Test Server Hotfix - September 18, 2023 - Episode 46

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  1. Ender1Game Developer

    Episode 46: Justice League Dark – Cursed (PC TEST ONLY)

    Open World: Cursed Gotham City
    • Gorgon statues will not show their name or icon when inactive
    • When one of the Gorgon boss's stone statues shatter on death, it no longer shows as "invisible" in the combat log
    1-Player: JLDC – Town Square Theater
    • Solo Instance now gives headlines correctly upon completion
    8-Player: JLDC – Hecate’s Magic
    • Raid Feats should now show up properly in the scorecard during the instance
    Brand of Hecate:
    • Fixed Harvest Moon Cull putting buff icons on targets
    • Players can now move when casting Blood Moon Brand
    Base Items:
    • Added ep46 base items to the Cheetah Vendor
    • Episode 46 collections now grant rewards to the player
    • All the Envy feat no longer appears on Knightsdome Arena Duo scorecard
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.