So Devs, about those portals......

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  1. Chocolate Enforcer Committed Player

    I think this would be the perfect time to talk about walk-in portals to all instances.This would be a perfect solution to everyone who is against this GU 47 so they can faceroll everything without hurting others. Those who are for GU 47 can run it as it is now. Both sides win ...

    Please keep it constructive. Thanks :)
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  2. Skeptikraze Well-Known Player

    I want that portal into Throne Elite! As well as a portal for every possible map in the game! Make it happen please!
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  3. lukelucky Devoted Player

    portals help content be glitched as prime showed. one other downside to portals atm is "nerf lafleeze." this was an honest to goodness thread at christmas. some end game players are having issues in old content. this should not be. a raids only tuff for days or weeks of its life span. the rest of the time speed feats should not be an issue. even if they scaled us way back to full t4 for prime it should be beyond easy. simple and the feats should be obtainable.

    the scaling is not that bad yet when not op players struggle. ok to say it better when players dont get insanely op they struggle. if they want gear and feats well earn them. the term earned has been tossed around. after say the launch of say xbox one then yea give us them portals. the other issue is the limited population needs numbers so we gotta go back. the rewards is we get to help grow and mold the next generation
  4. Doctor Nova Devoted Player

    Remembering that there was once one portal for every destination... then there was a portal for several destinations... logical next step is one portal for all destinations. (just remember to sort them alphabetically. you never remember to sort alphabetically, Texas. at first.)

    Which, could lead to.... Lair/base, access to entire game that exists beyond rank 30 HQ is made only relevant by Mepps spawning NPCs to squash user characters with a one shot trinket AOE and users unwilling to pay or earn Lair/base amenities (earning amenities is insane due to RNG of Collections... likely by design to increase marketplace sales). Makes one wonder what Gotham and Metropolis is for. A) a perspective of a game launch when lots of players share space in open world before having to do instanced group content to advance story and rank. B) mutilate newbs as a high ranked and geared character which may result in less players continuing to play the game over time due to being spanked (without a tutorial about the phase shifter; yes, it helped by default being pve phase). C) Collections are to attract an OCD user more than the explorer attracted by orbs in Crackdown, and inflate the hate for RNG for users not used to RNG. (DCUO is a casual action mmo with a HUGE IP attraction that has console version, as opposed to WOW.) D) NPCs are planted in the same location every time you repeat an instance.... 0o Pacman Online? Donkey Kong Online?? Popeye Online??? with a monthly online subscription??? :(:rolleyes:

    It has good aspects and bad aspects for an experienced user of many games. meh. GU47 is not far from card games that release new cars that render all previous cards earned obsolete (Extra Credits: Power Creep). imho.

    It'd be super cool for a Portal to access all instances for one or more users in a group without meeting the minimum player quantity requirement. Leave Que solo as it is, for the new CR balancing system. the next UI is the key to dramatically enhance the grouping ability for users, with and possibly without CR balancing relative to content. simply add a pop up window or equivalent that says Ready to enter? [yes] and if you are not ready to enter, one simply adds to group until ready, or fills maximum requirement for group content. and pressing ready, yes = enter instance.

    Are there new tactics to earning rare style loot in development?? Remember prior group loot and loot ninjas. Remember group kick and voting. Remember gear styles might be better offered via use of parts that are earned over time in certain content to make better use of CRAFTING (not unlike earning marks).

    One last note. Why can't we purchase the ability to increase the shared bank space?? (very curious as to why some are an one time cost to expand features and this one particular aspect is not expandable? Would it not potentially make names available for use? which should be considered a good aspect for potentially new users having more name options, as opposed to low ranked, dead, unused, banker characters.) Unlimiting existing characters can potentially open up character names to be used by new characters, and new characters that can use the names they want will play for a longer period of time.
    *"i feel like i'm taking crazy pills" gif. intentionally not including the gif.

    iiiiinteresting how much this game has changed since 2011 release. o_O
  5. Dezaras Loyal Player

    A friends and I plan on duoing Bludhaven for a YouTube video, in the near future. Be nice if the two of us could just go in without having to inconvenience two other players, who'd just be required to queue up then leave.
  6. Doctor Nova Devoted Player

    Remembering that there was once a portal for one destination... then there was a portal for several destinations...
    edit* oops.

    Which is an example of having whole control of the game design..... (just ignore the bugs that occur shen changes happen. including currency exchange rates, damage per abilities before and after CR limiting, and earlier tactics to deal with too many DPS role players. DCUO is just fine. If you feel most recent boss mechanics are more challenging and entertaining, that may be because the person in charge of boss mechanics has only recently aquired tools to adjust npc mechanics.... it was not entirely expected that the game would last this long on multiple platforms.... and it was extended via ps4 version that required time to port pc version to ps4 version.... ps3 version is an ugly monster nobody likes to use or develop for. Meanwhile, DCUO 2.0 will never happen because Rockstar Games thinks anything more than Batman in Gotham is absurd. Superman wins. end game. oh, and Sony, who made Everquest didn't assemble game tools to more efficiently deal with mmo changes over time likes to relearn lessons learned from past projects. :oops: ) /bullettohead; /dumptheceo; /areyouevenalive; /captainobviousremovedyoufromfriendlist; /kickthebaby; /doyouwanttobelikecablecompanies;/cablecompaniesmayormaynotbeburnedatthestaketomakeroomforcommunityefforts