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Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by Red Five, Apr 28, 2021.

  1. Stephen Nix Well-Known Player

    The yellow and red basket have a 2020 style in between them for some odd reason.
  2. Lara Well-Known Player

    I love the new base item Tree!
  3. Imaginos Committed Player

    More Feedback:

    I had a chance to get on test and check out a few more items and the new items. First off THANK YOU for putting the Dust Bags in as separate items. They are giving out dust, don't know if that's intended. I like it though, it's pretty cool. They seem to place just fine. Same with the Dust Cart.

    Problems / Possible Issues:
    1. The Honeycomb walls do not fit in most places that have a roof in the default sewer base I was given when I made the character I have on test. They can't fit by the computer, they can't fit on the top of the stairs in the first room, they can't fit on the lower level except in that small segment where the ground drops down a bit, they can't fit on the very upper floor either. The clipping on them is just too tall. PLEASE lower the clipping for the upper part by about 1.5 to 2 honeycomb hexes worth and that should fix that issue. That would be Sweet. ;)
    2. The Honeycomb walls do not clip from the right or left side into a wall so that they make a seamless solid line. You end up with the honeycomb pattern cutout colliding with the wall and not being flush. Please pull the clipping/collision box on the sides in a little bit too, similar to the request above. I'd like to see these walls use-able in most places in a base. /shrug.
    3. The Honeycomb walls do not interlink at all in any direction. A to B, B to B, A to A and flipping the wall around either way. You can overlap them but some of the hexagons will get cut off and looks bad. Would it be possible and feasible to rework the wall so that the 2 sides are different looking but will interlock regardless if it's part A or B? Issue 1 imo is more important than issue 2 by far. Better to be able to place the wall almost anywhere than not.
    4. Wings are flapping for me once I log in, but only if I'm standing still or hovering. As soon as I go into flight they just lock up into a singular position and do not flap at all. Shouldn't they be flapping like the Insectoid wing back piece? At a high rate of flap when flying?
    That's all for now. Again thank you for the great work and the dust bags! A small request in regards to them. Would it bee possible and would you bee ever so kind as to put all those dust bags into a singular box for 15 coins? Unless you're extending the event for a full month getting everything is going to be tough, especially when you have to play catchup with a previous year or two. It would also save on inventory space by having them in a single box until opened. Any colors someone doesn't want they could just sell on the broker. Would bee interesting to see which colors got the buzz and were wanted more than others.
    Thank you again for your time.
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  4. Imaginos Committed Player

    Even More Feedback: (2 issues)

    This is about an older item. The 2018 item? Ivy Cluster (a clump of ivy hanging down. The attachment point for this object is in the middle of the ivy and not at the clumped top, where it should be so it can properly hang down over doorways and other objects. This isn't possible with where the attachment point currently is. It attaches poorly over doors and hanging off edges and even on some walls that have protrusions that stuff can attach to, such as the Ancient Base. It clips into the ceiling area so you can't actually place it. Same with the new Banners for the Rogues and the Themysciran tapestery (shaped like an L with the short part at the top, but it doesn't attach at that part making it very hard to place) wont fit in most of the ancient base due to the way it's clipping/bounding box and attachment point is set.

    Please fix the Ivy Cluster for the event and the others as time permits.

    Second one is pretty minor but perhaps it would be better to rename the bags of dust to something so they all are next to each other in the list on the broker? Instead of Orange Flour Bag, Green Flour Bag, etc... perhaps go with what you've done for other items. Something like Flour Bag - Orange, or Flour Bag (Orange)
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  5. Punkpirate Well-Known Player

    Visual power updates while basic players get basic powers, Members get :

    1.Power coloring
    2.Different Visuals for powers etc ( earth - Metal arms etc constructs) (light different constructs) (magic new effects different visual style)
    3.Character transformations (not just smoke capsule, commmon 5 years pls change/add new ones)
    4.Travel power variations unlocked and new ones, while regular members can buy them separately etc
  6. Imaginos Committed Player

    Is this feedback even beeing looked at? I can provide images if needed on some of these issues. No word from the devs is discouraging.
  7. Charon Lead Content Designer

    Sure - otherwise you wouldn't be getting dust bags. :)

    However anything with 1) art changes and 2) text changes right before we launch this event cannot be done as they are client and translation changes that will 1) not get submitted or approved by all clients in time 2) will break translations for anyone other than English as Translation teams need time to make adjustments for every language we support.

    These are noted and where feasible we'll adjust if we can and when we can. Text changes can be hotfixed sooner over time. Art is a different pipeline, takes a lot longer to roll out, and is more impacted by ongoing duties. Bugs will be entered and feedback has been noted.
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  8. Imaginos Committed Player

    Ok great! That totally makes sense on the text/translations and the Ok to go ahead with that. Appreciate the response very much. I do hope the banner type items can be looked at for a change. Do you need screenshots to show the issue clearer or was the description good enough? I'd like to make things as easy for you guys/gals as possible.
  9. Charon Lead Content Designer

    Pictures are always helpful. Thanks!
  10. Robotsidekick Active Player

    Um why can't i trade the rewards? none of my characters need that chroma but I might want it for a future character.
  11. Charon Lead Content Designer

    They are already all over the broker so they can be traded and were intended to. Is there a particular item that can't be traded? The chromas are tradeable.
  12. Robotsidekick Active Player

    Sorry I thought it was all items, I bought the flower crown for my alt and the game won't let me put in share bank
  13. Imaginos Committed Player

    Image. This issue is prevalent with the Ivy Cluster in the spring event amongst others as seen.
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  14. Charon Lead Content Designer

    I'll pass this info along to QA to verify and then submit it to Art. Thanks for the info!
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  15. Imaginos Committed Player

    You're welcome. Glad to help.
  16. Vulpar Well-Known Player

    There is no bee pun title. My day is ruined.
  17. Radstark Active Player

  18. Imaginos Committed Player

    This is a similar issue with the way all bases seemed to have been designed. The area near the main computer has a slightly lower roof than the rest of the roofed areas in the base (stairs leading up when you first enter and very bottom floor area). This cause a lot of clipping issues which you've addressed with some base items but not all. So here's another one that's really frustrating. Hope this can get fixed too.


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