Trenchcoat/Metalhead Skirt

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  1. Eranthis New Player

    Hey, Guys this is a clothing bug/glitch , i honestly dont know if i was supposed to post this here but ... on one of my toons (female obviously) The trenchcoat and metalhead skirt like clip with eachother or how can i put it the skirt goes through the back of it .... and it looks really really ugly .... the skirt is terrible as it is because it looks horrible and then the trechcoat doesnt make it look any better because in the butt part you can see the skirt go through the trench coat ... dev's at least for the female characters sake please fix this ... i cant show a picture ... but can someone make there female character put on trench coat + metalhead skirt ... and look at the back part and it just looks terrible .... thanks. :confused:
  2. Simon Phoenix Active Player

    The reason it clips is because the devs never thought anybody would ever try those 2 style dkm
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