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    Episode 46: Justice League Dark – Cursed
    Open World: Cursed Gotham City
    • Improved tell for Moon-Touched Gorgon's arrow barrage
    1-Player: JLDC – Town Square Theater
    • Fixed an issue where augments were not reducing the correct amount of damage
    • Fixed an issue where Wonder Girl went into an A-pose while fighting Cursed Zatanna
    • Cursed Zatanna will now ground players before her Magical Orbital attack
    • Added additional tell FX to Cursed Zatanna's Magical Orbital attack
    • Added hit FX to Cursed Zatanna's Cursed Grounding Spell attack
    8-Player: JLDC – Hecate’s Magic
    • Feats should now progress and unlock properly
    • Affected feats
      • Dark Side of the Moon
      • Light Side of the Moon
      • Do You Believe in Magic?
      • I Do Believe
      • Hecate's Rampage now includes a message when she gains more power
    Brand of Hecate
    • Blood Moon Brand
      • Damage decreased to 54% Vitalization and 13.5% Might at max rank
    • Harvest Moon Cull
      • Damage decreased to 70% Vitalization and 17.5% Might at max rank
    On Duty
    • Added new banner art for Episode 46 On Duty Missions
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.