Want To Join A League? [Mature People Only]

Discussion in 'League Recruitment Center' started by RiskTheNinja, Dec 7, 2014.

  1. RiskTheNinja New Player

    Alright if you're some kid who screams in chat or don't help people out or is a noob don't join!! I had my league for almost 400 days now but when I first created it I added so many people! Since I am older I feel like I need more mature friends and league members to join me! I am on PS4 and PS3 so if you have either of those then you can join me! My league name is CosmicForceNGC (Heroes Only) and ImperfectNemesis (Villains Only) just tell me if you want to join and add either my hero or villain as a friend and send me a message in-game saying "I want to join" and I'll give you an invite, hopefully you will be active and help contribute to our league and we can hopefully get enough prestige to get a league base! I also plan on doing more DCUO videos on my YouTube channel so if you become a good friend of mine then we can make videos together! I don't care how old you are just be respectful, don't be annoying and don't cause any drama or you get kicked! Any Questions?
  2. Ronan HookR New Player

    Im looking for a league experience. I have only been playing for a couple of months but i have researched and honed my skills. I have two lvl 30's. Fire dps T2 hero. And quantum troll T1. I am still working on feats but it is a work in progress. My whole goal is to get every ounce of fun from this game so i don't feel like an idiot for paying every month. I play mostly in the am because i work 2nd shift. Execpt the weekend, i binge play from around 8pm to 2am depending on when the wife passes out. I am mature and would like to see what i could bring to a guild that can help me reach my goals as well.
  3. RiskTheNinja New Player

    I'll add you but I need your name so I can
  4. Ronan HookR New Player

    Haha yeah would help. I cant get on until 8am Wednesday. Im at work and got some bills to pay tomorrow.
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