Server Update - January 10, 2023

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    Attack of the Anti-Monitor Anniversary Event

    The anniversary event is back, featuring open world missions, the Centennial Collapse Raid, the Speed Force Flux Raid, and A World Past Hope and Fear Solo.

    Open your Mission Journal and look for "Monitoring the Situation," queue up for events in the On Duty menu, or use the Warp Menu to go directly to the Metropolis Anti-Matter Invasion Zone. Level Requirement: 20

    New Styles, Feats and More!
    • Unlock the Enhanced Fate Faith style set
    • Earn new accessories and chromas
    • Collect three new Statues of Triumph and other new base items
    Episode 44: Sins of Black Adam
    SoBA: Neron's Underworld
    • Player locked down by Hell's Hatred will take reduced damage from Selfishness's Ice Boulder Strike and Hatred's Raging Backhand (blink attack).
    • Slightly reduced radius for damage on Selfishness's Devastating Dash.
    SoBA: Rock of Eternity
    • Globe of Power's Area of Effect tell FX is sometimes not being seen so added skull icon to improve visibility.
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Thread Status:
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