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    Homecoming 2023

    The fight to save Starfire’s Homecoming just needs the life of the party: you! Save Titans Tower from Blackfire’s party-crashing antics and kick back with some fun and games! The Homecoming event arrives with new Base Items, Feats, Styles and Emote.

    Collect Prize Tickets and visit the Homecoming Vendor in the House of Legends for the latest rewards. Prize Tickets allow you to purchase Homecoming seasonal rewards or other advanced items from seasonal in-game vendors and is available to use only during the event.

    New Feats!
    • Glitter and Gold
    • Extraterrestrial Titan
    • Gumball Gaming
    Journey to Titans Island and take part in new Open World carnival games to earn Prize Tickets. Homecoming: Party at Titans Tower Starfire had invited you to the Homecoming Party that the rest of the Titans are throwing for her, but now Cyborg is calling asking for help dealing with reported security issues that’ve come up at the party in Titan’s Tower.

    • Item Tooltips will now show +0 when comparing stats if 2 items have the same stats
    • Fixed a bug where Players could open a Menu using a Custom Keybind, but they couldn't close it using that same keybind
    • Controllers should not lose focus after Buying a Feat
    • Fixed a bug causing players to get too many loot choices from certain Episode 40 and 42 bosses
    • Early game Safe treasure boxes no longer use group loot system
    • Removed incorrect note that the feat Beast Basher requires Wonder Woman as a mentor
    House of Legends
    • Added Luxurious Items to the House of Legends Vendor
    Static Ally
    • Static Surge Now works with consumables
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.