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  1. Wendigone New Player

    Can we get some love for sidekicks? The game keeps doing new and improved minions and orbital strikes (shadow minions, demon minions, etc) but sidekicks are all the same old same old since the beginning.
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  2. Critical Massacre Active Player

  3. Shn275 Well-Known Player

    Custom sidekicks would be phenomenal. Nothing too fancy, just the ability to change the outfit style, skin color, & gender.
  4. stärnbock Devoted Player

    wasnt there a shadow tree sidekick for SM round 15? i guess, yet i missed out on season one and am not sure...
  5. Irvynnge Well-Known Player

    totally totally agree. I'd love it if we could do our own thing with our sidekicks. a simple outfit / colour interface. two thumbs up.
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  6. Illumin411 Well-Known Player

    There was a Shadow wolf sidekick. The tree was was a non-combat pet. But yeah, that SM sidekick seems to be the only other option in the game.
  7. Brit Committed Player

    Sidekick decorating has been my #1 recommendation for how to create a cash sink to eliminate in-game currency. It's something that has zero combat or gameplay importance, unlike repair costs, gear purchases, and mainframe expenses. And yet it's something highly desired by a large portion of the community. And, for the most part, it's something that would be difficult to monetize, so they aren't really missing out on revenue.

    Create a terminal where you decorate your Sidekick the same way you do your character, using styles you've unlocked and choosing your own colors. Then, charge a fee of in-game currency for every change. Players will be grateful that it doesn't cost real life money, and the game's economy will improve when the millions of dollars of in-game currency starts to finally leave the game.
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  8. Late Nights New Player

    I'd rather sidekicks be replaced with a mentor summon...

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