. ncgreenlantern Loyal Player

    Given how little interest the devs show in support roles it should be easy to swap them around there may come a day when they do it .
  9. TITAN ephemeral Loyal Player

    MEDIC !!...50% SC...you split into a team of Army Medics who give life saving first aid to the entire team
    EVAC !!...100% SC...aircraft hovers in the air while teams pick up beaten teammates and move them out of attack range while reviving them
  10. Ghostof91 New Player

    Indirectly it may effect the sales of power tokens, which is why we may not get it.
  11. BigBadDogIV Committed Player

    In terms of raw power Celestial would prolly be unmatchable since Omnipotence's most basic definition is "Unlimited Power". The Presence is the source of half of Celestial Power and The Presence Powers are Omnipotence, Omnipresence and Omniscience. Seems like Quantum's kinda out done, especially when you Consider Quantum powers (as well as every other power in the game) also fall under Omnipotence.
  12. colonelbondo Well-Known Player

    what youre describing is a game where you dont need any other roles, in other words, a singleplayer game, probably an old school first person shooter. there's a reason no one plays those anymore, its called the internet