Up-Votes Needed To Batuba: Earth's Crystal ability using full power bar

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  1. CodedKills Well-Known Player

    Hey Batuba, I seen a thread on this topic already but no one replied or upvoted it so I wanted to bring more attention to the issue. Since the pet update Crystal's been using her full power bar to do her ability. Before the update she could do 2 moves off a full power bar. The damage that crystal does now is good but because she uses her full power bar per ability, she now nets less damage over time. I was wondering if this was a bug and if it is could it be fixed. I haven't checked out sorcery but I would hope it isn't the same as Earth.
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  2. BUDOKAI101 Committed Player

    No one will reply or change whats intented. Yes crystal did more overall dmg before pet revamp by alot. The devs noticed and wanted to make bank on it with a pet artifact it is what it is man. U got to use the artifact if u want the dmg crystal had before revamp its the sad truth. But this is most definitely intended. The idea was to nerf the pets dmg to the ground and buff it by 15% and up to 3 pets by 200%. Its how they will continue to do things from here on. Its their why of trying to bring balance to powers. that isn't something they want to do if its not going to make them money somehow. the game is just to old to make changes for free. In all fairness though earth was over performing before the revamp to pets. Now u actually have to dig deep for that nerf to the pet 48k before revamp, 24k only one big hit in 6sec is not that bad. U can get about 28k out of 6sec now. Before u could get 48k to 54k I think it needed a nerf. Probably why nobody cares. I would try my luck with a might power something that bursts instead of giving power to crystal. That's what I do and its like the pet revamp never happened. In fact a might base hit will hit harder than crystal around 48k with pi up to 60k and u dont have to wait 6sec to do it. Unfortunately you'll be counting on critical hits to out perform crystal. Atleast with crystal you know you'll get that 24k to 28k. If you want my opinion pets are overall not a good choice. They can get in ur way of doing dmg and they are always one cr lower then u they also get interrupted like u do. infact I have been koed many times because I couldn't jump over someone's pets or my own or other npcs. Im happy the revamp happened I hope to see less players using pets in the future to clean up combat.
  3. CodedKills Well-Known Player

    I wanna know from a dev if this change was intended or not rather than speculate. It's just bizarre to me that it would be better to run robot sidekick than the pet that comes with the power. From test I've done using the same loadout as I was before the update, i'm now getting lower parsers than before. If I replace Crystal with Robot sidekick my parses instantly rocket up, in the loadout I use fortify golem too so it just doesn't make sence. I haven't tried the new pet artifact out yet so I can't speak on it but I shouldn't need the artifact to do the same damage as before the update.
  4. CodedKills Well-Known Player

  5. Batuba Developer

    Earth and Sorcery pet work similar in with their ability being a power dump. During the changes that were made, we made Fortify Golem instantly grant you 100% pet power back. Most pets changed during the revamp received buffs all around, so you should see it netting more damage if you apply Crushed PI and using Fortify Golem to maximize it's casts.
  6. ALB Dedicated Player

    Crystal overall is doing less damage. 2 2 powers it used before "buff" was hitting harder
  7. CodedKills Well-Known Player

    I wish I recorded the damage before the update so I can give you concrete evidence but unfortunately I didn't. Although I do know for a fact that the day before the pet update/BoP dlc dropped I was earth and getting better parsers then when it was live. When the update was live the first thing I did was test my single target setup on the solo sparring target. After seeing lower parses and analyzing what was different I noticed crystal no longer did 2 moves off a power bar. I was using fortify golem off cooldown and I was also using grimorium so the PI was up as well. The only variable that changed in my testing was the update it was on. If the change is intended could it be changed with good reasoning and evidence?
  8. SilkyPawz Bunny

    Earth an Sorc pets where changed > https://forums.daybreakgames.com/dcuo/index.php?threads/gu103-pet-balance.307977/
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  9. ObsidianChill Community "Trusted"

    I went through and tested the values when this GU happened and everything was inline and actually saw an increase on every aspect of the damage except for the base damage without fortify and without the PI setup. I wasn't earth at the time but I was Sorcery on live and Fury/Guardian damage wasn't that far off from Crystal before GU:103 and I saw a damage increase across the board with lower CR on test compared to +2 cr on live server, expect for Guardian which was specifically changed.


  10. CodedKills Well-Known Player

    In your fury testing before GU 103 did you make sure to get 2 of it's big hits off 1 Offering? If it worked like Crystal with Fortify Golem, using it at the right moment you could get 2 of it's big hits off a full powerbar without getting it stuck at 33%. I like the damage the big hit does I just don't like that it takes a full powerbar for it to happen. Before, from the 2 big hits Crystal would do for example 18K each on the solo sparring target so 36K total but when the update launched this became 1 big hit and it was like 24K.
  11. rjam7753 New Player

    I'm able to repower my sorcery pet using Offering and keep it powered up. Fortify Golem works only some of the time. Other times, it does nothing to restore power. I'm running Debris Field, Striking Stones and Upheaval while waiting for Fortify Golem to cool down.