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  1. Backseid Devoted Player

    I'd really like to see more content like this added to the game.

    Areas and or enemies where both Hero's and Villains congregate are near non existent in this game. Especially areas where theyou can, in a round about way, work together.

    I spent years hanging around the South Gotham area, even well past any sort of relevancy to the content.

    I can remember beating an Avatar for the first time alone. It wasn't easy. It took a long time to become easy. That's where I used to go to test out new powers/loadouts.

    But I really miss seeing the other faction hanging around. I also really liked gear sets coming from these type of bosses.

    Oh yeah, and it's OPEN WORLD type content ;)
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  2. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    Sub avatars was probably the most fun I had in the game. People nowadays really missed something amazing.
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  3. Harlequin Devoted Player

    I just wish the Sub-Avatars would spawn when people weren't around like they used to. It was not at all uncommon to stumble upon one or two roaming around while hunting but now you have to sit there hoping someone doesn't come kill the builders while watching them slowly come to life.

    I'm sure it's a stability issue or something so just have them despawn after some amount of time if it's that big of a deal.
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  4. Crimson Mayhem Loyal Player

    I'd like more bounties in general. It's not like they require lots of balancing or design resources. Just drop in a handful of iconics or boss type NPC in a relevant open world area with daily bounty missions that drop a gear or provisions box, or marks of victory now that they aren't required for progression anymore. Make some of them duo level, some 4 and some 8 man level, add a feat for completing 100 and there we have a simple time sink.
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  5. TechWarrior0329 Steadfast Player

    I am very into Bounty Hunting and would welcome any new bounties... One small request to the Devs IF they actually listen to this request. ... Please no more bounty mission like the ones in Gotham Under Siege. To CLARIFY.. The bounties themselves are/were fine It was the "You must complete 5 daily missions from each contact to be assigned a Bounty" That was an issue. We have far too many feats as it is that require players to run back and repeatedly do content that is no longer relevant as it is. Like far too many thing in game in order to complete the feat associated with defeating all FOUR different bounties in that battle zone I was running back to Gotham, doing missions that didn't give me a single mark, had no armor drops, and then after getting 15 dailies completed I was assigned a bounty I had already completed. So the whole thing started all over again.

    (special note: And please to anyone ABOUT to start their reply and tell me "Oh all you needed to do was find someone else that had the bounty you needed and team with them" Yes very TRUE but the optimum word in that sentence is FIND. Like so many battle zones that are far down the chain from T7 and T8 these days Gotham under Siege can be a ghost town these days with hardly anyone around. NOW how many of you want to stand around in a zone repeated broadcasting "Anyone have the Cheetah bounty? Can I team up with you?" Not having a clue when someone MIGHT actually have what you need Not sure about you but I like to PLAY the game not stand around with a tin cup begging for help)

    A few simple guidelines to make any new bounties enjoyable and not a PITA.

    1. One Bounty .. One Contact .. Repeatable daily with Replay (please god nothing ever like the Rogue Bounties in CC ever again. And this is from a man that has 7 (yeah you read that right) seven alts that have 500 Rogues Defeated and did not BUY a single feat As fast as we can upgrade Cr these days having ANY feat that takes 56 days to complete in insane.

    2. No more weekly bounties... If that means no armor or even just Junk armor (as example say only CR 112 armor drops not 116 or 118 or higher) then fine. Yes I know I am cutting into your precious REPLAY BADGE SALES but while people spent a small fortune on replays doing Raven over and over in the Wastelands when it first came out I'd love to know just how many do that now. I can grab a pile of CR 81 and 83 armor just doing the three duos and even a couple drops from killing mobs doing dailies in that zone. So now Raven gets defeated about once a week until I have the feats accomplished Hey what you lose on a weekly bounty you can make up with new dailies that CAN BE REPEATED.

    3. If your going to stick a bounty in a battle zone .. for GOD sakes have a vendor/repair station in the zone too. Never forget the first time I joined a team to battle Doc Light in the Metro battle Zone and as team mated died and rezzed back on the roof top base we realized.. the ONLY vendor is back on the other side of the city .. where we warp to when we leave MOGO. You had two choices.. just go back and battle with damaged armor or warp back to the vendor, repair and warp back to the roof and THEN hope Doc Light wasn't dead before you got back to the actual battle. Of course there was option 3 .. use a repair bot but way back when that zone first came out those were not dropping in Lock boxes and no where near as many players had any. Plus they only last a short while.

    4. Give us the option to skip rewards and JUST get the feat. This was one thing I enjoyed about the Mist affected Bounties. YES if I want to take 25 weeks or spend a pile of replays I could get a mark for each one I defeated OR I could just get two marks one time and then stay in that zone and keeping tracking them down and g them until I had every single feat completed.

    5. As mentioned above Do not tie in a bounty hunt to any other mission(s)... don't need a lot of detail here since I already covered it above. NO complete 15 or 20 daily missions and MAYBE we will give you the bounty you NEED but not the one you WANT.
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  6. Derio 15000 Post Club

    Remember when sub avatars first launched and they were all huge and flooding gotham, and it took several raid parties. Ah good times. We need more large group open world content
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  7. Backseid Devoted Player

    I'm glad to see others get what I'm looking for.

    There's basically zero opportunities, anymore, to meet other players outside of queuing up for instances.

    Many, many, many people will NEVER blindly queue in MMO's. Especially since the chances of a blind queue going well are sooo slim. So even if those types of players were to "go for it", it's likely they will never do it more than a few times.

    This game is really missing the random social interactions you find in MMO's. When you have such a heavy "group only" game, that's quite an issue. It's a big reason people don't stick around. Just meeting others to play all that group content is not an easy task.