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    Episode 46: Justice League Dark Cursed

    JLDC: Cursed House of Mystery
    • Players no longer take damage from Rage Crash during Deadman’s Soul Steal event
    JLDC: Cursed Themyscira
    • Fixed an issue causing certain powers to be unusable after players zone to the third map in the raid
    • Ethereal Hecate is now unattackable while activating her shield during the spinning Water Spray attack
    • Rage powerset players are now immune to rage crash damage while in ghost form
    • Fixed an issue in Elite mode causing Wonder Woman and Circe to get stuck after the Cursed Wonder Woman/Cursed Circe boss fight
    • The Cursed Skull Adaptive Augment now correctly lists that it increases the chance to receive the catalyst Voracious Overgrowth, not Proxima Orchidaceae
    • Updated the feat descriptions for "Mom-core Parkour" and "Hardcore Parkour" to be more clear.
    Episode 43: Dark Knights
    • Dark Knights feats now discount the Source Mark cost for gear correctly.
    Open World: Death Metal Washington DC
    • Reduced Barbatos boss difficulty from Raid Boss to Group Boss
    • Reduced the required CR for access to this open world to 280 for Tier 6 access
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.