This dlc is a joke…

Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by Light Bender92, Apr 5, 2023.

  1. Light Bender92 Well-Known Player

    Normally I would agree with you guys, anytime a meta is changed or a dlc doesn’t necessarily meet expectations there is a huge outcry. I already stated I understand that they are short on resources at the moment, my problem is that we are constantly giving them a pass when they had almost 6 months to make this… We are going to be expected to play this dlc most likely for a similar amount of time and the content is very bare bones. This isn’t just a “complain” thread, this is me voicing serious concern with the direction of the game. If after 5+ months the devs can’t give us quality content then what are we paying membership and supporting the game for? It’s not like within that 5 month span they released meaningful bug fixes and rebalances to the game so what is going on?

    I have yet to see any actual rebuttals to my points as well regarding the content, just posts like these basically brushing it aside as “ha look at this guy making ANOTHER thread complaining lol, we get this every dlc move along guys.” It’s so disingenuous. What rebuttal is there to not even using actual milestone characters as the bosses in DAKOTA city? What’s the rebuttal to the alert’s run time being artificially inflated simply by the devs spreading out adds and lacking any engaging mechanics? What’s the rebuttal for this “raid” we’ve gotten that is literally us standing in a box guys! A box with some space in the background, with bosses that basically have no mechanics what so ever, and ad “waves” consisting of literally 2-3 easily killable adds. Like this looks like something that would be in a beta build for an actual map.

    If you guys are okay with the quality of the episode, that’s 100% fine and I respect that opinion. But if this conversation is happening with the release of each dlc then maybe it isn’t just people “complaining” and these concerns need to be taken seriously.
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  2. Light Bender92 Well-Known Player

    This is a fair point and I’ll give it to you that based on past releases my expectations should not be high. But therein lies my point: my expectations WERENT high. I understand them being short staffed is a hindrance, but it isn’t an excuse for laziness.

    As far as majority of the money coming from time capsules, that still doesn’t give an excuse to give us poor content in between TC releases. If the devs stopped developing content and said they were only going to release TCs would you continue playing? I would think you wouldn’t because most people are here to play the actual game, not gamble on loot boxes.

    So just to reiterate, no one is expecting “top quality” DLCs, what I am expecting is effort. If this is the level of content that the devs think is appropriate then again fair enough, but I would at least like some transparency. And if no one ever criticizes the content releases then the devs will most likely think “hey everyone must love it” and not push themselves to improve it.

    I hate using anecdotal evidence but there is a problem when every group I’ve run with on test is saying “is this it?” When every one on live I know who’s played test has had the same sentiments. When literally every YouTube comment section on content regarding this dlc so far has been nothing but critical. There is a disconnect between the conversations we have on these forums and how people feel about these content releases, but that’s a debate for another thread.
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  3. zNot Loyal Player

    Same argument you say applies to Openworld then? Actually to every piece of content then? Lets put the openworld as a box,all instance based content how would that be?!

    i dont need to explain myself but i will incase mepps reads this, Its moreso the „rushed“ aspect that i dislike about arena style raid maps they tend do be shorter,faster which makes them to me less engaging and also its not a arena style with actual depth and visually appealing its just bland litteraly a box… and sorry for the devs to say but feels low effort especially for the only raid we have in 6 months and i dont like to complain about it because i know the devs are trying their best with the shortage its just obvious that the raid was the piece of content that had to take most of the suffering from the dev shortage.
  4. Tiffany6223 Devoted Player

    I always thought the raid was the most important part, the crowning highlight of the episode!
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  5. Limey Committed Player

    The entire game is a joke if you set your expectations too high.

    Go play FFXIV or WoW if you want bigger expansions and updates. Complaining about this game without having the willpower to quit it is just plain masochism. Enjoy your suffering.
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  6. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    DC's open worlds are a sandbox...

    But yeah that's a good idea they should trim down alerts as well.
  7. zNot Loyal Player

    They tend to make the alert too long and the raid too short,i would say since alerts are a daily reset and raids weekly just for that fact alone id expect raids to be longer then alert especially since raids are also the piece of content where the highest difficulty of the episode is gathered at.
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  8. Raven Roth Committed Player

    the Sins of Black Adam raid just literally Desecrated Cathedral and an extended version of the duo, and now this one is a tiny box in space with reskinned bosses...if you're going to make arena style raids at least make them cool like Happiness Home, Throne of the Dead, Prime BG, and The Source Wall ete. The alert should have been the raid.

    we're seeing the Fearsome 5 as world bosses AGAIN? why not any milestone characters?

    and no Icon in game model :(
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  9. zNot Loyal Player

    Exactly, if they did it similar to how paradox had it but just in this Box version it wouldve been way better and enjoyable also would offer more longterm challenge. Enter which box we want and theres each boss in each box or if we dont go in any of them and go straight into the middle have all bosses come out in the same fight like paradox/ultimate soldier raids had. If i was to suggest this,Would this even be possible for them to do untill the release?

    But this currently is super bland and boring. How is this supposed to keep us engaged for 6 months.
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  10. Rejchadar Inquisitor

    All that you wrote does not change the fact that your first post is no different from all the same posts at the start of any DLC ... look here:
    At the release of any DLC, someone will definitely say:
    That some part of the content is a disguised part of another content...
    That boses are boses in disguise from other content...
    Something too long or too short...
    That the mechanics of the raid/alert/duo/solo are uninteresting, too easy, too hard...
    That nothing has been fixed, nothing has been balanced...
    ...and so on....

    ...even your answer to me repeats the same answers in the topics about previous DLC...
  11. Derio 15000 Post Club

    You guys are setting your expectations way too high. Honestly I am surprised this DLC came out with this much content considering their staff size.

    This DLC has alot of content. Repeatable yes but most players are going to complain and do it anyway.
  12. STsource Well-Known Player

    I'll judge it when it hits live but signs don't look promising,
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  13. LowFlyingMoon Loyal Player

    I like those too. Especially once the episode's been out for a while, everyone is over-geared and raids like Fantastic Voyage, or Fractured God Sphere become races.
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  14. Light Bender92 Well-Known Player

    We now also have a release date of next Thursday as well… By next Thursday they have to release all of the elite versions for each instance, fix the new artifact because it isn’t working as of now, flesh out the alert, improve (create) mechanics in the raid, and make changes to the current open world bosses… It’s already the weekend so the devs are going home. This means AT MOST we’re going to have 2 days to test everything (IF there’s a hot fix before they leave for the weekend), then they’ll have to respond to our feedback and fix all the issues by Tuesday or Wednesday, and finally the episode drops on Thursday.

    At this point if you cannot see why people are concerned then idk what else to say. No one that plays DC in its current form has super high expectations for the game. We all know generally what to expect, and that isn’t some ground breaking experience that’ll absolutely knock our socks off. But we can AT LEAST expect is some consistency in the “mediocrity.“ So yes, when we see things actively getting even WORSE than what our (low) expectations are, it is going to be called out. This dlc by far has to be the most bare bones attempt at releasing content that have brought to us since they were doing monthly content releases, and this (again) is an episode that we are supposed to play for months on end.

    At this point the alarm bells should be ringing for everybody. This isn’t like past dlcs where there’s been a few gripes with the content but overall it was still decent, this is very much an outlier in the most negative way and they cannot keep getting away with it simply because they’re “short staffed.” I, and many others, pay money for this game. The least we can expect is decent content, and if that can’t be provided then again the devs should be transparent about it.
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  15. WilderMidnight Steadfast Player

    I'm not angry or anything but I am inclined to agree so far this all seems a little weak. I've never been against reusing existing sources in game. For me it's about how their used. Working with what you've got best. This dlc is supposed to be a Milestone dlc and we're basically going to be fighting Titans villains and Fourth World characters. Not a big fan of how this is getting mixed together. I don't know how to design game content but if the only new characters we're going to see are Rocket and Ebon it would have been smarter to somehow have them get shunted into our universe with the goal of helping them get back and maybe have it be a plot point that theres a Static where Rocket comes from to bring ours in (I'm not sure of the status of the Milestone Universe at the moment if they're part of main continuity or still exist on their own...). We also have metropolis and Gotham as empty open world cities...would have been nice to section off an area for the open world content instead of having to create a new city. Would be nice to have something end game going on in those areas. I would have preferred a follow up Titans dlc.

    Happy we're getting new content. It's coinciding with the start of my busy season so I won't be playing as much as I have the past few months through summer...but I'm already waiting to learn what the next dlc will be.
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  16. Raven Roth Committed Player

    They really gotta get more creative, how did we go from great EPs like Atlantis, JLD, Metal, Wonderverse, and Legion to this?
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  17. healz4cheap New Player

    I thought it was a aprils fools joke this is really really terrible
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  18. Mr.W Committed Player

    Fury 2 is absolutely amazing, especially the game of keep away with cerberus lol.

    Fury 3 was a big dlc fresh ideas & exploration. The duo & alert reused some assets yes but the raid(S) were big, fresh, & offered exploration of a new area.

    Hand of Fate actually made the entirety of Gotham & metropolis a part of the raids. The only thing that needed to be corrected is players in that raid should've just been teleport in the next boss room.if a player started before everyone was in.

    My main grip with patchwork was the bounties being timed. Imo I would've loved if they made that open world area the raid similar to new gen now & those bounties were our sub bosses.

    I have to agree with the original poster about the raid with this one. If it's getting harder to meet deadlines, they should use the open world as their raids with a few raid exclusive areas like hand of fate.
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  19. xXlNesTlXx Well-Known Player

    A Duo, a Alert, a Raid, and few open world bosses…where is those “a lot of content”? Emotes maybe?

    the problem isn't set expectations too high, the real problem is many of you are accepting any reskined crap as “new content”

    And please, stop using the poor excuse of the staff size…
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  20. zNot Loyal Player

    Last episode wasnt good either and people were still Ok about it despite it being a 6 month episode but now? the same thing if not even worse this is not acceptable especially since mepps said that there still about 50 people in the building working so if staffing isnt the issue why do we get this kind of a dlc? We used to get way more and better quality content in just 3 months despite the game doing better now compared to then revenue wise why are episodes downgraded?

    I seriously question if working remote is the problem here.