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  1. Snuffhim Well-Known Player

    Hey I wanted to switch to a healer power but if needed to switch to dps I could still do good damage. What’s the best healing power right now?
  2. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    Electricity, Nature or Celestial.
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  3. SekretVillain Loyal Player

    Water or electric, water if you wanna stack shields and Aoe HoTs, or electric for burst heals and the strongest shield SC in DC even after a nerf.

    I will day this tho water has a trash might dpa side, but decent precision dps side. Electric has a decent might dps side, and decent precision dps iirc. But imho waters the better healer
  4. Nangaf Active Player

    For a guy like me who plays healer since the game came out, I could tell you that it depends on yourtastes, all powers are powerful equal for someone who know how to play, I played celeste for a very long time but I can tell you that i don't play it anymore, it's much too slow,
    electric costs a lot of power and is difficult to treat teammates who are far away, I think that water is currently one of the best and it has a very good dps in the Healing side , nature is the safest, easy to handle, inexpensive in power, heals the whole raid no matter the distance and it has the best dps of the game if you want to play dps, but my favorite is sorcery but it is difficult to play because of the protective circle which is very small vs the circle of water power, but despite everything I like this power so here in my opinion are the best healing powers, but as you see I play the one I like even if it is not the strongest in my opinion
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  5. Brit Loyal Player

    Best* healing set is Water.

    But since you specifically mentioned that you needed to be able to swap to DPS as well, the best* all-around set with both strong healing and strong DPS is Electricity.

    *"Best" is a term loosely used to describe my own positive experiences and should not be presumed to be degrading towards any other powerset or players who enjoy them. I have extensive experience playing as Water, Electricity, Nature, and Sorcery. I do not have experience with Celestial to compare with. I primarily play Nature due to the fact that no Nature heals in my rotation require aiming or floor placement, so the can dummy-proof with even the most stubborn of DPS, but as I progress into endgame Elite content that is increasingly less forgiving, I consistently notice a trend as mentioned above.
  6. Inspo Active Player

    Any healer power can do pretty great in the right hands and they all have their ups and downs. Sorc has good precision dps and with arbiter spam it makes it very self reliant. I’m sorc and don’t need a troll that often. Nature has pretty outstanding dps and for me it’s a bit of a challenge to solo heal end game content but that’s why I love it. Elec has great dps and you have to be pretty reactive to damage spikes, overall it’s pretty fun but I personally can’t stay elec too long without switching. Water has some nice animations and is great at healing but it’s my least favorite dps power in game, especially because they never fixed the high tide mechanic with shark. Celestial is good as well, just not my cup of tea because of the combos. Everyone is gonna have their opinions but really I’d just try em out for yourself. People will say elec and water and I’ve tried both and personally nature or sorc are what works best for me.
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  7. L T Devoted Player

    Water is strong because of its shields, and it's two abilities that reset cool downs and allow you to double up your big AOE heal or instantly re-cast a shield after a burst of damage.

    Electric has a safety-net heal, a very strong shield supercharge, and lots of strong bursts that can hit the whole group if you position yourself right.

    Nature has weak bursts but stackable and endlessly refreshable heals over time, and super cheap supercharges that, when combined with the Eye of Gemini artifact, can heal the group and build supercharge extremely fast.

    With its combos Celestial is like a swiss army knife. You can combo into shields, heal over time, burst heals and damage based heals. Supercharges are just ok.

    Sorcery has the arbiter of destiny supercharge, which is pretty good if you also use the orb artifact. I haven't tested it with the page of destiny artifact, but that one might make watcher good to use with ritualistic word. I found sorcery healing a little problematic, and mostly gave up on it.
  8. gemii Dedicated Player

    You can’t go wrong with nature as a dps/heal

    If your ok with doing combos you can’t go wrong with celestial as a dps/heal

    Those 2 are the strongest dps/heal, electric is ok too but it’s not great on single target like nature and celestial.