Test Server Hotfix - May 17, 2017

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    • Power over Time is no longer triggered passively.
    • Power over Time is now triggered by activating any super power (when in Controller role), and lasts for 12 seconds.
    General Skill Points
    • Players may choose Power Mastery to disable power regeneration from weapon attacks and gain increased passive power regeneration, allowing you to more effectively play from the tray.
    • Players may choose Weapon Mastery to decrease passive power regeneration and gain increased weapon damage, allowing you to more effectively play with your weapon.
      • Not Final – This is a prototype of the concept before finalizing implementation. We want to gather player feedback on adding these types of mastery bonuses, as a way to more clearly draw a line between playstyles.
    Iconic Powers
    • Robot Sidekick’s attack rate has been smoothed out to no longer have long pauses where it does not attack.
    • All power interaction consumables have been updated to use the same animation and should now play the visual effects consistently.
    • Stats:
      • Increased Toughness to increase player survivability in PvP.
    • Tank Passives:
      • Should now properly switch passive bonuses more reliably when switching between PvE and PvP situations.
    • Immolation:
      • Is now properly classified as a beneficial ability, allowing it to clip to other abilities.
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