Unrated [Usps Heros] is recruiting!

Discussion in 'League Recruitment Center' started by Ristiq, Aug 19, 2015.

  1. Ristiq Well-Known Player

    "Where Champions are Bred"
    We are recruiting all roles, all play styles.

    • 130+ cr (not that important)
    • 150+ sp
    • friendly
    • active
    • We ask that you play both roles. This is not mandatory though.
    • Mature

    If you're under the sp requirement but close speak with me we can work something out.

    We are a end game league that's built around teamwork and having fun. Our goal is to beat content with ease while having fun. Our guys will help out with feats but you have to be willing to do some feats on your own because we aren't always going to be available to help out. Need help with your power? We have a lot of guys who are experts at certain powers and certain roles so don't be afraid to ask.

    We tend to joke around a lot. Even pick at eachother but it is all harmless so if you can't take a joke or critism, best look elsewhere. We all know when to buckle down and be serious though.

    Message me on here or in game @ Yeti if you have questions or are interested.

    Or you could get a hold of
    GhettoJesus or Flames.
  2. Ristiq Well-Known Player

    Got 3 great recruits today. Hopefully more of y'all join the fun.
  3. Ristiq Well-Known Player

  4. California New Player

    can i join? i have 232sp :]
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  5. xD25x Dedicated Player

    Never ran with a bad power regiment player. Professional and respectful. Good luck with the recruitment!
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  6. Ristiq Well-Known Player

    The league is becoming a lot more active throughout the weeks.
    Have a handful of new recruits who are phenomenal players.
    So we'd love for you to come and join the fun.
  7. Saybro Committed Player

    Bump for my buds. Good luck and hit me up as always
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  8. Ristiq Well-Known Player

    Few more spots open for healers and trolls. :)
  9. Ristiq Well-Known Player

    Come and join the party this weekend.
  10. Ristiq Well-Known Player

    I can feel something big about to happen.
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  11. Ristiq Well-Known Player

    Recruiment has been closed.
    We have merged with Unparalleled and WatchAndLearn.
    We will have a recruitment thread soon.
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  12. Ristiq Well-Known Player

    Recruiting has been opened up again.
    The merge did not go as planned.
  13. Ristiq Well-Known Player

    Still in need of a few healers
  14. Ristiq Well-Known Player

    Still looking for a few healers to fill the ranks.
  15. Saybro Committed Player

  16. Ristiq Well-Known Player

  17. Ristiq Well-Known Player

    If you're looking for a new home for the upcoming dlc look no further! Unrated is recruiting. Mainly need healers and trolls. Tanks are always welcome
  18. deniseunholy New Player

    2 healers and 1 troll.

    denise vader
  19. Ristiq Well-Known Player

    Good deal, I'll hit you up after work.
  20. LadyKatara New Player

    Hi my in game name is GreenLadyKatara. I have 183sp I play 3 toons daily a troll, tank, and healer. I can also play both sides of all 3 toons was hoping to ask some questions about league.