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  1. MrMigraine Devoted Player

    So there are several possibilities for my inability to convert my Wonderverse currency into Source Marks:

    --I'm blind and can't locate the proper vendor

    --It's not yet been implemented (perhaps the devs are waiting for Wonderverse to rotate from 'Latest' to 'Early Endgame'?)

    --The old currency exchange has been eliminated (since the New Order allows us to farm Source Marks indefinitely) and I've just been out of the proverbial news loop.

    Could somebody enlighten me?

    (While I'm asking, any news on what they're doing with Open World Boss currency such as Empyrean Aether?)
  2. Canadian Justice Committed Player

    Not implemented yet. They'll convert over when the next episode launches later this year.

    As far as Aether goes, as of an ask DCUO or two ago, they were still deciding what to do.
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  3. Doctor Nova Devoted Player

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    If i've interpreted the info correctly from the forums, it's November the new "update" occurs and we can then convert currency.... @ unknown exchange rate, that they may change a week later. Seems to be a trend, that they do an update then change things a week or two later. Fix bugs Shirley, but alter exchange rates or sale values. hmmm

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    how many seals did the early buyers get? https://forums.daybreakgames.com/dcuo/index.php?threads/server-hotfix-september-23-2021.318338/
    Was there a script run to compensate the early buyers?
    I recall reading about that happening for warframe users when changes occurred. We ran a script to correct the difference from the change made.

  4. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Yeah, it sucks, but if anyone bought those 3 packs they kind of deserve getting hosed. That was a bad deal day 1 when an SOC cost the same thing. I'd hope there were not a lot of people who fell for that purchase. They might even have some backend stats that show it was purchased by few (or none) and therefore I'd guess a script was not overly needed.

    And seeing how they were not able to detect or adjust any premiums who might have spent 100's of $$ on DLCs when those went to free, I'd guess getting stiffed on $3.50 of a $5 virtual 'coin' would fall at somewhat lower spot on the 'we gotta make this right' list.
  5. MrMigraine Devoted Player

    Thank you for the guidance! :)