Too Many Artifacts, Not Enough Slots

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  1. Schimaera Devoted Player

    Ah ok, I see the difference. I do too have mutliple rows of off-role gear, trinkets, some trinket toys, soders, artifacts, a row of Armor Mod capsules and so on. But I usually sell stuff I don't need everytime I have downtime (i.e. am not in content and nothing specific to do anyways), I relocate Nth Metal from my bank to an bank toon once a stack reaches 99, exos are sent to bank toons via mail after I've done my dailies, there I stash them with full bank and inventory space.
    My main's bank is usually only stuff I want to sell for high prices, Nth I can't trade and some fun trinkes. I do delete collections that are worthless (drag+enter usually takes about a second per item and let's face it, how often do we players just run through our league hall/base/HQ without doing anything just waiting for something to happen? yeah that's when I take the ten seconds to delete stuff).

    As I said, I see where ppl are coming from, a "bag of holding"-esque inventory tab for crafting that is account wide would be wonderful but just looking at how the system is now, without chaning anything, most of this "misery" is brought upon the players by themselves. I'm far from being remotely orderly irl but seeing some of the inventories of players on twitch/yt/screenshots just give me the shivers. No wonder they complain about the inventory if they can't manage it well.

    Just to show what I mean:


    I have nine rows of empty space. Granted, I do not have my pvp gear anymore (two rows less then). Over the cource of a whole gaming day (rn I have only a gaming hour tho) I never get to full inventory. Never. Between two raids, some other queues, waiting for something to form etc, I just take like three minutes once I'm in my base to check broker if I should sell dropped stuff, salvage stuff, send it to bank toon and bank all my nth metal and deleting any undesired loot.

    Everyone is free to do with their inventory as they please. I'm standing 100% behind that. Saying it get's too cluttered and isn't enough because all the stuff we need to stash there - I see this statement as wrong.

    However, since I know how this discussions about principles usually end, I'd like to just point out the points I'm getting behind:

    - store artifacts the way Augments are stored (i.e. extra tab)
    ----> maybe account bound since even two endgame toons are money or superdupermegaultra time heavy and at some point not fun anymore
    - bag of holding-esque extra tab that stores all exo-materials, Exobytes, account bound nth metal and the likes account wide. Items can be moved from inside the bag to the real inventory and back again by klicking a button. this would still allow us to rank up exobytes with mats

    Dunno how they can do it but they should be able to do so. So many other MMOs have account shared crafting materials.
  2. Schimaera Devoted Player

    As I said before, throw them away. You'll never need Rings of Azar, Starheart, Gem of Horus and other stuff. And I'm saying this as a player who plays every role, changes powers on a regular basis and still has deleted crap like the omega hedron.
    Before I store every crappy artifact that will probably never be used just because there could be the small chance it would ever be useful, I rather throw it away and shed not a single tear when it get's good and I have to re-buy it for 25 source marks.

    Btw I haven't seen a game that's hoarder friendly. And believe me I can be a hoarder. I'm still mad that I threw away the anniversary fireworks trinket just because I wanted to use it every three years or so...
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  3. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    You can feed your Prec Artifacts into your Might Artifacts. Those rank 20 Artifacts can be food too. You're not getting rid of them solely because they're taking up space, you're not using them. Starheart has never been or never will be useful. A healing Artifact that doesn't heal will never be useful.
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  4. Chia Death Well-Known Player

    Do you realize the pathetically miniscule amount of experience it takes to level an artifact to 20?
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  5. Brit Loyal Player


    There is a system in place for this that works perfectly for Augments. The fortifications of Artifacts literally takes place on the same tab. There is no reason why they can't functionally be just moved over to an Artifacts tab and no longer require eating up inventory space.

    It's not just a debate on whether or not we should have to destroy a level 20 Artifact. I've got 11 useful Artifacts that are 140+, covering my Healing build, Might build, Precision build, and then the Gemini/Scrap for when I was doing a Supercharge build. How many millions of Nth Metal have to be invested before the answer stops being "Meh. just throw it away, waste everything, and then start from scratch again later."

    Just handle them like Augments and put them in the tab. There is no reason for Artifacts to occupy inventory.
  6. Sammy Well-Known Player

    I think we are missing the point. Why do we have to invest in artifacts, just to do the same thing with new artifacts?
    I feel like its just grinding for gear. New stuff comes out and have to replace the old stuff
  7. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    You don't have to. You can choose to do so, or just leave well enough alone.
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  8. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    You don't have to invest in new Artifacts. Once you have a set that works with your playstyle you don't have to drop them for the next thing. For example the new Artifacts coming out do not interest me.
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  9. Highplains Sailor Well-Known Player

    I don't know if this has ever been discussed before, but when you consider the amount of artifacts that keep coming out (and I know you don't have to use them all; just the ones you want), what about changing the Breakthroughs so you don't do one until you get to a level (I think the first level is 80) where you start getting some of the Artifact power benefits. Granted, leveling at 20 requires only 3 catalysts (I think) but what do you really get for that? And as your chance of a failure at the low levels is low, I don't know if DB is making tons of money on SOP at those levels. Just curious. Thank you.
  10. KHALONofOGUN 10000 Post Club

    Who says you HAVE TO??? Last DLC I didn't level any new artifacts beyond the feat, and then I consumed them into current artifacts. This DLC i'll level them up for the feat and then consume them as well. I don't HAVE TO do replace a damned thing, unless I WANT TO...which again in this DLC I don't.
  11. Chia Death Well-Known Player

    It is highly relevant. While we're at it, why not make a tab for nth metals? Artifacts are fundamentally different from augments and don't need to be treated the same just because it'd be nice.
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  12. Rejchadar Inquisitor

    I understand that converting the artifact system into a kind of Augments system is a waste of time and loss of income from buying a inventory place ... what I don't understand is why then not increase the number of inventory places available for buying ... I think many bought out in the first second all new places ...
  13. Littlejaytee16 Committed Player

    Hold onto them. Things are always changing with this game.... you never know when an old artifact may be more viable then a new one due to a stat change. I remember people advising me to dump my maxed out Grim into my Solar Amp when I changed power sets. I'm glad I didn't because now the Grim is one of the best artifacts in the game.
  14. ThePhilosophy Loyal Player

    Games have rules. Would you like a 1-button kill all ability as well?
  15. TheBlack52 New Player

    Hey all, I need some help. My Inventory is full of things I can't delete, and all my boxes are full. I can't move forward in any missions until I clear my Inventory, so right now I'm stuck. I bought some extra slots, but that doesn't seem to have helped as the number of slots is the same as it was before. What do I do? Thank you in advance for your time and help.