Time Capsule RNG

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    I know there are a million threads about this same subject, but I recently submitted a ticket and was told to post here. So here it goes...

    From mid March to late April I spent a little over $300 opening time capsules, specifically Dark multiverse trying for that Neon chroma. This was after watching someone on a stream get 3 Neons and a Void essence in under 100 caps. I figured I'd open some thinking the rng was somewhat good. Boy was I completely wrong. Not only did I not get a Neon, but I didn't even get a single collection piece from the Thunderstorm aura collection. Spending that much on capsules, I'd expect to at least get something. Oh and at most, 30 quarks was the most I was able to get from a cap.

    After all this I sent in a ticket asking whats up, wondering how certain people with certain powers, seemingly the same people, have exceptional odds with time capsules, while others like myself, have horrible odds. Was told the time capsule system was "working as intended". The rng cannot be that bad on an item and collection...not to mention the 700 or so qwardian caps I've opened since they were released, with still no Void Essence...
  2. Rainnifer Committed Player

    I had to give up attempting to get such things from the capsules, it seems your best bet is to just get them through broker or trade. Just save up cash
  3. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    Ultra rare is ultra rare. Now you know.
  4. merrygoblin Well-Known Player

    I doubt there's any pattern as to who gets the exceptional luck to get things, and who doesn't, any pattern you might see there is probably not actually there - the human brain has evolved to find patterns, even where there isn't any pattern to find (which is also why we tend to see 'faces' in clouds, rocks, pieces of toast, etc.).

    The chances are they don't have any better chance of getting those things than you do, they just happened to get that rare roll on the random number generator that got the item. Couple that with the tendency of human memory to be selective - whether we realise it or not - and you have patterns, that aren't actually patterns.

    Rule of thumb, the odds of getting those rare things in capsules is tiny, and I'd be very surprised if it isn't the same chance very time you open one - just like a coin is always 50/50 and doesn't remember whether it gave you heads or tails the last hundred you flipped it. Same with a capsule/lockbox/gearbox, it doesn't know or care what you got from it last time or from the last hundred boxes. If it's a 0.01% chance of it giving you a rare item, it's that chance every time. Personally I never go into these things expecting the rare item, whether it's the first box, fifth box or 500th box - if you get it, it's a pleasant surprise, if not that's random numbers for you.

    As they so succintly said, "working as intended".
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    i dont support loot boxes so i only open TC's with the stabilizer fragments, theres a full on marketplace an they had to resort to loot boxes, i am still hoping so much that loot boxes in games gets banned, even if it means losing access to all current things i dont care i despise them that much, and goin forward they would actually have to use the marketplace thats been there since day 1
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  6. Brit Loyal Player

    Create multiple free accounts.
    Log in to each account daily and do the Stabilizer event.
    Stockpile tons of stabilizers.
    When Resurgence comes around, use those Stabilizers to open Megacapsules, giving you 9 Time Capsules for every 7 Stabilizers.
    You can literally do this without limit, giving you unlimited numbers of free Stabilizer runs every day.

    Then, when you open the Megacapsules, if you finally get something that you wanted that was rare, it only costs you a very cheap $5 to turn that account into Premium so that you can trade it to your main account.

    That being said, if you've got 2 minutes to log into the game and load into the world, somewhere between 5 and 60 seconds for your queue to pop and load, and then 90 seconds of running the Stabilizer event, it ends up being around 4 minutes-ish by the time you log out. That's about 15 runs of stabilizers per hour. And at the FTP rate, that amounts to 45 Fragments, which means 3 Stabilizers per hour. Depending on where you are located, you can probably come up with something else to do with your time that can earn you more than $3 per hour, and then you can just buy the Stabilizers outright. Mow a lawn. Shovel a sidewalk. Deliver some newspapers. Recycle cans from the garbage. Heck, you might be able to earn $3 per hour just by standing in front of your house with a dubious sign that says "Homeless Veterinarian".

    In the words of Joker, "you pays your money and you takes your chances."
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  7. Multiverse 15000 Post Club

    Sadly... random is random.

    I got exceptionally lucky with the Neon Chroma..... but that is the exception.

    Previously I never got the UBER rare item from Time Capsules.

    Usually I need to play the Broker game and buy those items on the Broker.

    Power of Zeus? Bought it on the Broker.
    Kryptonian Aura? Bought it on the Broker.
    La Mort Card? Bought it on the Broker.
    Power of the Starheart? Actually... that one I bought from Booster Gold. ;)

    Don't expect to get the UBER rare item from opening Time Capsules.... even if you open 500 of them. Odds are.... you wil not get it.

    The better option is to buy it from the Broker.
    Yes it is a lot of work..... but you will get the item you want that way.

    If you opened 300 Time Capsules...... that gives you a LOT of items to selll on the Broker. Do that and the next time you will have all the $$$ you need to just buy the UBER rare item from the Broker.
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  8. myandria Item Storage


    When it comes to RNG, you cannot trust someone else's good experience with it and expect to have similar results. I know people who got that Neon Chroma within opening 5 time capsules. Myself, I haven't seen it yet.

    As others have stated, using alts is one of the best ways to get around the RNG's fickle finger. If one character is having a horrible RNG Spirit session, a different character may stand a better chance.

    Some collections are always harder to complete than others; I still haven't completed the Ink collection for the Ink material; even worse, I STILL have not completed the Phoenix material collection yet, either.

    As far as quarks, yes, sometimes you get a 30 quark drop; that is as high as that goes. However, since you have opened so many tc's up to this point, you should have a few thousand quarks or so. Quarks will always be a grind to obtain and save.

    And yes, the RNG Spirits are that bad.
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  9. nawanda Loyal Player

    I have a lot of synpathy for the OP.

    Time Capsules are by a long, long distance, the worst thing about DCUO.

    I hope the OP has learned a costly lesson about unregulated loot boxes.

    Gambling is an adult activity which can be fine in a marketplace with transparent odds, age checks, and support for problematic gambling behaviours.

    DCUO provides none of this with Time Capsules and you should be very dubious about participating in games of chance where you’re spending real money in pursuit of virtual items without any regard for transparency or social responsibility. They are a scam.
  10. Dominic Blue Committed Player

    I look at it like slot machines. I don't expect to win big, just win a little. I give myself a cash cap. If I agree to spend 200 dollars on Capsules I only do that even if I haven't gotten the rare item yet. If I decide to only spend 20, I leave it at that. As long as I stop on my agreed upon budget, have supported the game and got some loot to use or sell I'm happy. I just couldn't keep trying if it wasn't guarenteed to succeed.