State Revamp 1.4 and above concerns.

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  1. Aggro Well-Known Player

    My main concern is powers who lack (DoT) vs powers with (DoT) another concern would be weapons.

    Powers with Burst and more dots vs a powers like Light or most tank powers who have mostly burst powers only are struggling. (Tanks have 1 dot to relay on the additional dots have range limits vs Healer powers)

    What do I mean, It seems like the more damage over time + burst powers are out performing the ones with less damage over time and more burst damage.

    -Light doesn't have a ongoing dot it has a stuck in animation dot.The main problem is the burst is to low and the power cost is too high

    -Most Tank powers only use 1 dot

    -Combo powers now waste power while in combo.. so now we need even more power. And jackhammer isn't even on test yet.

    -Weapons are just weak, I'm sorry not worth going to the end of a weapon tree to do 5k the longevity of a combo is NOT worth it, if I can just spam my 0.5 burst power all day.

    My opinion on dps TOP list would be


    Doesn't matter what power maybe 1 can keep up maybe 1 wont maybe 1 of each would be the best 1. But I think if we take this path this is what we r getting.
  2. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    Rage, gadgets and the healer powers are all in the same area of dps. Ice is close but needs a slight bump to get there but i have some input that will prob get it there. Atomic is also close and light looks promising. The only power i see that is really falling behind is mental unless theres something i'm missing with it.

    Hopefully ice atomic and mental will get a little love in a up coming update.
  3. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    For gadgets what is your loadout and rotation? For pftt I can't get it near rage or nature. Especially nature.
  4. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    i was using a hybrid with pdart as my main burst and only 2 other powers. I honestly forget but when i get back on later i will defiantly fill you in on what exactly it was. It was pretty boring, was basically just a setup and pdart spam but it was putting up a good 20k average with the spec i use for testing at 166.

    I'm not a fan of the spam but it got there so while i'm not happy with how it did at least it reaches the mark i can do with a lot of other powers. I would really like to leave feedback for powers that i mentioned in my above post and get them to where they need to be before we add anymore. I'd also like to see gadgets not just spam pdart to get there to.

    Edit: Rage is pretty awesome but the power consumption omg, welcome back 3 trolls lol
  5. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    For pftt pdart will result in damage loss. Best pftt yields me 16k while nature starts at 20k and rage just takes some effort.

    At lower cr they are all really close which implies a scaling issue. And we will always have that if they don't address that.
  6. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    Thats weird that pdart is a loss if you spam it in a PftT. I figured it would prob be good. I don't do much PftT testing only a little just to check some things out.

    And i always toss only my 178cr gear just to see how i do with higher stats on a lot of things and always seem to get the same results between powers with a hybrid style. I have a spec with only 40 in power and the rest in my stats and i have someone troll me just to make sure things are still inline using correct stats. And of course from in content experience to.

    What powers are you seeing a difference in stat wise? I do most testing at 166 and only had to really crunch higher stats with sorcery.
  7. Ala Rebeldex Loyal Player

    Weapon damage is still lackluster :(
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  8. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    Having same results implies your weapon compensates the discrepancies.

    As for Pdart spam for pftt, it is better suited to do the 4 web pi using cryofield as one of your dots. You can do a good rotation for most content with controller present. For solo and duo, pdart spam works fine.
  9. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    So how low of gear are you using when your seeing discrepancies at higher levels? Are you testing things with very low gear to keep power costs down?

    Even when we were testing AM's if you tested at very low levels there was a difference when you brought those same test up to current stats with numerous things. I've also noticed it in the past and brought it up about the "tunso testing". Like i said since i do most of my testing at 166 i double check it with a 178 set with full stats just to make sure. If you only knew how **** i was about testing and the things i do lol.

    I'm just curious what you are doing and seeing so maybe we can find out whats up.
  10. tiempo Well-Known Player

    At 166 cr, HB solar flame was avg. out 6000 dps, while MA smoke bomb was avg. out at 6700 dps.
    A (hold range, tap range) compared to a (tap melee x 5, hold melee) should be doing more damage, HB damage is good where its at, I believe the longer chains need a bigger damage difference to be more competitive and worthwhile not to go into a power instead of another weapon animation.

    Also, damage out from Atomic, Ice, Mental, and Gadgets, (in that order) is lackluster compared to other powers like Electric, Rage, and Nature.
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  11. tiempo Well-Known Player

    I've mostly heard dps comparisons at 166 with Mental and Gadgets, but i've personally played Ice, Atomic, Electricity, Nature, HL, and Rage, and at 166 Ice avg around 16-18k, Atomic around the same, while the others I've mentioned can hit 20k's easy. All test done at 10181 might, 20 sp crit chance, 40 sp crit dmg, 111 sp Power, other comparisons where at par on speccing.
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  12. Penryn The Gadgeteer

    I'd be interested in knowing more about your Gadgets testing setup too. I've been testing a lot of rotations at CR 166 with different specs emphasizing precision, might, and power. I haven't found anything that I would describe as being satisfactory.

    For my specs, I've been using the following restrictions:
    * No league hall proficiencies (makes it harder to calculate base damage)
    * No trinkets
    * No buff sodas
    * 30 second parser period
    * 175 SP
    * CR 166 gear using VIII Mods from HQ vendor
    * No teammates to provide buffs or extra power.

    If you don't want to post your testing setup here, I'd appreciate if you could send me a private message.
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  13. Brother Allen Loyal Player

    Breakout cost WAY to much power. Since power sets like Light and Rage have lost the ability counter while doing melee rotations we get CC'd quit a bit and it is far to taxing on our power bars when we have to break out and lose such a huge chunk of power and start over again. Either lower the cost of breakout or dramatically increase the amount of power you get back from the breakout innates in the movement trees.
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  14. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    For testing my spec is as follows...
    -League hall buffs
    -All my crits (60 skill points)
    -137 points in power (none in any stats)
    -166 gearbox with Pre/might in reds, pre/power head and shoulders and might/health in chest and legs
    -Precision,power and resto generator mods
    -Home turf white mods, esc might, core strength, max damage and replenishing adapter as my weapon mod and that should be it.

    As for what i was using it was at 3 targets and i think napalm or maybe cryo field and just hand blaster solar flame combos and p-dart spam i only ran a few min of it but i was getting in a decent range 20k or very close to it. when i plugged it in the the log analyser the average was a high 19k but i didn't take or remove the low start up or end parse so it would have been 20k.

    Using are real loadout though gadgets falls short every time and i'm def not happy where its sitting at thats for sure. I meant to get back to bumbling yesterday (sorry man got involved in some combo power stuff and forgot) I'm going to see if i can reproduce what i did today cause i don't think i saved the log....well at least i can't find it in the hundreds of them i have lol and it was only a 3 min run and thats no where near satisfactory testing for me. And especially if you have to spam one power to get there thats def not cool.

    Listen when i get on in a bit and figure out what it did exactly i'll quote you and bumblingb in a post so you both have the info. Sorry for the lack of the laodout but its something very similar to what i said above it just wasn't my main focus at the time and my short term memory from my favorite past time isn't the best sometimes lol
  15. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    Ok so i did some testing today to figure out what i was doing and its was Napalm,battle display, cryo field, turret, and sticky bomb. I can get roughly a 20k average but it does require 2 trolls. I also compared it to a high power cost laodout with electric and their about the same dps.

    I'm testing end game stuff right now with the most dps potential using whatever gets you the best numbers cause if theres a best people are gonna use it and i wanna make sure every power can reach what others can and that one isn't seriously out doing the other. I'm really not concerned what someone can use in a solo or duo at this time cause thats not where people compare damage and issues with power balance come from raid settings. if what i'm doing isn't the kind of thing you were looking for my bad but just at this moment my focus is on end game raid dps.

    I was speced into more of a setup that i would use if this was live right now, not the idea spec but closer then just specing a bunch of power to test things. I'll post some pics of my stats and spec below so you can see what i had going on and also if you want to compare things.

    Another thing i'm not happy with how gadgets is and i'm sure you guys aren't either. I have some feedback that could defiantly help out we just need to get them to reopen the thread so we can some changes gadgets needs along with mental and ice.

    And whats with the turret pooping on your power regen?? wth that is the silliest thing ever and that needs to go, also the time it takes to cast it is to long. I think if the turret and a few other things were improved gadgets would be in a real solid place.

    Now below are some shots of what kind of numbers i was doing. Ill put elec first to compare to.
    Next gadgets. Sorry i didn't post up entire logs from the site but i only had one troll today so i could only run 3 30 seconds at a time but you can reproduce the numbers all day if you had the power you would with 2 trolls in a raid.
  16. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    That definitely puts Gadgets and Electric lower than Nature and Rage. As I can produce those results w/o a controller. Especially Nature.

    Also, Turret is still bad.
  17. HoiiowDreamz Dedicated Player

    -Nature, yes.
    -Rage, not range you aren't.
  18. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    Nature is more power friendly but at the end of the day they both get to the same end result (nature,elec, sorc) even when specing nature into more stats cause swarm is a such a big part of your dps but its damage doesn't change with stats so your almost at a handicap compared to what i can do if i have more skill points with elec. Nature will benefit a player that has lower skill points but electric will benefit a player that has higher skill points. From all the things i've tested.

    This is one of the reasons why i say leave swarm be such a big part of natures dps, cause while nature is more power efficient then some powers it doesn't benefit as much as other powers do from stats.

    Edit: turret does kinda stink but i couldn't get these numbers without it.
  19. light FX Steadfast Player

    Are those old threads for mental, ice and atomic just gone for good? Are those powers "finished"? If weapons just got another pass wont people need to be giving feedback on those powers with the hybrid play style?
  20. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    I understand you are afraid they will bring nature down, I get it, but I think Nature should be the baseline. If the effort you had with Gadgets barely gets you to that point, then there is something wrong. Because the effort you put into Nature will bring that one higher. W/o swarm, it still better in effort than Gadgets, as simple as that. They are striving for balanced potential. Right now, there is a huge imbalance and I'm pretty sure it's a scaling issue.

    I tested Gadgets and nature at lower cr and they were really close. Same loadout at higher CR resulted in a huge gap. That's a problem. The same happens with power cost too. The devs seriously need to see scaling, to make sure it's right. As we will always have imbalance issues, if left alone.