So what did you name your base?

Discussion in 'Joker’s Funhouse (Off Topic)' started by deevilspork, Sep 8, 2013.

  1. deevilspork New Player

    I went simple.

    My Hero-

    My Villain-
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  2. DCFanatical Dedicated Player

    My base is usually named the ever clever and thought provoking "Base 1"

    Honestly, I have a hard enough time finding clever names for my characters. I really can't be bothered most of the time thinging of something equally clever for my base.
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  3. deevilspork New Player

    I understand.

    Coming up with names is a pain anyway.
  4. Sore Steadfast Player

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  5. General Zod 10000 Post Club

    Casa Jababalo
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  6. Vrus New Player

    The Abode.
  7. StillCheckmate Committed Player

    House Armgo. Go ahead, call me a fanboy. I am one.
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  8. BlackWingBeyond Committed Player

    The Penthouse (not actually a penthouse, I came up with the name before that lair came out), & The Cavern. I'm pretty unoriginal.
  9. bareheiny 10000 Post Club

    The ones I've bothered to name: Calamity Cross, Averno and Imperfect Defective.
  10. Dirty Fred New Player

    I got 3 bases...

    1 in Gotham & 2 in Metropolis (for easy warping)
    First Metro Base : Freddys Strippclub
    Second Metro Base : Freddys Sushibar
    And in Gotham : Arkham Escapetunnel
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  11. MercPony Devoted Player

    My regular abode is named Ponyville and my R&D place is named StayOuttaMahShed xD
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  12. Amanda Bailey Devoted Player

    Electric Healer- Olympus Mons

    Sorcery Healer- The Coven

    Nature Healer- Tropical Rainforest (They wouldn't let me name it Amazonia(Amazon Rainforest nickname)

    Celestial Healer- Undecided

    Light Controller- Swaggin Wagon

    Quantum Controller- Supernova

    Ice Tank- Icecream Palace
  13. JayJay2515 New Player

    Undisclosed Location

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  14. Quantum Edge Loyal Player

    3-Edge Labs
  15. Little Sister New Player


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  16. BlackWingBeyond Committed Player

    "A city at the bottom of the ocean? Ridiculous."

    Ever going to make a Columbia?
  17. Little Sister New Player

    I'm still decorating Rapture. But maybe one day I will !
  18. -AE- New Player

    After Earth
    Earths Requiem
    Earths Awakening
  19. General Zod 10000 Post Club

    I like the first one, the others are meh
  20. Quantum Edge Loyal Player

    I'll work on them. That one's my favourite too.

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