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  1. Dr Nastiobous Well-Known Player

    Here's the bottom line about TFO, we are very active, we help you work towards end game content and get you as many feats as possible to make your toon as a strong as possible. We are all one in TFO, let us know what your thinking, if you have a change that can help by all means let us know. If you think think you'd fit in well here, read our front page and if you think we're a match fill out a short app and we'll get you in asap and please no residue in the league bank please lol, hope to cya all in game soon.
  2. DarkD3vil97 New Player

    First-timers, non-members: please read.

    Let me tell ya, this league is super fun and helpful ( and yes I was very sceptical of the “too good to be true” thread too)
    Turns out they’re as great as they sound (Who would have thought that :p )
    If you’re looking for a league that’s unbelievably hilarious, social and helpful then I expect to see your name pop up in league chat the day after you read this cause you’re missing out if you don’t and I feel sad for you.

    My own experience with the league:
    Been in this league almost 2 months, joined 46cr and way less than that in sp and now i’m 223cr and 228 sp and growing.
    Not saying I got to where I am solely by league help but it was a huge contributor because to be honest I joined utterly clueless about game aspects as any new player is and they helped me wrap my head around many things and helped me more times than I could count (and they still do everyday).
    I try to help whenever I get the chance too, not because I feel like I need to repay the favor but because I want to help all the great people who helped make me what I am now in the game.

    Conclusion: I feel bad for you if you look somewhere else and you should feel bad too ;)

    Ps: i’m Not leader, officer or any respectable title in the league trying to promote it lol just a humble member who thought of giving his own opinion or evaluation or whatever you wanna call it
  3. DarkD3vil97 New Player

    Bump for a fantastic league
  4. MaelMagnusDL New Player

    In December 2017 our members grew 1,843 CR+SP, we gained 2 toons and lost 1 mains with 104 active toons, 57 able to get into E3.
    In January our members grew 1,758 CR+SP, we gained 4 toons but lost 3 mains with 112 active toons, 80 able to get into E3.

    Things have slowed down due to lack of new content so we have been 5-8 on at peak hours with most people only hitting the game every few days until the new content comes in March. We are still actively recruiting and welcome anyone to check us out at and apply for membership. A lot of items we have out in public but the events / contests we are always running are hidden until your accepted in the league.
  5. Dr Nastiobous Well-Known Player

    Yes we're still looking for new members, we don't care what your cr is nor your sp as long as your a good person who wants to make his or her toon better we'll gladly help you and get you to end game at your own pace.
  6. Dr Nastiobous Well-Known Player

    We are alive! If you are looking for a fun casual league that still gets stuff done including feat hunting, then TFO is for you, read up on everything you need to know about us in the first post and if you like it apply at the link given and don't forget Starro is coming soon.

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