Source Wall Is Now Recruiting - USPS/PC (Iconic League)

Discussion in 'League Recruitment Center' started by Brandon_Harper, Apr 19, 2022.

  1. Brandon_Harper New Player

    The Source Wall is now recruiting!

    -Active DC Iconics League (USPC/PS)
    -League Hall With All Buffs
    -Friendly Community
    -Multiple Scheduled Events
    -Weekly Feat Runs
    -Active Discord

    Requirements to Join:
    -310 CR
    -150 SP
    -At least 3 level 80 artifacts
    -Must Be A DC Iconic - No Duplicates

    Please send a tell to any of these people if interested in joining.

    -K0N Ei (Leader)
    -Demons Head (alt)
    -J0N KENT (alt)
  2. Brandon_Harper New Player

    You may also DM me on discord at Brandon Harper#6117 if none of the names mentioned above are available, or if you have any sort of questions.
  3. Dardrius New Player

    Hello if you are still recruiting I would love to join!