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    For the DC fans who are also fans of late-night host Stephen Colbert, this is the league for you.

    If you don't have any idea for a Colbert-based hero, here are some suggestions I've listed off the top of my head.

    The Notifier - Controller/Healer. From Stephen's On Notice board during his time on The Colbert Report.

    Threat Down - Tank/Damage. From the Threat Down segment from The Colbert Report.

    S.K.M. (Soulless Killing Machine) - Tank/Damage. Robot Bear-like. Based of Stephen's 'dislike' of bears.

    The AmeriCone Dream - Controller/Tank. Based on the Ben & Jerry ice cream favor inspired by Stephen.

    2Soon - Tank/Speedster. From "Too Soon?" commented by Stephen after making a joke about Abraham Lincoln.

    God Machine - Controller/Tank/Healer. Based on the red-buttoned device from the "This Week in God" segment during Stephen's time on the Daily Show.

    Death Cheater - Based on the "Cheated Death with Dr. Stephen T. Colbert, D.F.A." segment of the Colbert Report.

    The Word - Controller/Healer. Based to "The Word" segment.

    The Pole - Based on Stephen's book "I am a Pole (And So Can You)".

    I. M. America - Based on Stephen's book "I am America (And So Can You)".

    Alpha Dog - Tank/Damage. Based on "Alpha Dog of the Week" segment of The Colbert Report.

    The Atoner - Healer/Controller. Based on the Atone Phone from The Colbert Report.

    Avatar/Defender of Truthiness - Controller/Tank.

    Ace - Controller/Tank/Damage. From SNL's "The Ambiguos Gay Duo", which Stephen did the voice of Ace.

    Prince Catbird - Controller/Healer/Tank.

    Tek Jansen - Controller. Sci-fi hero created by Stephen.

    Lady Nocture - ????
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    What? No takers?

    What would Stephen say?:eek: