Trident Inc now looking for some nice villainous associates?

Discussion in 'League Recruitment Center' started by BSEison, Sep 21, 2021.

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    So it feels like I have been playing DCUO for a long time, first on PC and now on PS4. I never had a lot of luck with leagues in the past so eventually I made my own. I did this in part because I wanted a huge base to decorate and also because I wanted some where to dump prestige points and items besides just wasting them. But I can now also appreciate the idea of having a bigger team than just my main and a few alts. So with that in mind, I invited a couple of friends (who atm play pretty infrequently) and have also reached out to a few people in game as well.

    Are you interested in joining a league? Here is some more info to see if Trident Inc might have a place for you!
    1) No CR rating or SP total required to join or stay in the league and no skill level required to be in the league.
    2) No mic required, and I don't use that feature myself.
    3) Worried about the league having a corporate gimmick? Don't worry! We are no where near as evil as Amazon or Wayne Enterprises!
    4) Do you have an alt? Multiple alts? No problem! So do I, and you can sign them up if you want.
    5) Are you nice? You can be a villain but still be nice and that is a league requirement.
    6) Not interested in playing with others very much but might like other league perks or a place to dump your prestige? That's cool no pressure to join in on any reindeer games.
    7) Want to try to find some folks to team-up with? That's cool join in on some reindeer games!
    8) Don't have a Trident? One can be provided for you by filling out the necessary forms.
    9) Elite player awesome at filling a role? Cool. Casual player that just want to bash some heads? Also cool.
    10) No jerks or drama queens needed. Want this to be a friendly group even if that means it stays a tiny one.

    So did you read any of that? Some of it? All of it? Interested? You can message me here or in-game to chat further.
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    Thought I would give this a bump. We have added a couple of members since first post but still looking for more. Please message me here or in game if interested!