Server Hotfix - May 16, 2018 - Death of Superman Part I

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  1. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    The Death of Superman: Part I

    Doomsday has landed in Metropolis to wreak havoc on the city! Carrying a deadly plague with him, his very presence threatens the lives of all of Metropolis’ citizens. Superman has already flown to action with battling this giant menace, but Supergirl has requested your aid in supporting the Man of Steel and containing this deadly infection that Doomsday has unleashed on Metropolis!

    Part I features new daily open world missions and weekly bounties for heroes and villains! Earn new feats, discover new collections, earn new gear inspired by Lobo and more! To get started, look for Doomed Metropolis (Part 1) in your Mission Journal, once you have the required Level of 10.
    • Track Doomed Metropolis (Part 1) in your Journal!
    • Daily and weekly missions available in the newly unbottled Daily Planet section of Metropolis!
    • Complete the pointer mission for Doomed Metropolis (Part 1) to receive an exciting new Artifact: the Omegahedron!
    • Minimum Level: 10
    New Styles and More!
    • Unlock a new style-only gear set inspired by Lobo, everyone’s favorite interstellar bounty hunter!
    • Look for the "Scourge" styles on the vendor for Tributes.
    • Discover two new collections for a title and new Doomsday Aura.
    • Find new Death of Superman-inspired base items.
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  2. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Villain: Old Star Labs
    • Fixed an issue where players were not receiving the appropriate amount of Defense when in the Gorilla form.
    Chat Restrictions
    • Additional countermeasures have been deployed to combat inappropriate chat spam.
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