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  1. Nobody New Player

    So I went to go buy the Digital Weapon Style Pack from the loyalty points vendor today and noticed that all the weapon style packs are locked. What gives? I have four times the amount of loyalty points needed to buy the pack, but it won't let me. Am I missing something?
  2. Gassius_Spray New Player

    It could be an issue with your inventory slots. You'll need 11 inventory slots clear because each weapon will occupy a slot until consumed.
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  3. Nobody New Player

    I bet that's it. Thanks man!
  4. Statman New Player

    So loyalty point purchases don't go into your marketplace redeem tab? That's a bit annoying...
  5. tukuan Loyal Player

    Must be different of PS3, on PC you can pick the one's you want and leave the rest in claim until you need them.
  6. Gassius_Spray New Player

    When you buy each weapon skin pack and redeem... each weapon is listed to be redeemed. I remember fondly that I had to have 11 inventory slots available to be able to buy each weapon skin pack. There were some posts on the old ps3 forums about them when the voltaic and feiry skin packs were introduced. I guess thats the case here as well.
  7. Nobody New Player

    Yeah, you need to have 11 open inventory slots in order to get the pack. Kind of a pain, but I got them now.

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