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Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Backseid, Sep 26, 2016.

  1. Backseid Devoted Player

    I realy, really like what I've read about the removal of AM's an WM. Great stuff! But...

    This is an MMO. Daily content really is a must have. For far too long now I have had little to no incentive to log on, unless I know others are or will be on.

    Actually, now that my entire league left... well...

    Anyway, for years, this was not an issue. Slowly, then completely, this game changed to Raid only content.

    This has narrowed down the audience considerably. Even the most gung-ho Raiders started complaining when we had our first "group only" DLC's.

    Why is this not taken more seriously? We desperately need more players, yet it seems the game chooses to focus so hard on damage mechanics and Raids.

    There's a lot of gamers out there guys. Not just the small sub set focused on scoreboard based gameplay.
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  2. TybeeTahiri Devoted Player

    I've seen you say this a lot, but you never seem to specify. What kind of "Daily content" do you want that's not Solos, Duos or Alerts ?

    Do you mean like pre-30 leveling quests ? Or more like the Gotham Wastelands ?
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  3. Wallachia Loyal Player

    I agree. I dislike to be dependant on raids to progress with my toons.

    My hero healer is collecting dust because nobody wanted to form a group with an unmodded 136, without even letting me explain that I need marks to unlock mods, and I can't buy a second armory to all my toons to switch to DPS and do solo content, so it's stuck.

    My Rage villain is stuck on CR 170 because my time online isn't matching my leaguemate's times online and even with LFG I can't find players good enough to complete BBS at tank CR 167.

    My option is to stall the updates and level a villain healer until the update, and it all boils down to the same reason: it's only possible to progress to top gear with raids.
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  4. Pathosgrim Dedicated Player

    Yeah the devs could work on really hard alert, duo and solo content.
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  5. Wiccan026 Loyal Player

    If it's open world stuff perhaps he missed the picture that got taken awhile back, featuring the upcoming episode.
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  6. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    The AF3 dlc will probably have something.
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  7. Backseid Devoted Player

    Solo content.

    No other content is considered "dailies". At least not in the classic MMO terminology.

    Think New Gen and Amazon Fury daily trios.

    That type of content should be completely even with Raids. Then fill in the rest with Alerts and Duos.

    ALL Duos should be open to solo queue as well. This would have been a big help.

    (actually, Raids should be the least amount of instances. But Raids in this game are much quicker than others).
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  8. MEBegnalsFan Devoted Player

    They need to do more content where you complete a variety of outside world task and than you go do an inside mission where you fight a smaller boss for solo content.

    Group content the devs have a good grasp on developing. I just hope this update they make, really makes content, current content, harder. I mean less damage out by us, more health to the enemies and bam content that was easy gets a bit more challenging.
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  9. light FX Steadfast Player

    See i play this and other MMOs to group with friends or other people and do the content. I understand why more open world stuff is needed. But more solos and duos? We have a bunch already and some solos are tedious and give only 1 mark and never the best gear. Not sure why we need more of that. Open world stuff yea. Missions and bounties are great imo. But some, not all, bounties need to be super strong imo. Weaker ones people can do themselves. Stronger ones that require multiple groups of people. Almost every other MMO out there has this. Some make it like a timed event. When the bounty spawns get your butt out there and bring some friends with ya. Or someone can do something to trigger the bounty spawn.

    Weaker ones can be like GuS where u complete the mission 5 times and then fight the bounty at the end. Like catwoman, cheetah, etc. A mix of both kinds of open world stuff gives content for all players. Oh the stronger bounty should drop some rare cosmetic stuff too. Like auras or stuff like the death vest, cc hood etc. And add feats to the stronger and weaker ones.
  10. Proxystar #Perception

    The only daily content I run is the vault. After that I log out
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  11. KHALONofOGUN 10000 Post Club

    I liked the Gotham Under Siege daily was done just right. From what i've seen it looks like we might get some of that again in Amazon Fury 3...and I hope it continues in other episodes.
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  12. krytine Loyal Player

    [quote="Wallachia, post: 3813757, member: please don't tell me a troll tank or healer can't do a solo instance mine do them all the time and even when they are new solos. You have to work it try to do it hit the vault get your promethian boxes plus it's prettyour sad when your own league won't help you get things done maybe you should find one that will give as much to you as you do to them
  13. Wallachia Loyal Player

    I meant to say that, FOR ME, it's hard to solo tank BBS at CR 167, specially because I'm inexperienced at tanking (And I don't like tanking), so I don't know when I'm doing good or not.

    Also, it's not my league's fault AT ALL, it's just that our time online isn't matching. Sunday I managed to log in earlier and Fatal Star helped me to assemble a team and do BBS, but dpsing. I did horrible because Rage isn't as good as I fantasized (I'm still keeping with it) when you have good players on your team.

    I am not a fan of relying on people like that. I would love to simply blind queue and get things done, but solo content doesn't give me any help with gear, marks come too slowly and anything from UM to below is undoable via pugging, specially after the free DLC month.

    Sorry about this ranting. I shouldn't be complaining about those stuff, specially when it's my fault.
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  14. Proxystar #Perception

    Tanking is easy mate, all you have to do is get the boss and take them to stand next to the dps players. If you don't the dps players will come stand next to you so you can't really go wrong.
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  15. LT Schmitt Committed Player

    I normally think every thing you say is crazy but I have to agree with you here,

    I'm hoping that AF3 has a daily like patrol catastrophe with gear just 2 cr lower than the top gear and have it be a new style. And before anyone says people will replay the crap out of it, I know that but for those who have alts it allows them to gear up effectively and not have to rely on a lotto system.

    We also need walk ins for alerts with the duos.
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  16. krytine Loyal Player

    I am glad to hear you say your taking ingredients responsibility for your progress but it is also a social game. Meaning you should be able to turn to players for help to learn how to run your role either as a dps or tank for rage or any other power. And the fact that you are in a league that isn't working together is bothersome to me. And it's great Fatal could help you. So I am saying this again you should be in a league that gives you as much as you give them but I am glad to see that you continue to try and learn
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  17. TechWarrior0329 Steadfast Player

    Okay first of all aside from being able to be done daily DUOS and ALERTS are still instances just like raids and we still got those even during the month content era. What Backseid is referring to is daily missions like we USED to get in Central City, At Ace and Strykers, in the Wastelands, In Gotham under siege, The Metro Battle Zone and lastly the New Genesis huge daily worth 3 marks. New Gen Defense aside these all paid out 1 mark, dropped no armor (aside from the occasion junk armor one mob might drop but not as part of a reward for completing the assignment), had numerous feats attached to them, and in many cases had some bonus mission or reward attached to completing a certain number of them..

    1. Ace and Stryker's.. complete 5 dailies at each and get a solo challenge that dropped armor at each location
    2. Wasteland .. complete 15 dailies ( 5 from each contact) and get an added assignment to battle a second one of Raven's brothers in each duo that rewarded a special armor style. Both the armor style and defeating those added brothers enough times added feat points
    3. Gotham Under Siege complete 15 daily missions (5 from each contact) and get assigned a special bounty worth added marks, feat points for completing all 4 bounties and a special style of armor also worth feat points)
    4. Metro Battle zone.. complete 10 dailies ( 5 from each contact) and get a special mission at Ferris Air that awarded more marks and dropped armor
    5. and the biggie New Genesis Defense.. worth 3 marks a day, numerous feat associated with completing a number of gaols and an award box with the option for 1 piece of CR 98 or CR 102 gear or another reward like Generator mods or Furniture or recipes

    Add to that at every single location there were also bounties available...

    1 Central City .. the 9 Rogues .. while relevant each was worth 1 mark, increased reknown with all factions in the Watch Tower and had numerous feats attached for completing certain goals
    2. ACE/Strykers.. Siege and Morrow bot .. 1 mark each per DAY, special styles dropped from each (one of the first times in game we saw unatunned armor that we could PICK the role) feat points for defeating each bot 10 times and for collecting all of each style of gear.
    3. The Wasteland.. a weekly Bounty on Raven worth 1 mark and dropped a special armor .. feats for defeating her 14 times and for obtaining a full set of the armor style
    4. Metro battle Zone.. bounties in 2 locations Mist affected bounties pair out 2 marks once a week and had numerous feat attached... Also did not have to wait to gain the feats for defeating any of the 8 assigned .. could kill 50 in one day and complete all feats. And of course Dr. Light in the Cr 105 and up zone .. 1 mark per week, armor drops and feats for defeating him.
    5. and of course the Apokoliptian Commander in new Gen.. 1 mark a week and the special reward box with armor or another reward like Generator mods or Furniture or recipes

    TL:DR? sorry YOU ASKED
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  18. TechWarrior0329 Steadfast Player

    I'll assume you mean Patrol Catastrophe? Yeah that is a great one. Challenging but not too hard to accomplish even at the lowest possible CR it becomes available once you figure out the mechanics and the tricks to stay alive. The rewards were awesome! Fro anyone that has no clue .. Every piece of possible gear you can slot from a head piece to a ring shows up daily in the reward box. The only exception is weapons. All pieces are CR 98.. the highest available at that time. All are unatunned so you can get a complete set for BOTH roles.. Oh and as a bonues CR 96 weapons drop daily along with the reward box. You can pick exactly which piece of armor you want daily and even decide what role to make it.. and can even hold off on attuning some gear to keep your overall CR low enough for everything to remain relevant while you amass a TON of marks. Between just that solo and the daily in New Gen I had several ALT get a full set of CR 98 or better gear.. THEN started doing the duos for CR 102 stuff :cool: good times
  19. TechWarrior0329 Steadfast Player

    Ummm hang on while I grab this off of photoshop......


    A little while back after an update.. this suddenly appeared when you accessed the telepad in Gotham Under Siege. LOL of course when the thread started about this new and excitingly TOTALLY empty zone (well of COURSE I went and looked I'm nosey) Mepps was in thread with a very short comment that went something like "Opps. okay that will be gone soon" And of course it was.

    Basically you gain access to the rest of Gotham City and from the discussion of that old thread Typhon MAY have been one of Wonder Woman's adversaries? Just speculation but when AF3 hits that is probably the NEW battle zone and will probably have us doing daily missions against MONSTERS (hence the telepad name)

    NOTHING is confirmed by any DEV but hey.. looks good :D
  20. calvin_0 Dedicated Player

    well blame the guy who think it's a good idea to remove reward from lower CR content... back then, we have a reason to do lower cr content because they still give mark which we could use to get lower tier style for feats...

    now, there is absolutely no reason to do lower cr content... and if you are over 116 cr, there is only 2 daily that you can do to get marks.. it's garbage..
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