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    It will all be a matter of opinion and could never truly be confirmed. No two players play alike. More so a lot of players are playing Electric these days strictly because of the DPS side of things, and as a result they are going to favor that obviously. It'll always be about personal preference. I have went head to head with every healing power in the game. I am sure that in many cases they had more SP then I do. With the recent update I was also very much so slacking on the generator mods and whatnot. I just finished almost all of them over my last days off. Thus far on average I usually heal twice as much as every other healing power with Sorcery.

    Recently I went for Elite Victory against a healer who has 353 SP where at the time I had 275 at best. They are also 214 CR whereas I am 213. They are Electric. I am Sorcery. I put out almost three times as much as they did, and I out survived them 99% of the time. Clearly with that amount of SP they know what they are doing. They also have such an ego that a few weeks back I answered an LFG shout, and as soon as I joined the group (At this time we were the same CR) they responded "Aww hell naw I solo". My response was "Understandable. I can dps as well" and I activated my damage build. They still had me kicked out of the group. Even though they were the group leader was the one shouting for a healer, and had to turn around and shout for a DPS. So I felt that it was fair comparison of the two. Despite having every advantage in the game Sorcery prevailed. Again though. Too many variables to factor in for there to be a definitive "best power ever". I am fairly sure that we could have swapped powersets and the result would have been the same. By no means am I saying that I am the best healer who ever stepped foot in DC. I am just saying the same thing that was mentioned above. A lot of it will be based on how the person plays. Not only do I see a lot of healers who are spamming heals when they are not needed, but I also see a ton of them who chose "Hybrid" just because it states that it is for healers. Then they sit there hand blasting, clapping, etc and are just absolutely terrible at healing because of it. Sure I lose 5% restoration by going super-powered, but that 5% means nothing if you don't have enough power to even throw a heal.

    I just finished my Electric character as well over these last few days off. I now can say that I have played every single healing power in the game. With all of them I notice that it is pretty much the same aside from about 2 moves. They all have the priority heal that heals the most hurt person, heal the 3 most hurt people, and the super heal that heals everyone. Then of course you need at least one shield. So that leaves the room for the two powers that could be different.

    I think at the end of the day the best way to put it is this way. After the revamp the majority of powers can be lethal in the right hands.
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  2. Tilz Loyal Player

    Please just stop.
    Comparing the healer powers by a look on the "healing out" on the scoreboard is bs.
    I just can't take ppl serious that are saying that.

    Electricity is a pure burst heal. You can run 1 HoT, but usually ppl don't do that in raids.
    Sorcery is favoring the HoT side of healing.
    So tell me who will have more healing out on scoreboard ever?
    Right.. the power that has always 2-4 HoTs in the background ticking, but that doesn't say anything about the powerset.

    When DWFe was at tier I was elec healer and when I was healing with another healing together I had far less healing out becuse I only heal when it's needed and don't have some auto-HoTs. At the same time I also could soloheal that raid with elec. So it really doesn't say anything about the scoreboard.

    Electricity is burst healing, that's the meta and kidna stronger. Also it has the better burst heals from all the healing powersets.
    Also elec is extremly powersaving when used correctly.

    Ofc you can kinda heal with every power and some ppl can't heal with elec but are like gods with other powers.
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  3. MaverickRaven657 Well-Known Player

    In regard to the OP's question its easily electric.

    As for the community not understanding power efficiency in regards to, well, anything...

    I REALLY hate healers that spam heals only to look at the board later and then go "I was clearly doing my job." No dude, just because you have some huge number in healing out doesn't mean you did your job. Your job as a healer includes shields and helping the troll manage power too (by not spamming any power that isn't unnecessary).

    When I'm healing, it also gets my goat when ppl get angry that I'm not topping their health off. Dude, if you're at 80%, guess what? I'm not healing you, I'm gonna wait till you hit at least 60%. These groups gotta trust their healer to know their power. If I screw up, then feel free to jump all over me, but at least wait till I do.
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  4. Jacob Dragonhunter Devoted Player

    Electric is for more of your bursty and aura type heals and hots.

    Sorcery is more or less if you don't mind pets helping you heal, and are very good with positioning.

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