This is what DCUO needs in the near future

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  1. TheBirdOfSteel Committed Player


    Marvel Heroes is becoming "Marvel heroes 2015"

    The games getting a huge overhaul inlcuding loads of new content , new ingame systems , events and plenty of gifts.

    This includes gifts to loyal customers that log in regularly (hint hint SOE)

    Looking at what Marvel have been doing they are getting alot right and the game is constantly being updated with new characters/costumes/content/competitions.

    This is the exact kind of thing that i want to see DCUO do.

    Every MMO i check including TERA and Guild wars 2 are doing so much more then DCUO at the moment and i just cant work out why.

    Do you think SOE is doing enough with DCUO in terms of giving back to the loyal players?
    Do you want to see more ingame content for players or are you fine with what you have?
    Do you think their should be more events?

    Personally i think the main thing lqcking for DCUO is rewarding the players.
    Everything feels like "you can get this but you have to buy it".

    Even on the other MMOs websites its all posts about giving things to the players interms of updates/content/events whereas the DCUO website is "buy this DLC" or "buy this on marketplace".

    DCUO has one perk over other MMOS and thats somewhat regular DLC packs but it seems with so much focus on those the 3/4 months that go between releases fills empty.

    Granted updates fill the gap a little but those updates are more game fixers then game changers.

    So what do you guys think?

    Please discuss.


    Added new MH 2015 trailer for visuals

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  2. Black House New Player

    LoL...Marvel Heroes, the last flailings of a dying game that was mortally wounded at launch...


    DCUO has rested on it's loyal legendary laurals for far too long, one teleporter for one toon for EVERY legendary member is the least they could do.
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  3. Greenman New Player

    I like Marvel. I really do, but they dropped the ball with no character creation. That kinda killed it for me at launch.
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  4. DcPlayer313 Committed Player

    Yeah same here. I don't want to be the same character other people are playing. I prefer making my own.
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  5. Malachyte Devoted Player

    Marvel has good characters both heroes and villains and I like that Marvel uses real word cities as opposed to made up ones that resemble real cities, but that game was/is doomed from the start unless they implement character creations.
    I can't see why anyone would want to play a MMO with an already made character
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  6. Arcpope New Player

    I'm a marvel fan over DC by far.looks great but greenman has it right.

    Dcuo problem is that it has no real competition. FF ,destiny other scheduled mmo's are not even in dcuo's genre .

    I understand that The devs are getting pulled in different directions. I just want to see more In terms of fun stuff to do (ie evil mepps in watchtower)

    And my god I wish trigon looked half as cool as the demon in that trailer.looked epic.
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  7. Black Dawn Steadfast Player

    I'm happy with benefits we get with DC, but, I wouldn't say "no" to more long as it doesn't become paytowin.
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  8. Quantum Edge Devoted Player

    Lipstick on a pig.
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  9. Veritasum Loyal Player

    Don't know about other MMOs, but it seems to me like the budget for this game is relatively low. I mean I like free stuff, but I'm ok with what we get now. I imagine resources are always thin as well considering they pretty much work on getting things right for three different systems.
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  10. blazeing fire111 Devoted Player

    You do know they are only doing that because their game is a dying game.

    1. Their could be more but i am happy with what we got.
    2. The last dlcs have been small but that is going to change. Were getting survival mode PLUS at least 2 raids (maybe 3) in the next dlc.
    3. Not sure.
  11. Tikkun Loyal Player

    The thing that turned me off about Marvel's mmo endeavors is being forced to play an iconic character.

    Guild Wars has a community of griefing, glitching, meta-obsessed jerks. This kills the game for me. It's a challenge, has an amazing and entrancing story, active gameplay akin to DCUO, extensive build options, and the pvp is some of the best I've ever seen in an mmo. Unfortunately the community is such a bag of rotten omnomberries I prefer to play solo.

    Tried going back to WoW...still too much of a time commitment and being forced to be in a large guild where not many people know each other or suffer is a pain (and this comes from an ex-Wow guild leader and player who loves guilds/leagues).

    DC remains on top primarily for 3 reasons for me: active and fun gameplay with Xbox controller support, fast-paced and smaller group content than other mmos (8 man as opposed to 15-20+), and a development team that is receptive and interactive with the community. Being a DC Universe property is just an added perk.
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  12. Multiverse 15000 Post Club

    Marvel Heroes is an awful game.

    I did not mind the lack of being able to create our own character.

    The problem was that it was a HUGE step backward as if we were back to playing Diablo...... and not the awesome fun Diablo 2..... but Diablo 1.

    Heck it was like being stuck playing a lesser version of Marvel Ultimate Alliance.

    Yes DCUO is lacking in some areas....

    It could have more/better content more often.
    DCUO is milking their fanbase a bit too much by having us pay for Armories, Amenities, Teleporters, etc.

    But DCUO is a masterpiece compared to Marvel Heroes.
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  13. Arcpope New Player

    Another mmo junkie, cool. I also played all the big mmos and really do like this one. I find it funny when people complain about our community. Its nowhere near as bad as other mmos.

    Cell phone post sry
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  14. Multiverse 15000 Post Club

    Depends on the MMO I guess.

    I played DDO and LoTRO before playing DCUO.... and the communities on those games were lightyears better then the DCUO one sadly.

    I met a lot of helpfull players that were fun to play with in those previous games.

    Heck I did not even know what greifing was back then...... untill I played DCUO that is.

    When I started playing DCUO.... it was quite a contrast with the two previous MMOs I had played.

    Very quickly I learned that there were greifers in DCUO.... and there was LOTS of those.

    Remember those idiots that were blocking the doors 3 years ago??

    And sadly that was only the tip of the iceberg.

    Although maybe things have changed and the DDO and LoTRO communities are now as bad as the DCUO one. It has been a few years since I played those games.

    But from my experience.... the DCUO community is the worst I have seen yet.
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  15. Derio 15000 Post Club

    LOL dude are you trying to compare Marvel Heroes to DCUO. Its like comparing an ant to a God.

    Marvel Heroes has no character customization and thier world they creating is like a fraction of DCUO. Their launch was terrible. They may have a better community, but thats only because their community is smaller than an elementary school.
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  16. Tikkun Loyal Player

    I think the perk of DDO and LOTRO is that both of those communities seem to have a majority of players who are fans of the product first and games/MMOs second. They have many common ideas. Those communities are fun. :)

    Because DCUO appeals to such a wide array of players...comic fans, DC fans, console gamers, mmoers, casual, hardcore, etc. we have a more eclectic mix. Opinions are bound to differ. Let's face it...gamers and comic book fans are two of the most volatile and opinionated in the entertainment industry. Somehow through, it works and I really enjoy hearing opinions outside my own.
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  17. BigAl Devoted Player

    This right here. I tried it. Its Diablo with Marvel characters. And I like Diablo, but Heroes doesn't seem fit for an MMO label. Should have been console and called Ultimate Alliance 3.
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  18. Multiverse 15000 Post Club

    Makes a lot of sense.

    In DDO and LoTRO there was a lot of D&D players who are used to playing together to complete quests/acventures.

    ... as opposed to lots of scoreboard chasers competing to be top DPS with 10 million damage.

    So I guess a community built on "cooperation" as opposed to "competition" leads to a better community overall.
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  19. Tikkun Loyal Player

    You're definitely right on cooperation over competition, but the lack of competition was what really turned me off about those games ironically. I got bored.

    Same thing with GW2 in a way. GW2 is highly competitive game, but in PVE there is no ranking or scoreboard. Players will just kick the class with the most "hate" on the forums or in-game regardless of player skill. There's no defending yourself. It's so bad the lfg advertises "Heavy Armor/Speed Run Only" on all PvE content - not just one dungeon.

    Sure we get our jerks, but we also have a big population of friendly competition as well. That's what I miss about WoW, but luckily I found it in DCUO.

    (I do also miss the Minstrel class in LOTRO.)
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  20. CCTrinket Well-Known Player

    I think marvel heroes is a bit better than dcuo first they speak to everyone in the forums and actually a lot they take suggestions from other players and make it happen( Something dcuo never does at all ). And Second they have alot of content, characters, and costumes spewing out of their minds. Plus I like playing as the iconic characters
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