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  1. xDecap New Player

    After 2 years of lackadaisical performance on your part, the people that SOE employs, have honestly stepped up and given us, the players, a responsible mentality that we deserve. If only you have started this strict attitude of gameplay earlier, the respect of DCUO as an MMO would be much higher. The members of this past number 1 rated game would be much higher, and actually giving our monthly fees a reasonable feel for something to pay for.

    However, you as a company are filled with unearned revenue. You send out content without being tested to a reasonable mark, then blame the users for doing your job. This is not just recently but thoughout the DCUO life.

    however, lately, you seem to care about difficulty for once... me personally, will give you one more dlc, but if its not worth it... you can say goodbye to this slice of the pie
  2. LL New Player

    Uh we go again...:)
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  3. Sectumsempra Dedicated Player

    I find it quite hilarious that so many people who played this game fall for the "heavier damage and higher health enemies = difficulty" model.

    In many other if not all other genre's its a frowned upon practice, praising for it, is... something. I'll give you that.

    But the better part of me feels this may be sarcasm, funny enough its not the first time I've read it.
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  4. TheKent Well-Known Player

    You could just leave already and alleviate the time of us having to read another qq post. Just my 2cents....
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  5. details26 Committed Player

    You mite want to stop posting, its kind of an exploit...
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  6. Quantum Edge Steadfast Player

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  7. xDecap New Player

    lol is ok, i was expecting those responses [IMG]
  8. LL New Player

    Tell superman to be nice to krypto...:)
  9. THE BATWING Dedicated Player

    Is this about the whole exploit thing!? Some one taking punch
  10. SayWhat? New Player

    I don't get it... you wanna brag about doing the feat but you can't because the devs said you used a "exploit",
    yet in EVERY post you league have posted doing something you guys claim "one pieced #1" "we are the best" etc...
    So why not wait for the hotfix and then be first one to get the feat without said "exploit"? and then you and your league
    can come here and post a video and shut everyones mouth.

    it that so hard? right now its looking like you are afraid of never getting the feat(again) after the hotfix.

    EDIT: Did any of you got banned for getting the feat by using the "exploit"?
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  11. Mercenary Renegade New Player

    OR, you could not click on said thread, and well uk avoid having to waste time.
    Just a penny for your thoughts.
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  12. xDecap New Player

    not sarcasm, that came from the heart babyboy... lol
  13. TheKent Well-Known Player

    I rather have 2 cents :p
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  14. Mercenary Renegade New Player

    My penny better than your 2 pennies! :cool:
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  15. Frepster Active Player

    I have a nickel if you guys want. :D
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  16. Mercenary Renegade New Player

    I'm sorry, but we don't like yo kind 'round here. o_O
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  17. xDecap New Player

    lol its a fun game, i do not deny this fact... but not fun enough to not get, what paying customers deserve.
  18. LL New Player

    Which is what? Ur league putting up a video one of the devs said u glitched on one of the hardest feats? Also ur other league mates said u did not want respect only to brag. Also u had people spamming the same thread after being closed down most of the evening.
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  19. Mercenary Renegade New Player

    I don't think you realize that most of the people who posted threads were people that weren't in One Pieced. Just thought I'd let uk.
  20. Itazuki New Player

    This is why I keep thinking they did purposefully exploit. They are making it sound like this is the only chance/way they'll ever have of getting that feat...Which if that is the case... Then sorry, but you don't deserve it then.

    Though like I say to everyone who puts these types of posts, if you do not enjoy playing the game anymore, for whatever reason, then leaving the game is the best bet. Games are for fun and you shouldn't play them if they stress you!
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