Sooooo my suggestions to leave old Episodes permanently open

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  1. Aquagirl New Player

    Hello peeps :) Soooo I've been thinking about doing this thread for a while. I spoke a little about it on the Costume Contest thread because I'm an expert on going off-topic, where I said I'd do an exclusive thread about it sometime. Well I'm doing it rn because I'm waiting for daily maintenance to complete haha

    Well, with the news about Open Episodes 'till Quarantine ends, I've seen a lot of folks talking everywhere about how this is actually good to the game - f2p and premium players exploring additional content (content that might convince them to get that membership once for all), queues actually popping etc. Soooo here are my suggestions, based on the business practices of some other MMOsI've played alongside DCUO well mainly SWTOR but still (beware that I'm f2p I'm a broke mess so my suggestions might as well be biased, take everything with a grain of salt):

    Leave old Episodes open for f2p and premium players... PERMANENTLY.

    In exchange for scrapping event versions of the newest DLC entirely.

    I think it's simple: There's no definite deadline for Open Episodes to end because there's none, they're permanent. Free-to-Play players can access old episodes at any time, with all the limitations that come with f2p status and everything. But we (the f2p players) no longer have access to the newest DLC, or the 3 newest DLCs anymore, at least 'till they're "obsolete" (say, when their individual currencies get turned into source marks). Only members, and premium players who bought the next DLC bundle (more on that later), have access to the newest DLCs 'till then.

    Example: let's pretend this new "change" gets implemented next DLC (Wonderverse). We f2p players have the classic game and 35 DLCs at our disposal - and absolutely no access to Metal part 2, BOP... and Wonderverse, which will get no event versions due to this change. Until the next DLC after Wonderverse launchs, turning Metal part 2 "obsolete" granting f2p players access to it. And so on.

    Speaking about it, only members and premium players who bought the newest DLC bundle are able to do CR skips. I mean, it's kind of like that currently (CR 255 skip comes with Justice League Dark and all), what I'm trying to say is, if this change gets implemented, no more free CR skips during Anniversary event - since ALL old episodes are now permanently open, it will encourage new players to do all storylines in order, instead of just doing event versions of the newest DLC and Death of Superman over and over with their alts (which can get quite boring and discourage membership speaking about "boring", may you Devs consider offering free skip through level 30 instead, not only on Anniversary but on other times of the year as well? A lot of peeps here are tired of those "tutorial" missions, I mean players call them "tutorials" for a reason).

    Now, back to the permanent Open Episodes thing. I think scrapping event versions of the newest DLC in exchange of leaving old content permanently open might be a plus.

    • It will mitigate some of the lag problems. Y'all remember how BOP was when it launched, right. 123312321321 players trying to run it at once, since it was (is) the brand new ep. If only members and the few premium players who bought the newest DLC bundle had access to this episode, with no event versions on sight, there would be fewer players at once, significantly solving the lag problems.
    • The spot for Event versions of any DLC will be open to use during Episode Spotlight weeks, since there won't be any competing event versions of other DLCs. For example: instead of event versions of Wonderverse, we could get temporary event versions of old instanced content like the ones from War of the Light or Halls of Power duologies instead, during special event weeks.
    • Free-to-Play and Premium players who are considering membership have access to greater content, some of which might be decisive on their membership purchase. If I was able to do so financially and exchange rates weren't so astronomically high on my country, I'd buy membership for the greater rewards on Atlantis content alone. (Well, also the possibility to decorate a dozen Lairs. And more powersets for greater character customization. Well, I think you get it)
    • Just the game being active in general. I'll say it, I'm a solo player where I can, but in my own experience DCUO is nowhere near as solo-friendly as other MMOs like say WoW or SWTOR - I'd even say TEAMWORK is the main meta-game from DCUO (consider all the roleless groups, how the main storyline is mainly told from instanced content like raids and alerts, all the teamwork-related mechanics on a lot of raids like Spindrift Station from Deluge, all the open world raids etc.) The thing is, there's no teamwork without a team... and there's no team without enough players. And there are never enough players if a lot of content is kept under a needless paywall, I'd say. Members could always benefit from having f2p company on old instanced content, rather than being on queue for 23213991231 hours (worring about carring inexperienced players you say? On Metal part 1 and lower content? not like your 300+ toon won't be powerful enough to do that, we f2p little schists won't be able to bother you on tier 10 raids anyway).
    • The Treasure Box problem. If a given episode is open to everyone, the lockout time could be solely set by subscription status (1 week to members, 2 weeks to everyone else on raids for example) scrapping the episode-ownership thing entirely. But what about those little Treasure Boxes that drop from instanced content? Yeah, I know, if this change is implemented to Treasure Boxes as well (making every episode essencially like Death of Superman DLC on that regard), we f2p little schists who got lucky the previous Anniversary event and "purchased" Justice League Dark won't be able to open those chest thingies anymore. The premium players who bought the episodes previously won't be able to open those chests anymore. Or will they? Could these boxes be open by everyone? (*member voice* HE*K NO!) Would these boxes only be openable by members by default, but non-members could open it with some kind of key (like the Promethium Lockboxes)? Would it be like the Death of Superman DLC where only Members can open these boxes but non-members can purchase this extra feature from the Marketplace, even if only for a limited time like the Unlimited Escrow Access - and still only for a given number of DLCs?
    • What about all those premium players who bought old DLCs when they were available? Look, I sincerely don't know how many people out there buy episodes I only own JLD due to Anniversary event. Are there, like, many of them? Is the episode thing profitable? Or does the main income from DCUO come from other ways like microtransations and membership (which AFAIK most buy not for episodes but for other things, mainly Lairs, Utility Belt and unlimited cash)? If yes to the last question, I'd say this is another reason to leave old episodes permanently open, but those premium players could benefit from a compensation any time an old episode becomes "obsolete". I'd suggest their cash could get returned in the form of Daybreak Cash/Loyalty Points, for them to spend as they wish on the Marketplace, as well as some kind of discount on the newest DLC or something like that - maybe some kind of gift as well, like a bundle of episode-specific Enhanced gear redeemeable to all alternate characters (a possible solution to the Treasure Box problem?), unlocked episode-relevant Time Capsules or something like that? If any premium player has a better suggestion for this problem, feel free to add!
    • What Members could get as benefit instead of granted Open Episodes? Oooohhh the list is long. I may be wrong but, AFAIK most free-to-play MMOs offer free content all the time (sans brand new content which is only behind a paywall for a relevant time), and upgrades are just that: upgrades. A more optimized gameplay with increased customization options on a ton of things, nothing more nothing less. Episodes are NOT upgrades. Episodes (especially OLD episodes) are content, which on a (so-called) free-to-play game like DCUO should NOT be under a paywall. On games like WoW old content is under a paywall, but WoW is NOT a free-to-play game, so it's justifiable. The same isn't true for DCUO.
    So, here are my suggestions for benefits Members could enjoy instead of access to old content, keeping with the Upgrading nature of Membership:
    • Members get granted bonus artifact and augment EXP, active while membership is active. This feature is also purchaseable from the Marketplace for a short time via Bundles.
    • Members get extra currency (cash, Source Marks and Episode Marks) from all missions while membership is active. This feature, also purchaseable from Marketplace via Bundles for a short time.
    • Members get an extra Artifact slot, and two extra Augment slots (could also be purchaseable separately from Marketplace like Utility Belt)
    • Members get granted extra Renown while Membership is active. Also purchaseable from Marketplace via bundles for a short time etc. and all.
    • Members get better RNG Luck. Or rather, Members have increased chances of getting rarer pieces of gear, collection, styles and catalysts at any given time, as well as increased Artifact/Augment Breakthrough chances, while Membership is active. (Might exclude Time Capsules' RNG in fact I think all that TC thing isn't good at all, in fact it's stressful AF, but this is a matter for another thread)
    • Members get access to all Legend characters while Membership is active. Wait that is already a thing. Is it?
    If any Member has another suggestion, feel free to add!

    (Also: PLEASE PLEASE get the f2p/premium cash cap to at least 100000 units please, if not 10000 units at least. No offense I think all that 2000 cap limit is,, ridiculous. I need to keep myself watching my own gear and mission rewards ALL THE TIME when my gear breaks!!! After more than 2 deaths I cannot even fix all of my gear at one go!! Also I'm not even able to buy R&D Catalysts and Soder Enhancers from recent episodes due to that gap??? Look it's not like f2p/Premium players could get unlimited cash or anything, this is obviously a Member benefit and they spend like MILLIONS on broker daily, we just want the money gap a liiiiitle bit higher and be able to just FIX OUR DAM* GEAR AT ONE (1) GO OKAY)
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  2. Reinheld Loyal Player

    While I think having the episodes open is good for the game, and I've been taking advantage of it on my premium/f2p accounts...thank you very much...I think having them permanently open is too much. I'm not sure how much DLC sales bring in, but it would obviously wipe that income out, and a pretty big slap in the face for those who have spent a LOT of money buying them. People still complain that they had to buy the $50 DVD years ago when the game first came out, then it went F2P. Premiums with all DLCs spent way more than $50 (I'm one of them btw), and honestly I think there are more users in that let the complaining begin.

    The only 'bonus' you would get from having a DLC ownership is the treasure boxes...and shortened lockouts...which if DLCs were eliminated except the final 3 available now, those things might go away too under your suggestion (boxes being sub only).

    This extended 'open' eps has been great, but I think vs having them permanently open, having an annual period of 'open' is a good idea..maybe an extended one as well. It lets the F2P/Premiums wet their beak, but isn't giving away the whole thing. One suggestion I'd make is to make open eps in the summer vs during the anniversary event. Put it in a lull period like we have between the summer seasonal and Halloween...this summer we'll have wonderverse so no biggie there. Having a 60 day 'open' eps period would allow people to play content they have not before, maybe making them want to buy the ep if they enjoy the content...which means more money for DI, and it's not long enough to be a slap in the face for those who've spent 100's already.

    And as far as raising the cash cap to 100K for repairs? It took years to get 1000/500 bucks added for premium/f2p. Gear is not that expensive to fix. If it were $1000 a piece (your gear is literally 'gone' then), which I'm not sure I've ever seen more than 850ish, and you had to fix are talking 10K...20K if you destroyed both armories at the same go. How about 25K as a reasonable ask?

    As I am also a member, I'm fine with adding more stuff to +1 for any of that.
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  3. inferno Dedicated Player

    I'm undecided as yet to having open episodes. I like that its attracting more players to come back and play. I like if for my other account which is premium. But like Reinheld says, I pay subscription for these and others paid for those DLCs and if i dwell on that fact much it does irk me but the gain in player base offsets it.

    @Aqua - for your argument to put open episodes AND take out event versions of the current DLC as a replacement. That's a hard NO for me. I may be okay with giving away the episodes I'm subscribing to but why take away the Event versions included in my subscription?

    Also, leaving episodes open does NOT mean people will queue up for older instances. That is just way too much instances for the player base and little incentive for most players to go back into.

    Finally, Bonus Weeks. They already have the perfect idea setup. By doing Bonus Weeks that Spotlights a specific DLC, the player base concentration then gravitates towards that DLC. IF the DEVS were to OPEN that particular DLC and add Event versions tied in with Bonus Week Spotlight and add new rewards; players will mass towards that episode like a school of Piranhas.
  4. Brit Dedicated Player

    Ultimately, I am not telling Dimensional Ink what to do, nor am I saying that one way is innately better than the other. I can only weigh in on my own personal experience.

    I was a subscriber for many years. I subscribed multiple accounts, covering for my children, as well as allowing me to play on the Nintendo Switch as well as USPC. During the past 12 months, we've had something like 7 months of Open Episodes (including the Coronaverse decisions, as well as the anniversary, the holidays, and various Open Episodes weekly events).

    As a subscriber, I felt like the subscription was only just barely worth the cost. It included a whole bunch of things that I didn't care about (like extra character slots in a game where alts are almost unplayable, extra Vault trips when the Vault contains nothing but already unlocked styles that are an annoyance to click-drag-destroy, and Promethium Lunchboxes that I haven't got a new style from in over 2 years). Basically, the reason to subscribe in the first place was just for the unlimited cash cap, and then once you've been subscribed for a while, you eventually reach a point of feeling trapped by the subscription, because despite the hundreds of dollars of subscription you've paid, if you un-sub you lose access to over 90% of content, whereas a Premium Player who spent barely a fraction of what the subscribers spend could still have bought every Episode and own them outright forever. I was dropping $75 per month to maintain the 5 subscriptions I was responsible for.

    With the most recent move towards open episodes with no end in sight, I dropped all of those subs and finally pulled the band-aid off to go premium. The only thing I felt like I had to worry about missing out on was the cash cap, and in all honesty, because of the currency hack destroying our economy, my hundreds of millions of dollars still aren't enough money to afford any of the stuff that I actually need. So what does the cash cap even matter?

    If they want to give Open Episodes to all players, that's fine by me. But as a former subscriber, I can attest that when they take paid functions of the subscription and give them away for free, they reduce the value of the Legendary Plan.

    If McDonalds makes their extra value meals no longer include a drink, it might still be technically cheaper than buying the burger and fries separately, but the customers will notice that they are receiving less bang for their buck, and they will adjust their purchases accordingly. The same holds true for the Legendary Plan.

    Legendary Members are going to notice that they are still paying the same, but receiving less. So likely the Legendary Plan is going to need to see some sort of addition to make it more desireable, a reduction in price to offset their benefit being made free, or we will see a reduction in subscriptions.

    Open Episodes does help that older content to pop. That is something we've all observed.

    But eliminating the Event mode does not just restrict FTP and Premium Players. It also restricts Legendary Players and those whom purchase the Episode by preventing them from being able to run any characters below the CR-cap. Additionally, it makes simple things like doing the open world Episode Bounties increasingly challenging as we have a dramatically reduced pool of players to pull from. So while old content would pop more, for the newest Episodes, it would negatively impact the subscribers who pay for that content by making it harder for them to find people to run with.
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  5. WilderMidnight Devoted Player

    but its so fun.

    opening all old content wouldn't work.

    expanding the free model to go past a few tiers from where it is would work.
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  6. Irvynnge Committed Player

    I'd rather do what Wildermidnight suggests. wack a couple more tiers worth of free dlc on what ftp already get. I reckon everything up to & including Halls of Power I would be more than fair ( although you would still have to stump up or subscribe if you want the mainframe trinkets & base mods from Home Turf ), & then, borrowing Reinheld's idea, extend that to all episodes through July & August.
  7. Wallachia Loyal Player

    I think we could amp up this suggestion like this:

    1. Free users - Half of the old episodes are open.
    2. Premium users - Only the last 3 episodes are not available.
    3. Legendary - All apisodes open.
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  8. Proxystar 10000 Post Club

    I agree open episodes should stay, BUT members need to be compensated

    As a paying member I would accept it as long as the loot locks remain restricted to the longer period and members get additional rewards

    Such as seals dropping in game and increased nth metal.
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  9. myandria Loyal Player

    Agreed. Another option would be to allow free and premium players access to the episodes up to the most recent deprecated-to-Source-Marks one, which is Chaos Gotham at this point. This would keep free and premium players close to end-game content and eliminate the need to have Open Episodes. The devs could continue their "Episode Spotlight" events to cover the content that free and premium players would not have access to.
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  10. Yvtq8k3n The 7 Active Player

    Sorry:) Proxy


    I always been a fremium, I brougth a great majority of the dlcs and i think not having the ability to play them due to population issues is really a turn off from the game for me and for all my freinds I tried to bring into the game.
    Currently the game is not in a good spot for me.
    Artifacts are straigth pay2win and without no way to aquire thoose seals, as a premium i cant compete with the membership perk nor enjoy the game as i used too.
    The money aspect after the exploits became completely out of my reach, I usually traded op rare collections with freinds but I feel no motivation in try to farm something 1) I dont know the price and 2) I dont even know if it will sell.
    In regards of cash cap, I hate it:) I still think it should be changed to something diferent, still converting all dlc i brougth into +1000$ cash cap increments would make me happy and would still force me to have to trade with someone.
    I also think the game should explore other aspects of the game and have a less heavy monotoriztion like lpve skins, implemented in the rigth way like other games do. (All legends free-to-all/earnable -> cool looking skins pay)
  11. Proxystar 10000 Post Club

    Im not quite sure what you're saying?

    Freemium should never compete with membership, you pay for membership for a reason, it's intended to be better because you're paying for it, you're not gifting money to daybreak you know that right.

    As for artifacts, they're pay2win for everyone including members...

    Are you trying to suggest you be compensated for purchasing dlc by increasing your cash cap?

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