The Forsaken Order (Hero) PS4/PC League

Discussion in 'League Recruitment Center' started by MaelMagnusDL, Jan 27, 2019.

  1. Lycan Nightshade Committed Player

    Il keep this league in mind. sounds like it may be worth a trial run at least.
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  2. Wallachia Loyal Player

    I would like to join. I went to the Forsaken Order shortly before I cancelled my sub, but I'm back as premium now. It would be a pleasure to re-join such friendly league.
  3. Electrizzaro Loyal Player

    It is a good league. Lot of awesome people in it...including me lol. Your name looks familiar have we run together before?
  4. Wallachia Loyal Player

    Depends. My Villain name is my forum name, and my hero name in game is Ree Venge. I had a toon there, but I deleted and started over because I was legendary and changed to premium.
  5. Electrizzaro Loyal Player

    Must just recognize the name from the forums. I do not play villains...well I have started a few but got tired of no ques popping so I just stayed on my main.
  6. Lantern Javi New Player

    It’s fun and helpful league!
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  7. Wallachia Loyal Player

    Do we have a league discrd?
    I barely use discord BUUUT I could warm up to socializing.
  8. Silent Rage Well-Known Player

    Hey, I just got back in the game. Mind if i join?
  9. MaelMagnusDL2 New Player

    Hey Silent Rage, sorry I don't check the forums often. I added your toon name here to my friends list. If it's something else let us know.

    With the API actually giving good data again and getting a new computer finally after a year without a personal one. I was able to re-work our monthly stats in a semi-pretty Monthly report :) We had a great month picking up 10 new Mains and 23 alts. We had 136 active toons with 64 of those being a main (unique player).

    You can view how we did as a league here.

    If your interested in joining us the fastest was is through discord or our website although we have been only checking it every few days.
  10. Palantiros New Player

    I might be willing to join... after the whole maintenance is done and over with... I might also join on the discord although I'm horribly, terribly shy... and not too sociable unless I'm really close with folks. But I think this league might be a good fit for my main character and *currently* only character... (Premium) Spruce Ainsley.
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  11. Little MD Well-Known Player

    Oh wowza. Not sure if y'all remember me, PhD, but I just re-downloaded and getting back since 2016.
    name is PhD, CR198 SP265.
  12. MaelMagnusDL2 New Player

    Hello DCUO Players,

    We are starting to heavily recruit for the first time in quite some time. Normally we just throw a bump up here when things hit a lull but have went off of word of mouth which has worked marvelously for 4 years. Unfortunately, with the state of the game with the last two (choose your own words as there are two many to describe the boring unenjoyable mess) DLC's, we have a lot of actives that are taking a break to play something that is fun.

    We have made some significant changes during our 4 year anniversary in August and another massive change in the last month on how we operate. You can check out our new website to get all of the details on us. Under the Important Links you can see our monthly activity and growth for each month since May 2020 to get a feel of how active we are. You can also see the offices page to get a list of who can invite you in the league if you want to come over.

    Last few weeks between the the two awful DLC's and holiday our numbers were low. December 2020 was the worst month we have had in the 4.25 years we've been around. What we are looking for is people who want to go after feats to give us a chance to run the fun older content. We have about 48 consistent players each month and the majority of us love the older content and the game. But since so many of us have a lot of the feats we don't have reason to run it. We are hoping that if we get new blood that needs feats we can get in and help knock them out for people and help revitalize our existing players by running that enjoyable stuff.

    We have a Discord server listed up in comment #29 that we use and you can use it also to help get in the league. Our most active times are 9:00pm EST to about 1:00am Est, though we usually have a few on throughout the day (at least until the yay lets do the same 4 things over and over set it).

    What we ask of new players is that you ASK TO RUN THINGS. We are not mind readers. Usually we will ask new players a couple of times if they need anything and if they don't respond or ask then there is not much you can get from our league. We do welcome lone wolves but prefer people that want to run stuff.

    If you see a large amount of removed toons in December we always do a purge of all Main toons that hadn't logged in within the last 2 years and alts within 1 year. Once your a member with us, your always a member and welcome back if you start playing again but as a mostly active league we want to ensure that we don't have a parking lot. Starting this month, we will be doing the purges on the 1st day of each month.

    Mael Magnus
  13. MaelMagnusDL Level 30

    Hello everyone looking for a good league,

    The Forsaken Order is actively looking for new people. We mostly recruit via word of mouth but will be doing some large recruiting campaigns after the last two DLC's. Most nights after 9:30 eastern we have 10-16 people on since a week before new DLC dropped. You can visit to find out more about us and how to get an invite.

    Any hero on PC/PS is welcome but we ask that people be at least 18 or at act like it. We try to keep a family friendly environment at all times as some of our kids play with us from time to time. We have no requirements but ask that if you want to run something you request. None of us can read minds and know if someone wants to run something unless they ask. We are also looking for Tanks / Healers even if you just backup use them. It seems like a lot of people lately only want to DPS and once in a while find it hard to get all roles in league.

    We don't do a lot of newer elite, but run the older elite content. We do have a faction of people now that are interested in running newer elite and would like to find some people to help them out.

    Historically I took snapshots of the league at the end of each month but my data splitter has been on the frits since the end of last year and I haven't been able to get a good snapshot. I may try to repair it latter in May.

    If you do try us out and decide we are not a fit, we ask that you let an office know why we were not a fit. Most of us have been playing for years together and don't always see things newer members do. As long as ideas / suggestions don't change our core philosophy of a laid back semi-casual league with no drama we are always willing to listen to new ideas.

    Mael Magnus
  14. Doctor Dirty Duck New Player

    Hey mate are you still recruiting?
    I'm 337cr, 542sp, max arts
  15. ThePsychoticCow New Player

    Yes, are doors are always open. What is your name in game name? or you can send me a message in game. Mael Magnus
  16. DrNastobious New Player

    We are looking for all roles, let us know if you want to check us out.
  17. ThePsychoticCow New Player

    Hello, we are still alive and kicking 5.5 years later. We have typically 10+ on most nights from 9pm-12pm eastern with several on around those times. We have just began a recruiting campaign to bring in more people to allow a variety of content to be ran as a league at the same time. All we ask is to be respectful of those around and to ask before you pug anything. We have several people that play the brokers or just hang and talk and will gladly team up with you to run content / feat run. If we are in something we will let you know that we can run after whatever is in queue. The majority of us are 40+ but we have some of our kids / nephews / nieces that play with us so we try to maintain a family friendly environment.

    Visit for more detail and how to request to join us.