The Best Lair - Most Expensive (VIDEO 2018 update)

Discussion in 'Gotham City (Gameplay Discussion)' started by BlackSuperGirl, Sep 5, 2018.

  1. BlackSuperGirl Committed Player

    The Best Lair - Most Expensive (2018 update) - DC Universe Online SuperStarfire Teen Titans

    USPC Villain: DPS 247PvEcr + 343SP + 101PvPcr + Pro Old School PvP player
    Lair: 500 items
    5 years working on it
    Cash Spent: +700.000.000 ingame cash
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  2. NotObsidianChill Well-Known Player

    700 mill is cheap :D

    Good job on the lair it looks nice
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  3. Balistical Ice Dedicated Player

    I find this funny lol
  4. Pinky Well-Known Player

    Hi, great job on your lair!
    May I know how did you get the superman emblem on the column in your base?
    At your video timestamp: 0:40
    What i mean:
  5. Jade Rebel Dedicated Player

    Tied hanging decorative drape, base item, that lets you put an emblem on it
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  6. Snow OwI Loyal Player

    Good lair,awful music :)
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  7. Here2Help Devoted Player

    One of the things I miss the most about this game is my base. I just got into base building and spent loads of money and time decorating what I thought was a pretty cool base before I quit. Oh well.
  8. BlackSuperGirl Committed Player

    Amazing Lair loved but mine still more expensive that yours, cuz i have got a lot different items with different prices flows along The Broker years sell/buy price cost ... sry is the true :D
  9. FoolsFire Loyal Player

    Geese, it's like , well...

  10. CaptainColdJr007AKAFreeJohnson Committed Player

    A lot of different items is irrelevant to the base cost. A base full of a few expensive items is worth more than a base full of 500 different cheap base items. And if you're not taking into account inflation and price changes over the years, back then a CC Hood used to be like 200mil. To say a CC Hood is a third of your base cost says a lot. The only items I saw that would rack up price total in your base were the clouds, golden plates, 2 aquarium, the grinning cat dolls, the small pub and assuming you bought the posters. I spent ~400mil in recent economy on my solo league hall and even I'm shaky on dismissing the amount of pub base items in Obsidian's base because those are 750k-3mil each depending. Outside of my room with 8 Teekl Totem's, my next expensive was the bar I made in one room and buying those for an entire base would be cancer to me because the people selling those outside of the seasonal dates get greedy af.
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  11. Crimson Veil Dedicated Player

    Thanks for (possibly/probably) buying some of my stuff from the broker over the years! :D
  12. LadsDcuo Well-Known Player

    Sorry to break it to you but your base isn't even close to be worth to 700 mill I guess you just got a random number At Max the base is probably worth 50-60 mill at best
  13. BlackSuperGirl Committed Player

    Ow cmon :/ every body loves K-Pop :D, btw was i that remix this music, u can find more remix made by me on my youtube channel have fun and dont forget to subscrive me, promise gives a gift for who join on my channel :D
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  14. BlackSuperGirl Committed Player

    When u reach high cr/sp ingame and have alot ingame cash for sells and buys stuffs will understand how prices ingame works, and ll understand that isnt that cheapy as u think now, i sad above 700.000.000 cuz was 5years doing it, was ingame cash that spend on lair 5y ago ....
  15. LadsDcuo Well-Known Player

    Like you sat and counted money that you spent
  16. dresserball Dedicated Player

    Seems people like it, but its not my cup of tea.

    I do a thing called Best in Base where me and the other judges pick a best base in my league (they win a prize). I judge it on cohesion, theme, wow factor, and overall.

    Where you have many things in your base I feel like you need to edit it. There are just too many ideas going at the same time. That I have to guess at what you are going for. Because there is so much going on a person doesn't know what to look at.

    Keep designing what you like and I wouldn't worry about the price tags.
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  17. BlackSuperGirl Committed Player

    Lair Theme: Asia Paradise
    Entrance - Hall of Buddhism - Balance between Relegion and Rage
    Second Hall - Japanese Sand, Stone Golden garden - Balance between Greed and Wealth
    Above Hall - Asian Dojo - Balance between Strength and beauty
    Down Hall - Bar, Bed and Maple tree - Balance between color spectrum, Hope and Life
    Do you Figure out now??????????
    nvm, low cr/sp players ever complain about all game stuffs and dont play the game
  18. Kid Multiverse Loyal Player

    Really tacky looking base imo. Not a fan.
  19. dresserball Dedicated Player

    I am not hating. I told you my opinion and you are entitled to yours.

    Now onto your post. If you need to explain what it is then you have missed your opportunity.

    As for your thoughts on low CR/SP I am high enough on both so perhaps that was not directed at me.
  20. >>>KIra<<< Committed Player


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