Server Hotfix - November 9, 2018

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  1. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Open World
    • Swarm Creatures and Swarm Mother will now leash if pulled too far.
    • Swarm Mother should now give credit to anyone who participates in the fight.

    • Atlantis - Fixed an issue where you'd get a mission update once "The Throne" Raid's final boss was defeated rather than when the cinematic finished.

    • Fixed a tool-tip issue with the Eye of Gemini Artifact where it displayed a 3/3/6 second duration when it's meant to be a 4/4/6 second duration.

    4 Player
    Atlantis: The Silent School
    • The entrance portal to the Thorn Golem fight will now correctly close after the Golem has been defeated.

    • “Helm of Omnipotence” now grants Elite Affinity Bonus.
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