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  1. Dr Nastiobous Well-Known Player

    Here's the bottom line about TFO, we are very active, we help you work towards end game content and get you as many feats as possible to make your toon as a strong as possible. We are all one in TFO, let us know what your thinking, if you have a change that can help by all means let us know. If you think think you'd fit in well here, read our front page and if you think we're a match fill out a short app and we'll get you in asap and please no residue in the league bank please lol, hope to cya all in game soon.
  2. DarkD3vil97 New Player

    First-timers, non-members: please read.

    Let me tell ya, this league is super fun and helpful ( and yes I was very sceptical of the “too good to be true” thread too)
    Turns out they’re as great as they sound (Who would have thought that :p )
    If you’re looking for a league that’s unbelievably hilarious, social and helpful then I expect to see your name pop up in league chat the day after you read this cause you’re missing out if you don’t and I feel sad for you.

    My own experience with the league:
    Been in this league almost 2 months, joined 46cr and way less than that in sp and now i’m 223cr and 228 sp and growing.
    Not saying I got to where I am solely by league help but it was a huge contributor because to be honest I joined utterly clueless about game aspects as any new player is and they helped me wrap my head around many things and helped me more times than I could count (and they still do everyday).
    I try to help whenever I get the chance too, not because I feel like I need to repay the favor but because I want to help all the great people who helped make me what I am now in the game.

    Conclusion: I feel bad for you if you look somewhere else and you should feel bad too ;)

    Ps: i’m Not leader, officer or any respectable title in the league trying to promote it lol just a humble member who thought of giving his own opinion or evaluation or whatever you wanna call it
  3. DarkD3vil97 New Player

    Bump for a fantastic league
  4. MaelMagnusDL New Player

    In December 2017 our members grew 1,843 CR+SP, we gained 2 toons and lost 1 mains with 104 active toons, 57 able to get into E3.
    In January our members grew 1,758 CR+SP, we gained 4 toons but lost 3 mains with 112 active toons, 80 able to get into E3.

    Things have slowed down due to lack of new content so we have been 5-8 on at peak hours with most people only hitting the game every few days until the new content comes in March. We are still actively recruiting and welcome anyone to check us out at and apply for membership. A lot of items we have out in public but the events / contests we are always running are hidden until your accepted in the league.
  5. Dr Nastiobous Well-Known Player

    Yes we're still looking for new members, we don't care what your cr is nor your sp as long as your a good person who wants to make his or her toon better we'll gladly help you and get you to end game at your own pace.
  6. Dr Nastiobous Well-Known Player

    We are alive! If you are looking for a fun casual league that still gets stuff done including feat hunting, then TFO is for you, read up on everything you need to know about us in the first post and if you like it apply at the link given and don't forget Starro is coming soon.
  7. TheHarryDresden New Player

    What is the average response time for apps and also, I may have double apped, sorry! My wifi cut out for a few moments and i wasn’t sure if the first one sent. Amitriel is in-game name
  8. Crystal Cadaver New Player

    Deleted post. Main question apparently doesn't apply anymore. :/
  9. MaelMagnusDL New Player

    Typically Response time is about four hours no more than 24. Once an officer sees an app we alert the other officers so a lot of times within an hour or two as someone is usually checking it. The hold up is usually something with Guild Launch not flipping the flag when we are on and we end up missing it until morning.

    Last two month have been fairly slow for us due to the burnout of no truely new content. Things have picked up since the week before Deluge was dropped and were back up to about 8-10 on at night (depending on the night).

    February we had 87 active toons with 49 able to get into E3 and we grew 848 sp/cr.

    March was a little better because of the last week with Deluge. We had 93 active with 56 able to get into Deluge and a growth of 1,098 sp+cr. It may have been a little higher with growth but due to me switching jobs mid-month I wasn't keeping up on putting new peoples starting stats into our spreadsheet.

    With the Superman stuff coming out next month I think we will keep our activity raising again for the next few months.
  10. Dr Nastiobous Well-Known Player

    TFO is recruiting, it doesn't matter you cr or sp, just as long as your a good person who's willing to better yourself and help others.
  11. Butterface Betty New Player

    I love gold people Dr.
  12. Dr Nastiobous Well-Known Player

    Thank you for seeing my typo
  13. MaelMagnusDL New Player

    In April 2018 we grew 3 alts and 1 main with 1,419 PvE, PvP, and SP growth. We had 95 actives with 57 able to get into Deluge end game version. We haven't had the strong numbers on at peak times again, due to the lack of truly new content. With the new Superman content being phased in on the 16th everyone is planning to return full time and we should be slowly climbing back up to speed.
  14. MaelMagnusDL New Player

    We are picking up our activity in recruiting. The lack of new / non-new content the last 7 months knocked us down to only a handful of people on at a time, since most people just hopped on long enough to do stabilizer and maybe the current seasonal. Trying to pull people into a league that doesn't have enough people on for a raid during peak hours doesn't help anyone. This activity lull is going away and we've had raid amount of people on at night.

    Believing in full transparency in May we had a growth of 817 in PvE, PvP, and SP. Gained 4 toons but lost 2 mains. We had 79 active toons which 50 was able to get into Latest content. In June we only grew 496 in PvE, PvP, and SP We lost 4 toons with 3 being mains. We had 66 active members with 48 able to get into the newest content.

    With the announcement on Friday of the new content and Augment system we have a lot of people coming back and buying their memberships to get caught up before the 18th. We think that the new content from what we have seen looks great and our reservations for the new augmentation system went away as it actually looks pretty good despite our initial collective what in the heck are they doing conversations. Those that have played on test have been rallying our leaguemates to get us back everyone back.

    We've also ramped up some of our rewards we give our members for milestones as well as re-evaluating some of the things we can do to improve the quality of life of our members without anyone feeling like they have been left behind. We welcome anyone to check us out, if there's something you see you don't like let an officer know, there's usually one on at most times. We also want people who come in to request help which seems to be the hardest thing people can do. We split our time helping everyone so if multiple people need something we go with the person who hasn't really gotten their needs met first and then rotate to others, unless there is a time constraint issue and everyone is okay. One of the chief complaints we have always gotten is people aren't ran through things, if you don't post in league chat we don't know. If your not answered (which happens if a group of us are in LFG farming the bosses of the DLC or are concentrating on the instance we are in) try again until you get a response. Flooding chat for help isn't a bad thing to us.
  15. Stogho Level 30

    I've been in a few leagues in the past and dropped them because of too much drama, which I stay out of. I am usually online early in the day before work and some afternoons (West Coast US). If you want to send me an invite I have two characters that I play consistently.

    Gentry Fightera - 235 CR - Ice
    Adrastean - 235 CR - Electric
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  16. Dr Nastiobous Well-Known Player

    We are still going strong and very active. If you need help and need cool people to run with TFO is your league, with new episode dropping next week make sure your ready by joing us in our pursuit to save the world, cya all in game.
  17. MaelMagnusDL New Player

    Tomorrow (well today since it's after midnight) marks our 2 year anniversary. We have been continuing to increase our actives on at peak time after the launch of the new content, which we are all enjoying for a change and are excited to know that while it's a little farther than the 3 month max time a DLC should be released that there is a new DLC coming and looks to be as promising as this.

    We are focused on the Hero side and I may be removing the Villain part from the thread since we just can't get enough interest in that side in the coming month(s). The next week should be fun as we are planning a lot of events leading up to our league meeting next Saturday for a week of anniversary celebration. We are all proud of what we have built and while occasionally we may make a misstep the wins have far outweighed any loss.

    July 2018 Stats

    Due to everyone getting an average of 8 sp, and up to 80sp and 170cr from the boost, I have took where people where below that for previous month subtracted the difference. I also removed 8sp from all toons who gained at least 8 SP. I've probably cut too much off, but I'd rather make it look like we did worse than better, as to us it's just more honest.

    We had 124 active toons with 57 able to get into TT (230+cr)
    We had a net gain of +4 toons overall with +3 mains
    Pre-Reduction: We grew 2,576 points (Difference in end of last month vs this month total of PvE CR+PvP CR+SP or for new people shortly after they joined us and was added to our sheet vs end of month.)
    Post-Reduction: We grew 1,040 points
  18. Dr Nastiobous Well-Known Player

    There are to many people out there that have to pug nowadays, come to a very active mature social league that will help you run content and get to end game content plus work on getting you the sp you need. Apply at the link in my sig if interested and read the front page to learn more about us.

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