So why is there no new legends skins?

Discussion in 'Battle of the Legends (PvP)' started by Vagrant, Sep 15, 2018.

  1. Vagrant Committed Player

    Literally this would be a good way to monetize legends and legends PVP. 5-10 dollars a pop on regular easy to make skins, don't change their load outs, their powers, their weapons. I don't see why this is not a thing. Especially with the advent of games like Overwatch and Fortnite that capitalize on skins.

    I would really like a dev to post and let us know if they lost the rights to be able to sell legends or something because selling extra skins of characters we currently have should be a no brainer.
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  2. Quantile Active Player

    I second for new legends skins and especially new legends characters!
  3. SkyyRin Loyal Player

    I would love to see new Legends skins, maybe It's just a lot of resources and players don't really buy them off market place
    so the devs don't see a point in making them. But inbefore new skins- fix the current ones. Because it will be a nightmare
    still with new legends, with Batman and Robin still begin op.
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  4. BƖack Committed Player

    If you expect that we'll get new legends or that pvp will be fixed anytime soon i'll tell you right away that you're just losing your time here. I'm pretty sure each of your words was thoroughly scanned from the top to the bottom by the people at the very top but you'll not receive answer and here is why...

    Many people have asked on this forum also in game for new legends or fixing pvp and they waited patiently, waited so long but.... nothing happened. I also want pvp get fixed, i also want new legends, but let's just stop to be naive since years there was many similiar threads out there asking about new legends and see years later we still don't have anything new.

    Since DCUO is in DGC hands, they proved only one thing, that only money matters. Did they fixed pvp or gave us some good entertainment here? No.. since that time all they gave us is capsules with cosmetics and feats inside. Oh! do not let me yet get started how many people were scammed back then when those capsules came out and what's the funniest thing of all that is that no one took responsibility for this what should happen because many players have suffered because of this.

    Anyway Cosmetics is what attracts people so they make it and people buy it and this is how it keeps going because those materials, auras etc bring them the best profits atm.

    Quality gaming as we know for old days doesn't exist anymore. I mean not in DCUO - Bugs aren't fixed these days, they are somehow covered it's like painting a very ugly wall with another layer of paint that graffiti was on... after all the wall looks like new but this graffiti is still there, it is similar in this game now.

    Do you want bug fixes? do you want new legends? do you want pvp fixes? you need give those people reason a really good one that will make them to do that and will bring them good profits.. same or even better than those capsules, materials, feats,auras and other crap. Pvp barrely anyone plays right now so we have a poor chances.

    They seem like can not afford for any mistakes at the moment, especially after acquisition of SOE. So imo 'please fix pvp' or 'give us new legends' will be not enough here.
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  5. Vagrant Committed Player

    Actually I’ve heard that it’s because of a licensing issue with characters but who really knows.
  6. BƖack Committed Player

    No, it seem like it's all about money If you give them reason to do that and you'll convince them that it's 100% sure and people will buy it you can even have here Superman in hello kitty costume lol
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  7. Vagrant Committed Player

    Lol that would be too funny man
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  8. Captain Hideous New Player

    Oh jeez, more "PvP sucks so don't bother" comments. Lol this is why PvP is never going to progress.

    A new skin would at least be SOMETHING.

    Anyways, as far as skins go, I'd like to see a Zoom skin for Flash with a change in voice. They pretty much have the same moves in PVE.

    Or maybe a Damian Wayne skin for Robin.
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  9. Brit Committed Player

    There are tons of NEW Legends characters that I would want to see (Penguin, Ivy, Ras, Talia, etc), but these reskin versions just seem like a no brainer for easy money.

    They could do every single "Counsel of Luthor" variant as a skin with the exact same powers as the original Lex Luthor, and I would buy them all.

    Better still, they could make reskins that use variant weapons. Imagine a Nightwing with the exact same powers tray, but getting Martial Arts instead of Dual Wield. A Harley with the same powers, but getting Pistols or Rifle instead of Two-Handed. A Thomas Wayne Batman using Pistols instead of Martial Arts, but otherwise with the exact same tray. There are bound to be people who would jump all over a chance use these same old characters, but try something new with them.
  10. Alrighty Then Loyal Player

    DBG has another new part owner.
    They're trying to get some of their games on Mobile.
    Legends has probably dropped a few more rungs down the ladder.
  11. Barbara Lopez Well-Known Player

    As "Black" explained truthfully there have been so many threads about the issue.
    I've got an idea, As I've previously noticed in the game, players tend to LPvP more than PvP, Maybe it's wrong, But this is my opinion atm, And I think the reason is that we are playing DC Universe Online, This is game is supposed to be based on DC Universe but as it was created, it is an MMO video game not absolutely Legendary like Injustice 1 & 2. But as I'm seeing in the game, it's going a bit far, it's deeply getting off DC and transforming to a real different game like the Sims 3 that compares to "Make your toon, Raise it, Get more Experience, and Fight the Problems of life" but just with a higher rate of action.

    As a sudden idea we can do so many stuff to improve LPvP.
    1- Survey: A survey would be really useful to prove DBG and WB and DC Comics company that how much people like Legends, For just an example we can have a look at Marvel Heroes Omega, Even though this game was shut down because of unknown issue, but it had too many players and volunteers. Or have a look at Batman Video games like Arkham Knight, It was personally ALWAYS a wish for me to have a video game like Arkham Knight with the great graphics that contains all of the Superheroes and Supervillains and Neutral Characters of DC, Playable.
    As long as it was my wish, DCUO has become my favorite game in the whole world, But the problem is tbh the Legends are not an important part of this game, so survey can be useful atm.

    2- Legend Phase: As I just now explained a whole DC video game is a huge love for not only me, everyone that likes COMICS, So then we can have Legend Phase in DCUO, like PvP or PvE Phase, a new one where we are able to choose the Legend Character that we wish to use and be able to go to Open Worlds and Play all missions and Duties as a Legend Character. But the bigger problem is that with these low mount of Legend Characters with these low mount of Legend Custumes, It won't have a chance to be popular, And it will be so hard to be done and will be a hard process and waste of time, you know that it will get boring to see a copy of yourself everywhere, Like 10 Catwomen or too many more Supermen.
    3: Legends Duties: to fix the previous problem there can be a chance to make all Duties playable as Legends instead of a whole Open World to not get bored. Or at least a very few more Legend Duties with harder rates.

    4-New Characters/Custumes: As we all know we haven't seen any new Legend character in the past years, And it has been a reason to make people off the LPvP and unpopular, And as long as The companies do not trust players to pay attention for making new Legend Toons, they can AT LEAST add the new Legend Characters that comes to the main gameplay to LPvP characters list. So we all know that there are a huge mount of Legend Character in the game that are not playable. And everyday there are new ones added, I not really know how hard this process is to work on but mustn't be that hard cause the costumes are already designed the next step it making their loadout by their current powers. Not gonna be easy peasy but worth to try at least once like, Aqualad or Mera or New Ocean Master.
    5- Legend Feats and Maps: The other FACT that cause the issue is there is nothing that people like to receive from Legend , But maybe with adding some new 3 star Feats and Other entertainments like Titles and . . . And adding a few more alerts and raids that makes these Feats more likeable for players to try to get might be a good solution.

    These are all at least not bad ideas if the DCUO players support.

    If there is not going to be any new update for LPvP or PvP happening. I would pretty much like hear at least a "No" from devs, That we all stop talking about it.
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  12. Alrighty Then Loyal Player

    I like the idea of a Legends phase; butt it would thin out the herd.
    Perhaps as a solo or duo option would be nice.
  13. Catastrophic Repercussion Well-Known Player

    jk LPVP is way less broken than PVP, and it looks like they might actually fix some things starting with Batarangs...though I don't think that was exactly an effective one at that.
    It seems LPVE revamp is on its way so I'm personally quite optimistic new skins or even characters will be released... just at a really slow pace ...
  14. LadyLightning Issue Tracker Volunteer

    With all the layoffs that happened since the last new legends character, I am worried that the devs who used to make them (programming, not the models) are not around anymore... :(

    All this while Legends has the biggest potential to be made a standalone mobile version - and DCUO could just leech off anything made in a standalone...
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